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NIX Joins Optimizely as Bronze Solutions Partner


NIX has achieved the status of Advanced Consulting Partner in AWS Partner Network


NIX has joined the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) as a Gold Corporate Member


NIX won 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award


CX Leader Sitel Group® Accelerates Global Transformation with Rebrand to Foundever™


NIX has been named a 2023 Gold Award Winner in the AVA Digital Awards


NIX Joins the ServiceNow Partner Program

NIX announces it has joined the ServiceNow partner program.


NIX United Salesforce AppExchange

NIX launched NIX United Salesforce AppExchange.


Full Year Results of NIX United 2022

NIX United is delighted to announce their Full Year results.



Eugene Rudenko Recognized as Automation Champion of the Year by GSA UK

Eugene Rudenko, AI Solutions Director at NIX United, has been named a winner in the GSA Professional Awards 2022 Automation Champion of the Year category.


The GSA UK Awards honor and celebrate individuals and companies that have demonstrated best practices in the Global Sourcing Standard. This year the GSA received a tremendous number of applications, which resulted in 72 finalists in 20 categories.


With over 15 years of experience, and as a winner in Automation Champion of the Year category, Eugene has proven himself to be an outstanding business automation and software product development expert. He primarily focuses on data science technologies, providing clients with both initial and current business value by automating workflows and optimizing existing processes.


Data engineering and data analysis generate competitive advantages by providing meaningful insights to decision-making processes. Eugene and the NIX team assist clients in extracting these insights from scattered data that cannot be manually analyzed using AI and deep learning solutions.


"In addition to business and technology analysis, I’m gaining experience in competitive environment research. However, some of our designs have no market analogues. In such cases, NIX implements cutting-edge technologies to increase the productivity of developed systems and improve model accuracy. Our experience has convinced us that being a forerunner in innovation yields enormous benefits, so it is worthwhile to take risks with new technology. In our work with new technology, we always adhere to GSA's guidance on automation & AI in outsourcing, which incorporates both best practices, continuous service innovation, and evident commitment to the industry in future," Eugene Rudenko stated in his application for the GSA UK Award.

NIX United Becomes AWS Partner

NIX United, a global software development company, has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Select Tier Partner.

Achieving this partnership confirms NIX United has a team of more than 25 trained and certified technical specialists with extensive knowledge of AWS cloud products. NIX engineers offer credible solutions to enterprises dealing with complex challenges, such as fitting existing applications to new cloud conditions, sensitive data compliance and security, lack of expertise and employee training.

The AWS Partner Network validates the team's proven client experience with cloud workload migration, transformation, and management. NIX provides businesses with the long-term value of AWS cloud integration systems—such as maximum flexibility and scalability—driving future innovation.

Our engineers have provided hundreds of successful private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions, helping clients gain new competitive edges, automate business processes, and decrease operational costs. As a result, these have proven to increase overall business efficiency and income.

We assist businesses in determining where they are on the path to digital transformation, bringing them seamlessly through this journey on time and budget, and with 24-hour system support.

After Divestment, HGS Healthcare Becomes Sagility, Unveils New Brand Identity

As healthcare technology leader grows, new brand positioning reinforces more than 20 years of healthcare domain expertise

Denver, September 15, 2022: HGS Healthcare today announced “Sagility” as its new brand identity. The company, a strategic partner for healthcare payers and providers, provides industry-leading technology and transformation-driven BPM services. This enables healthcare businesses to deliver efficient and high-quality services to their members.

Speaking on the new brand identity, Ramesh Gopalan, Group CEO of Sagility said “Sagility means wisdom in action”. In today's rapidly evolving healthcare industry, our clients and potential clients need partners who are flexible, dynamic and have deep expertise. Our decades of healthcare domain expertise, coupled with our responsiveness and agility, provide the right base to build on for the future. Sagility will build on this legacy and enhance its service offerings with Technology and Analytics, thereby enabling the company to offer hi-impact transformative solutions.”

“Members, patients, providers and all healthcare constituents have long expected an enhanced user experience from their health insurance plan and healthcare provider,” added Gopalan. He further said that “Our deep domain expertise, automation, analytics-led transformation, BPaaS, and our back-office and clinical operations all help healthcare companies run their businesses more efficiently while helping them align more closely with their constituents.”

About Sagility
Sagility combines industry-leading technology and transformation-driven BPM services with decades of healthcare domain expertise to help clients draw closer to their members. The company optimizes the
entire member/patient experience through service offerings for clinical operations, member engagement, provider solutions, payment integrity, claims cost containment, and analytics. Colorado based Sagility has more than 25,000 employees across 5 countries and revenues of $460 million.

Visit to learn how Sagility can help make your business more competitive.

NIX United Hosts Digital Marketing Webinar with Nick Maslii

NIX United, a global software development company, is hosting a free webinar titled “Non-obvious Digital Marketing Mistakes: How to Grow Your ROI Through Small Steps.”

The webinar will discuss real-case digital marketing mistakes in online business promotion which may happen at any stage of interaction with a client.

The interactive webinar format will allow guests to vote on the most pressing questions about all online promotion channels and receive expert views on relevant matters.

