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At IAOP’s second annual Center for Social Impact meeting, industry leaders and advocates came together to discuss their passion and dedication for the topic.  Each speaker began with a five-minute “rant” that sparked lively conversations throughout the full-day event on Sept. 20 at the Sutherland CloudLABS in San Francisco, with both in-person and remote attendees.  Topics explored included social sustainability in provider-buyer partnerships, the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), environmental sustainability, and fostering belonging. Members of the social impact community from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, India, and across the United States shared their global perspectives.  Let’s unpack the speaker’s motivating words that provide valuable lessons and insights into the future for impact sourcing.



Helping Solve the Talent Shortage
Through Collective Intelligence


Moving Ahead with Maura
Meet IAOP’s New Board Chair


Virtual COP Master Class Announced
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Reimagining Work
Unveiling the Importance of Belonging


A message from IAOP’s CEO
Debi Hamill Talks Location


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 Public Article The next wave of healthcare innovation: Evolution of healthcare providers through Generative AI | Generative AI is revolutionizing healthcare by addressing challenges such as rising costs, cybersecurity threats, and workforce shortages. This transformative technology optimizes operational efficiency, enhances cybersecurity, and mitigates physician burnout. With a market size expected to reach USD 2.5-3 billion in 2023, Generative AI is ushering in personalized care and diagnosis, impacting healthcare providers, payers, and the MedTech sector. Hyperscalers are actively contributing to its adoption, fueling growth in AI-driven drug discovery and coding. The unifying power of Generative AI transforms disparate data into a comprehensive resource, offering improved patient outcomes and a streamlined healthcare ecosystem. This report explores its evolution and future trends. More »

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 Public Article Charting India's Data Protection Revolution: A Guide for Software & Internet GCCs | India's introduction of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 heralds a seismic shift in data governance. This landmark legislation aims to empower individuals with control over their own data, creating both opportunities and compliance challenges, particularly for Software & Internet Global Capability Centers (GCCs). In this evolving landscape, embracing the bill's privacy-first ethos can fortify trust and reputation, but it also presents hurdles, such as compliance complexities and innovation constraints. This comprehensive overview explores how GCCs can not only adapt to these changes but also lead the charge in shaping the future of data protection practices across India's dynamic business landscape. More »

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 Public Article IMPACT SOURCING Q&A  | Impact sourcing is a business practice that involves hiring individuals from disadvantaged or low-income backgrounds to perform various outsourcing tasks, thereby providing them with job opportunities and skills development. More »

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