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 Public Article Is Cold Calling Dead? | For years I have heard it said many times, “Cold Calling Is Dead”, and I still hear it today. Most often it is said by those who have never done it or just plain suck at doing it. As an essential tool for almost every salesperson, the phone is by no means an outdated tool for communicating. I last wrote an article on this topic some 15 years ago. While some of the techniques have advanced or morphed since then, the essentials are still the same. The name could stand an update, partly because of its negative connotation of timeshare salespeople and scammers, made all the more annoying with the introduction of those annoying robocalls that attempt to filter out non-buyers and pass interested people on to a live person. More »

 Public Article A Pathway to More Efficient Finance and Accounting Operations | On June 22, 2021, EXL hosted an executive roundtable presentation titled “A Pathway to More Efficient Finance & Accounting Operations,” focusing on the impact COVID-19 has had on healthcare systems, how CFOs are responding, and emerging strategies that can successfully deliver holistic transformation toward data-driven finance. This article summarizes the key points of the discussion, defining data-driven finance, the use of data and digital technologies to improve patient care and business outcomes, and how healthcare CFOs can lead organizations to and through a technology transformation that creates sustainable gains. More »

 Public Article Sourcing for IT Specialist Capabilities – the What, Why, and How | Enterprises today are looking for specific IT service provider roles to help balance multiple objectives within the organization. Consequently, we’re seeing specialists growing in relevance that bring technology/function-specific domain expertise to IT service sourcing, accelerating service delivery to meet clients’ unique business needs. However, specialized capabilities come with challenges, making it imperative for enterprises to look at the right set of parameters –­ including the what, why, and how – as they assess and identify the best IT specialist provider. In this session we look at: What role specialist service providers play in the new “value-driven” sourcing model Why enterprises should work with a specialist service provider How enterprise sourcing models are evolving More »

 Public Article MSP 4.0: From Contingent Workforce Management to Contingent Talent Empowerment | Over the last two decades, the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry successfully evolved in terms of service portfolio and value proposition to effectively deliver on enterprises’ contingent workforce requirements. The COVID-19 pandemic threatened to disrupt this growth in 2020, but the MSP industry demonstrated remarkable leadership and resilience, swiftly adapting to Work From Home (WFH) delivery, fulfilling services as part of its flex-and-scale value proposition to cater to dramatic fluctuations in hiring requirements, and resolutely maintaining service quality levels. At the same time, the pandemic’s wide-ranging changes necessitated the industry’s evolution to MSP 4.0, a more dynamic, more reliable, and significantly more agile model in driving and shaping clients’ next-generation talent needs. Both enterprises and MSPs view this change as an opportunity to revamp, rejuvenate, and revitalize contingent workforce models to meet future talent needs and better manage risk. This change will come through a dramatic acceleration of certain existing levers and the introduction of some new levers that have emerged during the crisis. This report explores these key levers and explains how they will shape the industry. More »

 Public Article Bringing CX Up with Technology & Human Empathy Leveraging Impact Workforce | Digital transformation is the force driving companies to revamp their business models and adapt to the new reality. What’s more interesting is that the companies are not the ones driving these changes; customers are. Today, customers expect more than ever from brands they engage with, whether in terms of a streamlined back-office, relevant content, speedy customer service, or quick resolution to their queries. It’s their journey that dictates a business’s strategy. And this is what defines the standards for customer experience. In order to keep up with this new reality, you must embrace three critical elements - human empathy, technology, and impact sourcing. More »

 Public Article Hyper Intelligent Automation Landscape Report 2021 | More »


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