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 Public Article Automaker Case Study | Revamping CX for a Renowned Automaker The client is an American automotive flagship brand, offering sales and after-sales services, social media management, and omnichannel solutions as part of their provided automotive digital services. The client’s objectives were to continue boosting their growth rate, depending on a more customer-centric approach, create a more intuitive and friendly customer experience, establishing more insightful communication with their customer base. Moreover, they needed better market visibility based on reliable data. More »

 Public Article Delivering Superior Experiences | As organizations transition to a post-pandemic world, they are leveraging superior customer experience as a differentiator and an engine for growth. Organizations are also recognizing that, along with the customer, the agent is a pivotal component of Customer Experience (CX). In fact, the two are inextricably linked – a good agent experience consistently leads to a good customer experience and vice versa. But in a world of finite resources and competing priorities, the agent experience is often ignored and existing efforts are not enough to improve agents’ overall satisfaction with their experience at work. With the augmented role of customer service agents at the center of a seamless CX model, organizations have started to recognize the tangible benefits of enhancing the agent journey. They have started working toward improving agent experience by addressing agents’ pain points, eliminating skill gaps, and providing them the tools they need to succeed in order to ensure consistent, engaging customer experiences that drive positive business and talent outcomes, long-term sustainable growth, and brand equity. In this viewpoint, we examine the connection between agent and customer experience, including its broader business impact. We recommend that organizations should work with an agent-centric mindset and thoughtfully deploy technology and restructure business processes to prioritize agents’ physical and mental well-being. What is agent experience, and how does it impact customer experience and the broader business? What workplace challenges do agents face, and what are the key drivers of agent experience and engagement? What measures should companies take to improve agent experience? More »

 Public Article Rise of IT Services Specialists Delivering on the Service Contextualization | As enterprises ramp up their digital transformation initiatives, the strategic sourcing function faces the challenging task of establishing and orchestrating an IT services vendor portfolio that can help these companies fulfill their business objectives. This digital age sourcing model requires co-existence of distinct IT service provider roles to help enterprises balance multi-fold objectives such as risk management, modernization, and building capabilities across change, manage, and run initiatives. The underlying principle of this framework is that deriving business value from IT requires enterprises to have access to best-of-breed capabilities across a broad set of themes. As part of this shift, there is a need to look at the specialist ecosystem. In this viewpoint, we highlight why specialists are important and how an increasing number of enterprises have realized the need for technological, functional/methodological, and industrial expertise to add value to business and technology transformation initiatives. We also cover the challenges associated with specialists that enterprises need to be aware of and provide a checklist of key metrics for evaluating and identifying the right specialist. This report looks at: Need for evolved sourcing models Growing relevance of specialists Need to identify the right specialist Assessment of specialists – checklist More »

Public Article Service Delivery Evolves to a ‘New Normal’ | Looking back over the past eight months, companies have come a long way in shifting to remote workforces. What does the future hold for service delivery models? IAOP tapped the brainpower of Claro Enterprise Solutions to share its expertise with members during its September Webinar on Zoom Isn’t Enough, Five Keys to Service Delivery in the Workplace of the Future. More »

Free Associate Membership Required Intelligent Process Automation | Predictions for the immediate and not too distant future all point in the same direction – putting your client at the heart of all operational activities will further erode organizational silos around the front, middle, and back office, leading to the emergence of new, borderless, client-centric organizations that can optimize the way value creation is executed. More »

 Public Article How Digital Improves Engineering And Manufacturing Organizations | The global engineering services offerings (ESO) market crossed USD 1.6 trillion in 2020, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~23% from 2021 to 2028. This increase has been driven by digital engineering becoming a new growth engine for the industry. The combination of next-generation technologies and the use of engineering and product data analytics is transforming the entire value chain, delivering a multi-fold impact on cost and efficiency. Organizations that are able to adopt transformative tools and technology solutions through strategic partnerships with ESO partners will be well-positioned for success in the future. More »


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