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It’s not going away so how do you adjust to the persistent problem of not having enough talented workers to run your business? That’s the top issue facing organizations today, according to new research unveiled by Everest Group at OWS22.  The data shows that the talent war can not be won.

The scarcity of skilled employees, across not only high-tech digital jobs but all sectors, will continue for years, if not decades, the analysts reported on the opening day of the virtual event series.  Read more...



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 Public Article The New Customer Experience Challenge And The Changing Shape Of The Customer Service Arena: Creating Digital And Data-Led Interactions | The majority of customer interactions now occur over digital channels. It has also become the preferred method by most companies. This creates opportunities for organizations to collect more insight-driving consumer data and lower expenses from this shifting to digital channels with a lower cost to serve. However, this digital-first approach means businesses run the risk of alienating customers during touchpoints requiring human empathy and understanding. A key challenge that emerges is which customer is more suitable to push for digital vs. human interaction. This webinar will cover how organizations can design digital customer journeys that still maintain the human touch – and how data is key for making that determination. More »

 Public Article Cloudification of the Digital Core: a Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Intelligent Enterprise | Enterprises with a legacy core face multiple challenges such as high operating and support costs, lack of differentiating capabilities, and high downtime. To mitigate these challenges and drive transformational business value, enterprises should invest in building a future-proof digital core, powered by a cloud-based ERP. While enterprises are increasingly investing in cloud-based ERP initiatives, many fail to adopt them successfully and, consequently, realize lower-than-expected benefits. For successful adoption, enterprises need to have a well-planned solutioning, adoption, and sourcing roadmap. Enterprises burdened with a legacy core are at a crucial inflection point – to transform now or never. The COVID-19-induced next normal will continue to evolve customer preferences and enterprise business landscapes, and enterprises that have a future-proof digital core will outperform others and succeed. More »

 Public Article Outsourcing Pricing: 3 Pitfalls and 2 Unknowns Enterprises Need to Know in 2022 | The market for outsourced services has changed drastically in the past twelve months. With the talent shortage shaping up to be a long-term dilemma that will likely last years, compounded with industry uncertainty brought on by the Ukraine war, enterprises are navigating uncharted territory. This expert panel discussed three critical outsourcing pricing pitfalls that enterprises should watch for now and two unknowns to be aware of throughout 2022. Our experts addressed the following questions: What key elements will ensure that pricing-related uncertainties can be managed correctly in 2022? What unknowns should enterprise buyers keep in mind for 2022? What are the pricing pitfalls that enterprises should avoid? More »

 Professional Membership Required Gender Promotion Gap & Executive Performance - Fair Play? | Is equality in the workplace a myth? Hard-hitting questions like this continue to be at the core of gender gap studies in the corporate sector. Organizations across the globe are acknowledging the need to go beyond women empowerment programs to ensure women in the workplace are given equal recognition for their contributions. Individuals at every level have a role to play in addressing gender bias. Join us and hear from a panel of esteemed experts as they bring enriching perspectives to this discussion. More »

Professional Membership Required Accelerate Business Outcomes Through Sourcing & Governance Automation and Data Science | CPOs are leading the automation and digitization journey at many leading firms. As a former CPO at MUFG and BNY Mellon, hear how Joseph Martinez adopted sourcing automation, data science, and governance automation to enable agile procurement and accelerate business outcomes.  Atul sits down with John and Joseph for this timely fireside chat. More »

Professional Membership Required The Power of Contract Automation: A Case Study in Collaboration | This is the story of how bp partnered with their provider to solve a difficult problem:  taking time to contract from months to days.  bp has thousands of suppliers around the world, and an increasing number of contracts to process, but a fixed amount of procurement and legal resources. The time to contract for SaaS contracts had risen to an average of 92 days and resources were being stretched to a point where the team worried about increased downstream risk. There was no solution on the market that addressed reducing time to contract significantly while mitigating contracting risk.  bp set out to have a solution built that would streamline the contracting process while reducing contractual risk. The primary objective was to leverage AI and Machine Learning to reduce the average time to contract while minimizing the risk of errors introduced due to limited resources. Together, the bp and App Orchid team built a solution called ContractAI. More »


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