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IAOP thought leaders expect Artificial Intelligence (AI), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), talent, and the economy to be prevalent themes this year. While these are familiar conversations, expect the narrative to differ in 2024.

Although AI will continue to advance at an exhilarating speed, the technology must slow down to become more responsible. Regulations will be on the rise for ESG. The global skills shortage will widen, and the economy will be a top concern.  Read on to learn what IAOP’s Strategic Advisory Board members see on the horizon. 



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A message from IAOP’s CEO
Debi Hamill Talks Economic Uncertainty


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 Public Article Location, Location, Location – 2024 and beyond | No matter what the angle or the time period, there has always been a death knell sounded over the future of offshoring. Over the years, many would have had it believed that business process delivery from locales near and afar would succumb to the advancements in automation and artificial intelligence.  Equally, there has been a school of thought in place among some influencers that this work is better serviced from domestic locales. Despite vigorous debate, the reality is that the demand for offshore services around all aspects of front and back-office functions has never been more robust.  A clear example of why this is the case relates to the number of destinations from which this work can be done.  Not even two decades ago, it would not have been unreasonable to assume that four or five countries would account for 90%+ of these work volumes.  Today, that number would be in excess of 50 countries, ranging from legacy destinations such as India, through to upstart geographies like Rwanda, Georgia and Honduras. What is driving the continued (and growing) interest in offshore BPO delivery?  That is a question that could be answered a million different ways; but, suffice to say that the primary driver is no longer cost.  The days of ‘your mess for less’ are a thing of the past, and any outsourcer positioning their offerings to be delivered from an offshore destination for the cheapest price possible is doomed to failure. More »

 Public Article The BPO Revolution: How Outsourcing is Evolving to Accelerate Business Growth | The perception of outsourcing as a mere cost-cutting tactic is a relic of the past. Today’s BPO industry is a £100 billion powerhouse whose growth trajectory is nothing short of seismic. Take the IT outsourcing industry, set to grow to a value of  £117 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3%, or the outsourced software testing market, which is expected to grow by £24 billion at a CAGR of 14.41%. This surge isn’t accidental. Businesses are waking up to the strategic advantages BPOs offer – access to a global talent pool, enhanced efficiency, and a competitive edge. In this edition of 'Talking Sourcing', we examine the future of global BPO trends to see how the industry is evolving and becoming more efficient worldwide. More »

 Public Article Transforming Problem-Solving: IAOP’s Design Thinking Experience | IAOP members have embarked on a transformative journey to rethink their approach to problem-solving. At OWS24 in Chicago, design thinking emerged as a powerful tool for developing user-centric results, furthering empowering outsourcing and sourcing professionals. Before the event, IAOP members were primed to unlock the potential of design thinking through a comprehensive four-part workshop presented by IAOP’s Collaborative Supplier Governance Center of Excellence in partnership with experts and researchers at Sutherland Labs. This dynamic program introduced members to the design thinking methodology and set the stage for a transformative experience. Read on for a preview of the game-changing insights and skills that will propel IAOP members to new heights of innovation and success. More »

 Public Article OWS24 Key Takeaways: AI, Trust, and the Future of Outsourcing Take Center Stage in Chicago | Collaboration, shared energy, and a sense of belonging defined the scene at IAOP’s OWS24 as outsourcing and sourcing professionals united for the annual Summit in Chicago. The event shared knowledge, ignited connections, and fostered a sense of community among industry peers. Presented by IAOP and hosted by HCSC and Baker McKenzie at the HCSC/Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower, the event was held May 21-23. In an intimate executive conference setting designed to ensure attendees didn’t miss any sessions, the OWS24 presentations covered digital technologies, social impact, the future of work, collaborative supplier governance, and healthcare and life sciences. More »

 Public Article Legendary Leaders Honored: Three Visionaries Enter IAOP's Leadership Hall of Fame | IAOP inducted three new members into its prestigious Leadership Hall of Fame in a poignant ceremony that celebrated excellence, achievement, the transformative power of leadership, and the significance of giving back to society. This momentous event at OWS24 in Chicago inspired OWS attendees and future generations of professionals to strive for excellence and make a positive impact. Following a reception hosted by Avasant, the awards ceremony capped off the first full day of the Summit. More »

 Public Article A Prescription for Revenue | Vee Healthtek delivers relief for health care providers’ cashflow headaches. More »


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