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Vee Technologies Announces Healthcare Professional Services are Rebranding as Vee Healthtek


ScaleHub Webinar: Maximizing Efficiency: How BPOs Achieve Seamless Scalability in Document Processing

From the looming financial risks of missing SLAs due to sudden volume spikes or staffing shortfalls to efficiently managing peak periods.

The hurdles are high.

In this webinar, ScaleHub unveils a pragmatic solution, empowering BPOs to effortlessly scale their operations without the headaches of traditional expansion methods.

Seamless, limitless scalability with a risk-free, straightforward investment in as little as 2 weeks is more straightforward than you think. Implementation hassles, business disruptions, and unforeseen expenses could become a thing of the past.

Our proven approach ensures client SLAs are met while smoothly handling fluctuations in document volumes.

Moreover, you can learn all about strategies to expand your business, grow your client base, and diversify services without exhausting internal resources.

Leverage the power of artificial and human intelligence for secure, GDPR and HIPAA-compliant data processing, boasting over 99.x% accuracy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your BPO’s scalability strategy. Reserve your spot now and pave the way for unparalleled growth and efficiency in document processing.


NIX Earns AWS Well-Architected Partner Status for Cloud Optimization Expertise


NIX Thrives in Tampa, Headquarters Relocation


Webinar on March 6, 2024 at 4 PM CET - Process Documents at Lightning Speed with Bulletproof Data Privacy - Scalehub

The world runs on data. It’s what businesses need to provide stellar services and what malicious parties are desperate to get their hands on.

For this reason, the biggest document processors, outsourcing, insurance, financial and healthcare industries have one of the hardest obstacles to overcome; processing data at lightning speed while maintaining bulletproof data privacy.

Medical records and prescriptions, tax returns, insurance applications and HR-related records all contain sensitive, personal information and need to adhere to data privacy regulations.

Whether it is an internal or external threat, ensuring the privacy of customer data comes with several challenges: complex regulations that differ depending on country/region, hefty business-threatening fines that may occur if regulations and/or local laws are being infringed upon, and lost of trust/reputational damage.

The sensitivity of this issue can make the decision to use a managed crowdsourcing service a difficult one. While, yes, you will gain access to increased speed, scalability and accuracy in data processing, you’ll always have one worry...Is it safe?

In this webinar, ScaleHub will prove to you that you can have improved document processing through a managed crowdsourcing service AND ensure data privacy.

Eliminating two challenges with a single solution.


NIX is utterly elated to unveil the opening of our newest office in Boston


NIX achieves Amazon EKS and EC2 for Windows Server Delivery Partner Status


Zinnov is hosting an exclusive virtual roundtable themed around ‘ Unleashing Gen AI: Transforming Outsourcing Dynamics"

December 12th , 8 am to 9 am PST

Zinnov CEO, Pari Natarajan will deliver the keynote followed by an Open Discussion between all the participations. The virtual roundtable will explore the transforming outsourcing dynamics, reactions, strategies, and challenges faced by procurement teams as they navigate this new era shaped by Generative AI.

As the outsourcing landscape undergoes a profound transformation, Gen AI stands as a catalyst for unprecedented efficiency and productivity, quietly integrated by Technology Services companies into their operations. This innovation not only showcases the potential for remarkable gains in project outcomes but also goes beyond, translating into increased productivity compared to traditional methods for similar tasks.


NIX Announced as AWS Service Delivery Partner 


NIX has been named a winner in DevOps Awards 2023 for “Best Use of Security in a DevOps Project”


NIX achieves Microsoft Solution Partner status for Data & AI (Azure) 


NIX included in a lineup of Top 100+ iOS App Development Companies


NIX wins Bronze Stevie Award in the Technology Awards category at the esteemed 2023 American Business Awards


NIX has achieved the title of Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation (Azure)


NIX has achieved the status of Advanced Consulting Partner in AWS Partner Network


NIX won 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award


CX Leader Sitel Group® Accelerates Global Transformation with Rebrand to Foundever™


NIX has been named a 2023 Gold Award Winner in the AVA Digital Awards


Eugene Rudenko Recognized as Automation Champion of the Year by GSA UK

Eugene Rudenko, AI Solutions Director at NIX United, has been named a winner in the GSA Professional Awards 2022 Automation Champion of the Year category.  The GSA UK Awards honor and celebrate individuals and companies that have demonstrated best practices in the Global Sourcing Standard. This year the GSA received a tremendous number of applications, which resulted in 72 finalists in 20 categories. With over 15 years of experience, and as a winner in Automation Champion of the Year category, Eugene has proven himself to be an outstanding business automation and software product development expert. He primarily focuses on data science technologies, providing clients with both initial and current business value by automating workflows and optimizing existing processes. Data engineering and data analysis generate competitive advantages by providing meaningful insights to decision-making processes. Eugene and the NIX team assist clients in extracting these insights from scattered data that cannot be manually analyzed using AI and deep learning solutions.


"In addition to business and technology analysis, I’m gaining experience in competitive environment research. However, some of our designs have no market analogues. In such cases, NIX implements cutting-edge technologies to increase the productivity of developed systems and improve model accuracy. Our experience has convinced us that being a forerunner in innovation yields enormous benefits, so it is worthwhile to take risks with new technology. In our work with new technology, we always adhere to GSA's guidance on automation & AI in outsourcing, which incorporates both best practices, continuous service innovation, and evident commitment to the industry in future," Eugene Rudenko stated in his application for the GSA UK Award.


NIX United Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

NIX United, a global software development company, has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.


Webhelp expands footprint in Americas with OneLink

Complementary CX brands bring a game-changing, holistic approach to CX in the digital world, creating modern customer experience journeys for client brands.

Webhelp, a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) and business solutions, has announced its intent to acquire OneLink, an innovator in digitally-enabled CX, BPO and technology services supporting tier one brands throughout the United States, Europe, and Latin America. OneLink clients include progressive hyper-growth technology brands in areas such as shared mobility, e-commerce, fintech, fitness tech and payment apps, etc. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


CrowdSourcing Explained – ScaleHub

Snippeting is the process of breaking a document and the various bits of information it contains into pieces. Then, those snippets of information are in ideal shape to be worked on by crowd contributors all over the world.


BPO boost: How ScaleHub meets enterprise needs through BPO crowds


Sometimes data needs a level of function or added security beyond basic data processing. And with a commitment to helping our customers scale, ScaleHub has been forming business process outsourcing (BPO) crowds to help meet these specialized data processing needs head on.

Suppose crowdsourcing is the intersection of technology and human discretion as it comes to data processing. In that case, BPO crowds are like a specialized set of contributors that can take your data entry to the next level.


Crowdsourcing & Data Privacy - ScaleHub

Is crowdsourcing a safe option for processing sensitive information?

It seems counterintuitive: how could it be safe to send sensitive customer information to a large crowd of unknown individuals all over the world? In fact, when done correctly, crowdsourcing is actually safer than having your employees work with this kind of data.


Pro Progressio: Outsourcing & More Magazine

Pro Progressio is a foundation located in Poland focused on the development of the outsourcing industry. Among the goals of the foundation is the promotion of Poland as a near and offshoring location, outsourcing education and promotion of service suppliers and their business environment. The foundation is using Outsourcing Portal and Outsourcing & More Magazine (Polish-English outsourcing industry media) to achieve the goals and is also a membership project run by Pro Progressio. The members of the Club are cities, development agencies, consulting organizations, real estate developers and other organizations in the outsourcing industry environment.

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