Telecommunications in the age of Generative AI
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By: Zinnov

Generative AI, driven by advances in Natural Language Processing, is revolutionizing various industries. In creative fields, tools like DALL-E 2 create realistic images from text, while AI copywriters produce human-like content. In drug discovery, Generative AI accelerates screening and develops pharmaceutical compounds. Telecom, with a $320 Bn annual investment, is poised for transformation. Pilots show promise, and over 70% of executives believe in Generative AI's role in digital transformation, with a projected market value of $20 Bn by 2030. Hyperscalers like Microsoft and Google contribute, tailoring AI tools for Telecom needs. Five pillars—Connectivity Optimization, Computation Enhancement, Controlled Workloads, Co-Worker Empowerment, and Customer Experience—address Telecom challenges, promising improved automation and personalized services. The report outlines the role of Generative AI in Telecom's future, emphasizing its potential and areas for further growth.

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