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Even before the pandemic hit, this notion of a traditional work environment where people went to an office every day with set hours was becoming outdated. Today, the definitions of “work,” “worker” and “workplace” have been forever changed by the crisis over the past year and a half.

With more jobs available than workers interested in filling them, it seems a growing percentage of the workforce has come to the same conclusion as the country singer, “It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it.”




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 Public Article Recalibrating for Resiliency – 2021 Key Issues in Global Sourcing – Sourcing and Vendor Management Perspective | This report provides perspectives on how leading global enterprises are putting 2020 behind them and planning to develop resiliency in 2021 and beyond. The report highlights SVM stakeholders’ growth sentiments, key priorities, challenges, and initiatives from a global sourcing perspective. More »

 Public Article ESG in Services: What Sourcing Teams Must Know to Do More | While environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives have been important to sourcing teams for years, most efforts have focused on the materials supply chain or smaller, less strategic suppliers. Savvy sourcing teams have realized that’s no longer enough and are focusing on ways to navigate their ESG objectives with large, strategic service providers. More »

 Public Article It’s Not a Talent War, It’s a New Reality | Listen to this much-anticipated annual webinar to learn the results of our 2022 Key Issues Study exploring the ongoing talent challenge. Our experts will explain the talent landscape for 2022 and provide insights into issues such as, top talent challenges and priorities, actual and potential impacts from the talent shortage, and resiliency and agility planning. More »

 Public Article The Next Era in Talent Management | In this report, we explore the key disruption/innovation levers shaping the contingent workforce of tomorrow, depicted through the 5Es or the Empower, Evolve, Enhance, Elevate, and Embrace framework. More »

 Public Article Sourcing is Transforming So Supply Chain Governance Needs to Transform, Too: There is No Plan B | Traditional Supply Chain governance practices do not address the challenges presented by today’s outsourcing engagements and multi-supplier ecosystems. Buyers and suppliers alike must, in a spirit of genuine partnership, collaboratively transform their supplier governance practices and embrace the trend to continuous, proactive governance and broad-spectrum risk intelligence to maximize value, drive innovation, and manage the multi-vector and cascading compliance risks of their outsourcing relationships such as the current increased government focus on ESG throughout the supply chain. In this action-packed panel discussion, hear from four of the industry's leading experts on why they say there is no "Plan B," and how critical it is that supplier chain governance must adapt as sourcing transforms. More »

 Public Article Transforming Supplier Governance: Governing When the Four Walls Are Gone | In today’s post-pandemic world, Supplier Governance is going through an unprecedented transformation. Buyers and Service Integrators have lesser physical proximity with Suppliers due to organizations heavily resorting to remote working models. During this panel discussion, we will explore impacts to three key areas of Governance: Performance Management, Demand Management and Continuous Improvement. Come join us for a riveting discussion and make your voice heard as well! More »


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