Those who are interested in digital marketing and startup owners can register for the free webinar here.

The speaker, Nick Maslii, is a Digital Marketing Strategist with more than four years of expertise assisting businesses in identifying and implementing the most efficient digital marketing strategies for strong online presences and high ROI. Among his clients is the renowned Premium Sound.

The topics that will be covered during the webinar include:

  • Digital marketing blunders that can hinder a business from reaching its desired growth
  • A fresh look at the ordinary digital marketing routine and insights for online improvements
  • The whole flow of launching a digital marketing campaign—from preparation to execution—with great emphasis on the details

Moreover, prizes will be drawn among the guests of the webinar. Among them are one free business marketing channel audit (regular cost: $2200) and three consultations with the speaker.

NIX United is a 360-degree company providing the whole digital transformation cycle, from solid software development to powerful digital marketing promotion, to help companies become market leaders. Our team stands by the client’s business along the entire digital marketing journey, aiming to enhance its online visibility with maximum revenue exposure. We help companies of all types—including small startups, established midscale businesses, and global enterprises—capture new growth opportunities.


NIX United Becomes Microsoft Gold Partner

St. Petersburg, Florida, 22 Aug 2022 – NIX United, a global software development company, has officially become a Microsoft Gold Partner, demonstrating their advanced technical capability to deliver cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure.

NIX United has proven more than ten years of experience implementing Microsoft solutions in two areas of competence: application development and application integration. This expertise highlights the ability to design, develop, integrate, and maintain cloud applications to accelerate digital transformation and drive business growth.

"Achieving Microsoft Gold Partner status has been an important part of our cloud growth strategy. The NIX United team comprises experienced cloud developers who continue to validate their knowledge through certification programs. We have a long track record of providing robust and scalable cloud solutions and enhancing them continuously to deliver client success."
- Anna Vorobiova, Head of Business Development

To assist customers' digital transformation, NIX United provides end-to-end cloud integration services, including:

  • Design and development of cloud application architecture
  • Design and implementation of cloud infrastructure
  • Migration to the cloud, including PaaS, SaaS, and hybrid solutions
  • Building applications with serverless architectures
  • Security management
  • CI/CD implementation, transformation, automatization, and maintenance
  • Data management (data warehousing, ETL, persistence, security) and maintenance

Cloud technologies continue to change and evolve along with new Microsoft Partner Network tools and resources which, combined with NIX United's expertise in building reliable enterprise solutions, empower customers from various industries to outperform their competitors and extend their reach to new markets.

Intelligent People Operations – Capgemini

Capgemini’s Intelligent People Operations solution puts your individual employee at the center of your HR value proposition. By moving away from a process-centric approach to one that deploys digital platforms, we help you deliver an intelligent, frictionless experience for your people, while transforming the way you address your talent and workforce challenges:

  • An intelligent and frictionless, “consumer grade” people experience
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased adoption of digital skills
  • Increased flexibility to scale operations via robust program
  • Enhanced optimization of resources and human capital


Intelligent Learning Operations – Capgemini

Capgemini’s Intelligent Learning Operations is a frictionless and comprehensive suite of quick-to-activate learning platforms and integrated service management that amplify your people experience and deliver exceptional value to your business, with:

  • A more competitive, re-skilled workforce
  • Improved employee engagement and experience
  • Increased flexibility and scalable L&D operations
  • Increased efficiencies in learning operations
  • Increased cost-to-serve savings.


NelsonHall Recognizes Capgemini’s Cloud HR Transformation Expertise

Capgemini has been recognized by NelsonHall for its ability to meet its clients’ future HR requirements and deliver immediate cloud transformation benefits to its clients across geographies – for the second year running.


Frictionless Finance – Capgemini

Capgemini’s Frictionless Finance offer delivers next-generation, AI-augmented order-to-cash (O2C), purchase-to-pay (P2P), record-to-analyze (R2A), and analytics, transforming your finance function into one that drives frictionless, enterprise-level outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and top-line growth to your business:

  • Up to 25% improvement in forecast accuracy
  • Up to 25% sales growth in digital revenue streams
  • Up to 40% improvement in days sales outstanding


Creating a frictionless future for finance

Capgemini can help you unlock value from your F&A function through implementing frictionless, AI-enabled finance operations.


Capgemini’s market-leading finance solutions drives F&A excellence

Capgemini’s AI-enabled Frictionless Finance solution has been recognized by Avasant for its continuous excellence in F&A services for the second year running.


NIX United Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

NIX United, a global software development company, has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.


Capgemini transforms procurement into a tangible growth enabler

Controlling spend and driving value, while reducing your procurement and category management operating costs is now much easier with Capgemini’s Cognitive Procurement Services solution.


Cognitive Procurement Services - Capgemini

Enables you to design and implement an AI-enabled operating model for procurement that capitalizes on your technology investment to drive business value.


Webhelp expands footprint in Americas with OneLink

Complementary CX brands bring a game-changing, holistic approach to CX in the digital world, creating modern customer experience journeys for client brands.

