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It’s not going away so how do you adjust to the persistent problem of not having enough talented workers to run your business? That’s the top issue facing organizations today, according to new research unveiled by Everest Group at OWS22.  The data shows that the talent war can not be won.

The scarcity of skilled employees, across not only high-tech digital jobs but all sectors, will continue for years, if not decades, the analysts reported on the opening day of the virtual event series.  Read more...



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Top 5 Technologies Improving the BPO Industry
Technology is key in helping BPO providers advance and innovate within the industry.


Outsourcing and AI: The Changing Face of Business
Artificial Intelligence is critical to digital evolution; however, AI also comes with risks.


What Employers Can Learn From the Past Labor Market in 2022
Key findings from The Labor Market Paradox of 2021 and What Employers Can Do About It.


OWS22: It's a Wrap! Thank You to All Who Participated
A Message from IAOP’s CEO


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 Public Article Improve your order-to-cash process by consolidating vendor data effectively | Consolidating vendor data across your entire order-to-cash process is time consuming and often prevents your teams from focusing on business-critical tasks. Here are five ways of consolidating your data to deliver a more intelligent order-to-cash process that adds value to your finance function. More »

 Public Article Working Smart And Securely In The Digital World | Speakers: Oscar Elizondo, Vice President Global Enterprise Services at CEMEX and Andrea (Andie) Henrich, Distribution Sector BPO Leader, IBM Consulting Webinar Overview: Hear how IBM is bringing increased agility and flexibility to CEMEX’s finance and accounting operations as well as in its back-office commercial services. IBM combines the use of multiple global delivery centers with increased automation, advanced analytics, and applied cognitive technologies. It also provides advanced IT security services and technology to help secure CEMEX digital infrastructure and strengthen the company’s cyber resilience. More »

 Public Article The Culture Of Responsible AI | Speaker: Phaedra Boinodiris, Global lead for Responsible AI, IBM Webinar Overview: There is no 'Easy Button' to curate AI responsibly. Earning trust in AI is a socio-technological challenge that requires a holistic approach. We must ask these fundamental questions: What kind of relationship do we want to have with AI? What kind of culture is required in orgs to curate AI responsibly? How do we make education more accessible? What are the suggestions for a responsible future? How might organizations begin to establish AI governance? Please join IBM Consulting's global lead for Responsible AI, Phaedra Boinodiris, as she talks about her journey establishing a holistic consulting practice within IBM and the surprises she has had along the way. More »

 Public Article Cognitive procurement – from business need to strategic value | Implementing a cognitive and frictionless procurement model helps your organization facilitate growth, generate revenue, achieve sustainability goals, and drive strategic direction. More »

 Public Article The Growing Need for Inclusive Talent Models: Learning from Impact Sourcing Specialists | In this report, we define impact sourcing and answer why companies should adopt it, how they can put it into practice, where they can do it, which are the leading impact sourcing specialists, and much more. We provide a comprehensive view of the impact sourcing market and its enabling ecosystem. The report will encourage and enable enterprises and traditional service providers to take the next big leap in their talent strategies through impact sourcing. More »

 Public Article Why Technology is the Key to Enabling Sustainability | o reach their sustainability goals fast and efficiently, enterprises like yours can utilize global systems integrators (SIs) as strategic partners to accelerate sustainability agendas. Emerging digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain are proving to deliver immense value and maximized sustainability initiatives. Watch this webinar as our experts discussed in detail current sustainability enablement technology services market trends and provide insights on how the market is shaping out. The speakers explore: How the role of technology is progressing as a key enabler for sustainability Which trends are prevailing in the sustainability enablement technology services market How the sustainability enablement technology services market is developing Who the leaders and the major contenders in the market are, and what makes them stand out More »


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