Center of Excellence

IAOP Centers of Excellence are dedicated to industry advancement, collaboration and education by concentrating expertise and resources around key areas that our community members are investing in and are critical to attaining and sustaining world-class performance and value.

Digital Technologies


We know that digital technologies are transforming outsourcing and related business models and IAOP aims to support its members in this journey.  This CoE enables learning and  knowledge sharing, thus providing all members with access to relevant knowledge resources on, and use of, digital technologies as our members aid their enterprises to leverage digital technologies to deliver extraordinary growth and optimization opportunities, as well as:

  • Enable collaboration between IAOP Members The CoEs provide an environment in which IAOP - including buyers, providers, advisors, and academia - can collaborate and share expertise in specific areas of mutual interest. 
  • Enhance innovation The CoEs enlist industry experts to accelerate progress in critical areas. 
  • Provide new opportunities for education and training The CoEs foster learning by offering webinars, podcasts, conferences, research, and more.

Knowledge resources are categorized and mapped to a visual framework covering the broad lifecycle categories (Strategy, Sourcing, Transition, Service Delivery, Relationship Management) and underlying ontologies of knowledge within each of these domains that collectively will contribute to the delivery of the CoE’s mission.  

All IAOP Professional Members may access and actively participate in the CoEs. Corporate Members may take an elevated leadership role as well as contribute content.  



  • Debi Hamill, CEO, IAOP
  • Peter George, Partner, Baker McKenzie
  • Mark Voytek, COP, Founder and Managing Partner, Voytechnology Partners, and IAOP's Chief Advisor Thought Leadership
  • Andrew Spanyi,  Ecosystem Development Lead,  Cognitive World Think Tank
  • Vincent Sanchez, Partner, DLA Piper
  • Mike O’Brien, Chief Procurement Officer & Head of ContractAi, App Orchid
  • Megan Carlyle, Vice President, Vendor & Supplier Risk Management, Fannie Mae
  • Mark Kausel, Client Services Director, Vee Technologies
  • Dan Gourley, Procurement Innovation Manager, bp
  • Jim Rinaldi, Former CIO, Jet Propulsion Labs and Chair of Avasant’s Fellows Program
  • Renee Forney, Deputy CISO and Head of Fintech Governance Risk & Compliance, Meta
  • Peter Mueller, Vice President Partnerships, ScaleHub
  • Paul Sheridan, Principal, Eclaro
  • Representatives from Deloitte, Infosys, HCL

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