Webhelp, a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) and business solutions, has announced its intent to acquire OneLink, an innovator in digitally-enabled CX, BPO and technology services supporting tier one brands throughout the United States, Europe, and Latin America. OneLink clients include progressive hyper-growth technology brands in areas such as shared mobility, e-commerce, fintech, fitness tech and payment apps, etc. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


CrowdSourcing Explained – ScaleHub


Snippeting is the process of breaking a document and the various bits of information it contains into pieces. Then, those snippets of information are in ideal shape to be worked on by crowd contributors all over the world.


BPO boost: How ScaleHub meets enterprise needs through BPO crowds


Sometimes data needs a level of function or added security beyond basic data processing. And with a commitment to helping our customers scale, ScaleHub has been forming business process outsourcing (BPO) crowds to help meet these specialized data processing needs head on.

Suppose crowdsourcing is the intersection of technology and human discretion as it comes to data processing. In that case, BPO crowds are like a specialized set of contributors that can take your data entry to the next level.


Capgemini’s frictionless HR videocast


Are you looking at your workforce as employees or as customers looking for a seamless employee experience? Join Anjali Pendlebury-Green (Global Head, Digital Customer Operations Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services  and Felicia Jones (Digital Employee Operations Leader, Americas) as they discuss Capgemini’s #FrictionlessEnterprise concept and how you can make your HR interactions seamless by delivering a frictionless employee experience across all functions.


Capgemini Looks to Accelerate Process Transformation with the "Frictionless Enterprise"


John Willmott (CEO, NelsonHall) writes a compelling piece on how Capgemini’s Frictionless Enterprise concept, built on the foundation of its five fundamental pillars, is enabling clients to accelerate their process transformation.

The Frictionless Enterprise implements ways to detect, prevent, and overcome frictions in our clients’ business operations. This ensures a seamless flow of information between people and processes, delivering enhanced business outcomes to our clients in a more value-focused way.


Capgemini’s Digital Procurement Services – optimize your digital investment to drive frictionless, sustainable procurement


Capgemini’s Digital Procurement Services offer helps your organization develop, implement, and operate a digital procurement strategy that enables you to sustain and further capitalize on your investment. It also helps you adopt the right strategies to achieve the optimal balance between your spend, efficiency, and working capital savings to deliver business outcomes that include:

  • 90% compliance in your procurement policy and reduction in maverick spend
  • 50% increase in your productivity through automation and channel optimization
  • 26% identified supplier consolidation savings through increased visibility in your supply chain
  • 50% reduction in your back-office costs and over 5% savings across your tail spend, tactical purchasing, and strategic sourcing.



Crowdsourcing & Data Privacy - ScaleHub

Is crowdsourcing a safe option for processing sensitive information?

It seems counterintuitive: how could it be safe to send sensitive customer information to a large crowd of unknown individuals all over the world? In fact, when done correctly, crowdsourcing is actually safer than having your employees work with this kind of data.


E-signatures 1: the legal landscape, opportunities and risks - CMS

CMS D-Code: E-signatures series

D-Code is our D programme to help in-house legal teams get to grips with all things digital and data. In this series, to coincide with the launch of the CMS Guide to Electronic Signatures and E-signing platforms, we explore the latest law, technology and market practice of this important and fast-evolving area. You will have the opportunity to share your comments and questions in our live Q&A.

E-signatures 1: the legal landscape, opportunities and risks

In this session, we set the scene with:

  • Some jargon-busing to demystify and differentiate: electronic signatures, electronic seals and advanced qualified electronic signatures
  • An overview of the latest law and guidance on validity in both England & Wales and Scotland
  • Some grey areas and scenarios in which particular caution is required


NIX Announces upMessage on Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

NIX has announced it has launched an application for simple business communication via SMS mailing, upMessage, on Salesforce AppExchange, thereby empowering customers to connect with Salesforce users in a safe and convenient way. The customizable app provides both inbound and outbound SMS, covering up a few mobile providers and directly integrating within a Salesforce platform, so there is no need for other plug-ins to contact Salesforce clients. NIX is proud to announce that upMessage corresponds to the Salesforce’s UI, security and best practices standards. NIX’s customers can now benefit from quick and safe business messaging within the upMessage application.



R3P Consulting Limited Expands Outsourcing, Vendor Management & Risk Consulting With Supply Wisdom Third-Party & Location Risk Intelligence

R3P Consulting, specialists in Outsourcing, Vendor Management & Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), are pleased to announce the signing of a VAR agreement with Supply Wisdom, providers of real-time and continuous Third-Party and Location Risk Intelligence. The partnership provides Canadian clients with local client support to the most comprehensive and trusted intelligence and monitoring of third-party and location risks available today.



Pro Progressio: Outsourcing & More Magazine

Pro Progressio is a foundation located in Poland focused on the development of the outsourcing industry. Among the goals of the foundation is the promotion of Poland as a near and offshoring location, outsourcing education and promotion of service suppliers and their business environment. The foundation is using Outsourcing Portal and Outsourcing & More Magazine (Polish-English outsourcing industry media) to achieve the goals and is also a membership project run by Pro Progressio. The members of the Club are cities, development agencies, consulting organizations, real estate developers and other organizations in the outsourcing industry environment.

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