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Chamber of BPO&IT ANDI - Colombia

Chamber of BPO&IT ANDI - Colombia




IAOP Training Courses & Workshops

IAOP brings a vast array of educational opportunities to the outsourcing community. While some lead to professional certifications, others give both the individual and the corporation a broader knowledge of the end-to-end standards, practices and processes that define successful relationships.

Training from IAOP comes in the form of  webinars, educational conferences, forums and chapter presentations, live classes taught by IAOP Authorized Trainers, online self-study course, and courses delivered by one of our many Certification & Professional Development Partners.    

IAOP's de-facto training course is the COP Master Class, which can be taken by individuals or teams both online or in-person.

Companies interested in bulk purchases and/or corporate training at your facility, please contact copprogramservices@iaop.org.

“No matter what you think your level of proficiency is, everyone in the industry would benefit from taking the COP Master Class. It’s not only great as a refresher, but also to hear the professional experience viewpoints of the instructor, the lawyer who discusses contracting issues and the other senior level attendees. It’s also good to hear the viewpoints of the clients who are going through the battles, so you can understand where their heads are at, what things they are particularly confused about or they need assistance with. By understanding such, as an advisor, I can be more effective.”  — Michael Fraley, Principal, EY

For more information, email copprogramservices@iaop.org.            



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