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The Reimagined OWS23 saw IAOP return to two exceptional venues in Chicago, where the themes of technology and human qualities took center stage. While Artificial Intelligence, Open AI and digital transformations dominated conversations, human qualities like empathy and transparency were highlighted as equally critical.  The value of the in-person experience at the association’s annual summit of industry professionals was clear as attendees enjoyed sharing conversations riverside and socializing against the backdrop of the spectacular skyline. Let’s explore the top 10 takeaways...



Supplier Governance in the Balance
On-Location Event Coverage


The Importance of Trust and Leadership Traits in the Workplace
Addressing Emerging Talent Gaps


IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame Inducts Two Trailblazers
Camille Drummond and Kate Vitasek


Global Outsourcing 100 Unveiled
The Best of the Best


A message from IAOP’s CEO
Debi Hamill Talks Location


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 Public Article PULSE: IAOP Center for Social Impact on Location  | The Center for Social Impact connects IAOP members to the people and resources essential in excelling at doing well by doing good through impact sourcing; socially responsible outsourcing; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I); women empowerment and leadership; refugee initiatives; global mentorship, and more. More »

 Public Article PULSE: Solving the Talent Crisis While Making an Impact | The global workforce of tomorrow will look far different than today and where the next wave of talent will come from may be surprising. Your company’s next recruit may be a refugee, a young professional from an underserved community, a neurodivergent individual, a second-chance worker with a criminal background, or an entire virtual crowdsourced team. All of these segments have the potential to open up pipelines of millions of employees. More »

 Public Article PULSE: Social Impact Trailblazers Share Successes and Challenges  | From Sutherland and Sitel hiring refugees to Eclaro’s schools in the Philippines and Webhelp’s strategy to build a global impact model, these pioneers are committed and passionate about educating, training, recruiting, hiring and developing careers for impact workers. More »

 Public Article PULSE: Top 10 Outsourcing Trends for 2023  | Post-pandemic, companies are expected to continue to turn to outsourcing solutions to deliver the many proven benefits of cost control, flexibility, speed, talent expertise and digital transformation. Based on our insights from IAOP members and research, we predict the following trends to watch for in 2023. More »

 Public Article PULSE: Impact Sourcing 101 | The low-down on some of the key terms related to impact sourcing. More »

 Public Article PULSE: Excellence in Strategic Partnerships Recognized (Part 1) | Partnerships become even more crucial and valuable in times of economic uncertainty. Leading companies who have forged strong relationships throughout changing times leading to collaborative and innovative outcomes have been recognized with IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnership Awards.  More »


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