Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
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Transforming People and Communities Through Meaningful Employment  Public Article

Transforming People and Communities Through Meaningful Employment Impact Sourcing is a business practice where organizations intentionally hire and offer career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for sustainable employment. Impact Sourcing can provide the start of a meaningful career path leading to a lifetime of full employment and can happen in any geography.

OWS23:Trends in Supplier Diversity and Sustainability Professional Membership Required

Corporations and government customers have been increasingly using their purchasing power to support traditionally underrepresented groups and to promote sustainability, creating a significant market opportunity for suppliers who not only provide competitive products but can also meet these additional customer demands. Panelists will share emerging trends in supplier diversity and sustainability expectations and opportunities. Panelists will also discuss some steps diverse-owned businesses can take to make themselves competitive for these types of opportunities, as well as some of the benefits of doing so. The panel will also explore proposed state and federal-level regulations that include climate-related reporting requirements and could have implications throughout the value chain.

OWS23: “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”-DEI and the Future of Business Success Professional Membership Required

A lot has been proven about how corporate investment in diversity, equity and inclusion nets greater collaboration, increased efficiency and productivity, and the coup de grâce of it all – profit. But then the pandemic happened, people started working from wherever they could safely, and the resulting distributed workforce become 2D and companies found challenges in finding (or re-establishing) a collective cultural footing. In this discussion, we reveal critical challenges to identifying and nurturing diversity, and by extension, the employee heartbeat of businesses today. We’ll analyze how some of the best in the business are successfully accomplishing this. Finally, we will identify techniques that allow your firm to rally teams to be your best brand advocates, benefitting from diverse individual and shared experiences along the way.

PULSE: Is Gender Promotion and Executive Performance Fair Play? Public Article

While progress has been made over the past four decades in cracking and even breaking the ceiling, there’s still more work to be done to level the playing field and ensure women in the workplace are given equal voice, compensation and recognition for their work.

PULSE: Solving the Talent Crisis While Making an Impact Public Article

The global workforce of tomorrow will look far different than today and where the next wave of talent will come from may be surprising. Your company’s next recruit may be a refugee, a young professional from an underserved community, a neurodivergent individual, a second-chance worker with a criminal background, or an entire virtual crowdsourced team. All of these segments have the potential to open up pipelines of millions of employees.

Umbrella topic: Fostering the “Belonging” as Part of Inclusivity Public Article

Umbrella topic: Fostering the “Belonging” as Part of Inclusivity

Gender Promotion Gap & Executive Performance - Fair Play? Professional Membership Required

Is equality in the workplace a myth? Hard-hitting questions like this continue to be at the core of gender gap studies in the corporate sector. Organizations across the globe are acknowledging the need to go beyond women empowerment programs to ensure women in the workplace are given equal recognition for their contributions. Individuals at every level have a role to play in addressing gender bias. Join us and hear from a panel of esteemed experts as they bring enriching perspectives to this discussion.

Selling Supplier Diversity To The C-Suite Professional Membership Required

Supplier Diversity often happens from the ground up within many organizations and the c-suite may need some convincing. This session will provide attendees with the different items to include in their supplier diversity business case including using client contracts to your advantage, showing the financial impact of potential lost sales, and showcasing how a strong supplier diversity program can increase D&I index ratings enhancing your company’s reputation.

Women In Automation – The True Strategic Gamechangers Public Article

This report highlights key insights from Zinnov CXO Automation Conclave 2021, where Nitika Goel, Chief Marketing Officer, Zinnov, moderated a panel of leading women in technology and discussed their journeys and experiences, explored the key challenges they faced in their careers and listened to their perspectives on the future of women leaders within Automation.

Salute and Recruit - Veteran-Focused Programs Make a Difference in Today’s Economy Public Article

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a demand for flexible, self-motivated employees who can operate under stress and hit the ground running. Veterans are filling this need for many companies, driving rapid growth in the impact sourcing model across the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) landscape.

Bringing CX Up with Technology & Human Empathy Leveraging Impact Workforce Public Article

Digital transformation is the force driving companies to revamp their business models and adapt to the new reality. What’s more interesting is that the companies are not the ones driving these changes; customers are. Today, customers expect more than ever from brands they engage with, whether in terms of a streamlined back-office, relevant content, speedy customer service, or quick resolution to their queries. It’s their journey that dictates a business’s strategy. And this is what defines the standards for customer experience. In order to keep up with this new reality, you must embrace three critical elements - human empathy, technology, and impact sourcing.

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