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IAOP thought leaders expect Artificial Intelligence (AI), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), talent, and the economy to be prevalent themes this year. While these are familiar conversations, expect the narrative to differ in 2024.

Although AI will continue to advance at an exhilarating speed, the technology must slow down to become more responsible. Regulations will be on the rise for ESG. The global skills shortage will widen, and the economy will be a top concern.  Read on to learn what IAOP’s Strategic Advisory Board members see on the horizon. 



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When Mum is Not the Word!
How to Have Difficult Conversations


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8 Takeaways for Accelerating ESG Integration
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A message from IAOP’s CEO
Debi Hamill Talks Economic Uncertainty


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 Public Article Next-Gen Showcase with Mark Voytek Ep.1 feat. Kit Cox, Founder & CTO, Enate | More »

 Public Article How can Enterprises unlock value from Indian AI Start-Up Ecosystem? | Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption by enterprises is imperative, with India's significant talent pool. Leveraging innovative solutions from Indian AI start-ups can bridge skill gaps. The Indian start-up ecosystem, particularly in DeepTech, has grown significantly, securing substantial funding. Sectors like EnterpriseTech and HealthTech have seen notable AI-driven innovations. Despite being at a nascent stage, government initiatives and investor interest are driving the growth of AI start-ups in India. Enterprises can collaborate with start-ups through co-creation, partnerships, or acquisitions to drive mutual growth. This strategic partnership promises to reshape industries and lead global technological advancements. More »

 Public Article India’s Global Leap: Why Global Organizations set up Global Capability Centers in India? | India's journey to becoming a global hub for Global Capability Centers (GCCs) began in 1985, fueled by a talented workforce and a culture of innovation. Major companies like IBM were drawn to the potential, and over time, GCCs matured from basic support to driving global innovation across diverse sectors. Today, over 1.6 million professionals contribute to this thriving industry, nurtured by a strong foundation of STEM education, quality standards, and visionary leadership. This sets the stage for even greater roles, with 20,000 professionals poised to join maturing GCCs by 2030. India's success is further bolstered by a robust framework, a mature ecosystem with rapid development, and supportive government policies. The growing confidence of MNCs, attracted by the vast talent pool and low risk/cost environment, makes India an irresistible choice for global expansion. From its humble beginnings, India has transformed into a talent and innovation hotspot, offering a compelling proposition for global organizations seeking to expand their footprint. More »

 Public Article Is an Offshore Development Center your Key to Global Success? | In today's dynamic market, leaders face the imperative of optimizing revenue, fostering innovation, and ensuring business continuity. Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) emerge as a strategic solution, leveraging global talent pools to address these challenges. ODCs, distinct from traditional outsourcing, provide access to skilled professionals across international locations, benefiting from cost efficiencies and regulatory advantages. Despite benefits, challenges like management, communication, cultural integration, and security must be navigated. Alternatively, Global Capability Centers (GCCs) offer control and scalability options. irrespective of the model an enterprise choses, success hinges on clear objectives, talent acquisition, governance, and strategic partnerships. More »

 Public Article Insourcing Vs Outsourcing: How to choose the model that is right for you | Three decades ago, global talent acquisition centered on cost arbitrage, but today, companies engage in a fierce global competition for high-skilled professionals. Originating with cost-cutting measures, such as General Electric's 1982 move to Mexico, companies now compete for experts globally. The shift from cost-driven to capability arbitrage has given rise to 'techno-business' professionals, blending tech expertise with business acumen. Choosing between insourcing and outsourcing presents a dilemma, with factors like costs, timelines, control, brand value, and risks influencing decisions. A nuanced approach is crucial, emphasizing that there's no one-size-fits-all solution in the dynamic landscape of globalization strategies. More »

 Public Article Telecommunications in the age of Generative AI | Generative AI, driven by advances in Natural Language Processing, is revolutionizing various industries. In creative fields, tools like DALL-E 2 create realistic images from text, while AI copywriters produce human-like content. In drug discovery, Generative AI accelerates screening and develops pharmaceutical compounds. Telecom, with a $320 Bn annual investment, is poised for transformation. Pilots show promise, and over 70% of executives believe in Generative AI's role in digital transformation, with a projected market value of $20 Bn by 2030. Hyperscalers like Microsoft and Google contribute, tailoring AI tools for Telecom needs. Five pillars—Connectivity Optimization, Computation Enhancement, Controlled Workloads, Co-Worker Empowerment, and Customer Experience—address Telecom challenges, promising improved automation and personalized services. The report outlines the role of Generative AI in Telecom's future, emphasizing its potential and areas for further growth. More »


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