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Free Associate Membership Required Global Impact Sourcing Award Winners Make a Difference | Now in its fifth year, the annual presentation of the Global Impact Sourcing Awards (GISA) in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational and moving presentations that demonstrates the huge difference this movement makes. More »

 Professional Membership Required OWS23:Trends in Supplier Diversity and Sustainability | Corporations and government customers have been increasingly using their purchasing power to support traditionally underrepresented groups and to promote sustainability, creating a significant market opportunity for suppliers who not only provide competitive products but can also meet these additional customer demands. Panelists will share emerging trends in supplier diversity and sustainability expectations and opportunities. Panelists will also discuss some steps diverse-owned businesses can take to make themselves competitive for these types of opportunities, as well as some of the benefits of doing so. The panel will also explore proposed state and federal-level regulations that include climate-related reporting requirements and could have implications throughout the value chain. More »

 Professional Membership Required OWS23: “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”-DEI and the Future of Business Success | A lot has been proven about how corporate investment in diversity, equity and inclusion nets greater collaboration, increased efficiency and productivity, and the coup de grâce of it all – profit. But then the pandemic happened, people started working from wherever they could safely, and the resulting distributed workforce become 2D and companies found challenges in finding (or re-establishing) a collective cultural footing. In this discussion, we reveal critical challenges to identifying and nurturing diversity, and by extension, the employee heartbeat of businesses today. We’ll analyze how some of the best in the business are successfully accomplishing this. Finally, we will identify techniques that allow your firm to rally teams to be your best brand advocates, benefitting from diverse individual and shared experiences along the way. More »

 Professional Membership Required OWS23: Fannie Mae and a Decade of Vendor Management Best Practices | In this session, Troy will provide an overview of vendor management lessons learned and best practices at Fannie Mae over the past decade, including experiences gained through the firms large IT outsourcing, insourcing, and vendor oversight engagements. Topics will include the 4 components of vendor management, the importance of persistence, and maintaining consistency as engagements and people change. More »

 Professional Membership Required OWS23: The Critical Role of Advisors in Impact Sourcing | Advisors trusted status with clients (as well as their influence in the buyer and provider community) makes consultants the best-suited people to effectively expand Impact Sourcing. Get a birds-eye view of what leading advisory, KPMG, has been up to in the space and hear from a champion of impact sourcing from Google how developing impact sourcing solutions/ opportunities is a sales project opportunity, as well as a huge selling point for RFPs and new business opportunities. More »

 Professional Membership Required OWS23: Impact Sourcing: Getting to Scale - A Global View | Dan will lead this global panel of members of IAOP’s Center for Social Impact on a deep dive through the critical components of sustainability and the future of sourcing, including, inclusive hiring, environmental protection, women empowerment, impact sourcing and responsible automation. This informative and engaging discussion on the power of sustainability to drive positive change while also creating business value, will also touch on the challenges that organizations face when implementing programs and provide practical advice on how to navigate these challenges and create sustainable sourcing programs that benefit the organization, its employees and culture, and the communities where they operate. More »


Public Article Public Article Free Associate Membership Required Free Associate Membership Required Professional Membership Required Professional Membership Required

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