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November 9 / New York City

On Location: Driving Business Value & Competitive Advantage through Social Impact

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Free Associate Membership Required Global Impact Sourcing Award Winners Make a Difference | More »

Public Article The Growing Need for Inclusive Talent Models: Learning from Impact Sourcing Specialists | In this report, we define impact sourcing and answer why companies should adopt it, how they can put it into practice, where they can do it, which are the leading impact sourcing specialists, and much more. We provide a comprehensive view of the impact sourcing market and its enabling ecosystem. The report will encourage and enable enterprises and traditional service providers to take the next big leap in their talent strategies through impact sourcing. More »

Professional Membership Required Gender Promotion Gap & Executive Performance - Fair Play? | Is equality in the workplace a myth? Hard-hitting questions like this continue to be at the core of gender gap studies in the corporate sector. Organizations across the globe are acknowledging the need to go beyond women empowerment programs to ensure women in the workplace are given equal recognition for their contributions. Individuals at every level have a role to play in addressing gender bias. Join us and hear from a panel of esteemed experts as they bring enriching perspectives to this discussion. More »

Professional Membership Required Impact Sourcing: Driving Your Business Growth With Purpose | This session covers the purpose of impact sourcing,  why social impact is important for private sector companies,  the business case for making it part of your corporate strategy and how it can help your company achieve its business and social impact goals. More »

Professional Membership Required Scaling An Impact Sourcing Model Globally | As a global outsourcer operating in over 50 countries, Webhelp is uniquely placed to implement scalable Impact Sourcing practices. Thanks to advocates such as IAOP, the model of Impact Sourcing is now a well-understood practice amongst the BPO community. However, creating an adaptable, impactful, and globally scalable model across multiple delivery locations is less common.  Webhelp has developed models to achieve a 15% Impact Hiring target across our +200 delivery locations and 97,000 employees by 2025. Underpinning these ambitions is a global ecosystem of world-leading impact partners and NGOs with whom we work to drive our global Impact Sourcing strategy. More »

Professional Membership Required Impact Sourcing: One Solution To The Talent Shortage | With the talent shortage a new reality, many organizations are desperately looking for ways to address the issue. Impact Sourcing, or hiring skilled and motivated talent from disadvantaged groups around the world is proving to be a solution – helping forward-thinking organizations tap into new talent pools, fill roles, and realize substantial business benefits. This session will provide attendees with real-world lessons on creating an inclusive workforce with a focus on marginalized communities and the business case to persuade the skeptics. More »


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