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Let’s Talk About Intentionality in Impact Sourcing  Public Article

When you’ve been around outsourcing and sustainability for as long as I have, you develop a complicated response to new buzzwords. On the one hand, I’m thrilled by any new positive momentum towards a more sustainable future. On the other hand, I’ve seen a lot of exciting things slowly fade away. It happens. Yet every so often, buzzwords become something much bigger than any of us. Recently, at the IAOP's Outsourcing World Summit in Chicago, I found myself surrounded by a room full of people passionately exploring impact sourcing as a solution for businesses. And all I could think was, “Wow. This is really happening. The time is now.”

Webinar: The Art of the Possible with Impact Sourcing  Public Article

Impact sourcing presents opportunities for companies to advance Environmental, Social, and Governance (EGS) practices and progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ADEC Innovations has a decades-long history of practicing impact sourcing to drive opportunities to communities and regions where they are needed most. James Donovan, Global CEO of ADEC Innovations, joined the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) to discuss impact sourcing as part of the Art of the Possible webinar. In this webinar, ADEC Innovations explored the drive for impact sourcing within the context of ESG and SDGs, provided practical applications of impact sourcing with examples of onshore and offshore projects, and explained how organizations can realize the benefits of this responsible sourcing approach across: Talent advantages Competitive business edge Corporate citizenship

Transforming People and Communities Through Meaningful Employment  Public Article

Transforming People and Communities Through Meaningful Employment Impact Sourcing is a business practice where organizations intentionally hire and offer career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for sustainable employment. Impact Sourcing can provide the start of a meaningful career path leading to a lifetime of full employment and can happen in any geography.

OWS23: AI & Impact Sourcing - Working Together to Tackle the Talent Shortage Professional Membership Required

Susanne will explore the synergy between AI and Impact Sourcing in addressing the talent shortage in various industries. By combining the power of AI with Impact Sourcing, organizations can leverage technology to bridge the skills gap and enable marginalized individuals to access new job opportunities. Susanne will explore the benefits and challenges of implementing AI-powered Impact Sourcing initiatives and provide recommendations for organizations seeking to leverage this approach to tackle the talent shortage. The findings suggest that AI and Impact Sourcing are complementary strategies that can help organizations build diverse and resilient workforces while driving social impact.

OWS23: Three Ways you can Change the World from Your Spare Bedroom Professional Membership Required

What makes your heart sing? It’s probably the thing that will be your legacy and how people know you and will remember you by. Chances are it’s not your nine-to-five job. What if you could find a way to give back in a meaningful way and amplify your impact by linking it to your day job? Jon speaks from experience as a mid-level corporate manager who realized that his legacy was falling short of his expectations. What started as a staff meeting agenda item eventually took his work to refugee camps around the world and to college students in over 90 countries. It’s never too late and it’s never too early for you to create something incredible that you want to be remembered by. Jon’s inspiring story will provide solid guidance on how you can get started and rally others to your passion.

PULSE: Impact Sourcing Spotlight Public Article

No longer reliant on handouts, these once-forgotten refugees who have been stuck in eight camps for decades have found new hope and promise through StepUp.One, which has provided them with marketable skills and connections to global opportunities.

PULSE: Is Gender Promotion and Executive Performance Fair Play? Public Article

While progress has been made over the past four decades in cracking and even breaking the ceiling, there’s still more work to be done to level the playing field and ensure women in the workplace are given equal voice, compensation and recognition for their work.

PULSE: Igniting Change Through Social Impact: 11 Lessons Learned at IAOP Social Impact Meeting of the Minds (Part 1) Public Article

IAOP's Center for Social Impact is your connection to the people and resources you need to excel at doing well by doing good through Impact Sourcing; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; ESG; Refugee Initiatives; Global Mentorship, and more.

PULSE: Igniting Change Through Social Impact: 11 Lessons Learned at IAOP Social Impact Meeting of the Minds (Part 2) Public Article

IAOP's Center for Social Impact is your connection to the people and resources you need to excel at doing well by doing good through Impact Sourcing; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; ESG; Refugee Initiatives; Global Mentorship, and more.


Impact sourcing is a business practice that involves hiring individuals from disadvantaged or low-income backgrounds to perform various outsourcing tasks, thereby providing them with job opportunities and skills development.

PULSE: Environmental, Social and Governance Fuels Impact Sourcing Public Article

The growing focus by companies on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals is pushing impact sourcing forward, according to leaders of GISA-winning firms. Below are their thoughts on how ESG and impact sourcing are coming together to make a difference.

PULSE: The Future of Impact Sourcing Looks Bright Public Article

Leaders from award-winning impact sourcing firms see increased adoption ahead for the business practice driven by technology, talent shortages and society’s greater emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Impact sourcing has come to a critical juncture and is poised to continue to accelerate, the executives predict.

PULSE: Advancing Impact Sourcing Public Article

Training, education, investment and collaboration are all key to taking the business practice of impact sourcing to the next level, according to this year’s GISA winners.

PULSE: Impact Sourcing 101 Public Article

The low-down on some of the key terms related to impact sourcing.

PULSE: Solving the Talent Crisis While Making an Impact Public Article

The global workforce of tomorrow will look far different than today and where the next wave of talent will come from may be surprising. Your company’s next recruit may be a refugee, a young professional from an underserved community, a neurodivergent individual, a second-chance worker with a criminal background, or an entire virtual crowdsourced team. All of these segments have the potential to open up pipelines of millions of employees.

Opening Panel: A Conversation on Unpacking Social Sustainability in a Provider-Buyer Partnership Public Article

The Center for Social Impact - 2023 Recap and Preview of 2024 Initiatives  Public Article

As we start this new year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the progress and achievements made with our social impact initiatives in 2023. Additionally, we are excited to share plans and objectives for 2024, as we expand our commitment to foster and highlight the measurable outcomes individuals and their organizations are making throughout the IAOP network. We believe that one-plus-one equals three when technology and business services buyers work in concert with their suppliers and partners. Great commercial results are achieved, communities are vitalized and large numbers of people with various situational challenges progress in their careers. Our mission is not only to track and highlight buyer & provider achievements but to fuel the fire and be a central catalyst as the industry matures. With the support and knowledge sharing of IAOP partners, The Global Sourcing Association (GSA-UK) led by Kerry Hallard, the Impact Sourcing Alliance, headed by Jon Yarlett, the Global Mentorship Initiative, headed by Jon Browning, along with the dedicated members of the Center for Social Impact Leadership Team and Community, we truly have one voice with multinational reach and common goals.

Avasant Foundation Case studies  Public Article

The Avasant Foundation has successfully touched the lives of over 52,000 individuals globally, making a substantial impact on communities through our dedicated efforts in education, employment, and entrepreneurship. Our flagship program, the Avasant Digital Skills Training, has seen remarkable success, with over 2,700 graduates to date with an impressive 93% of these graduates’ secure employment within three months of completing their training, highlighting the effectiveness of our initiatives in bridging the skills gap and fostering quick and meaningful employment opportunities. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Avasant Foundation actively contributes to the achievement of SDG 1 (No Poverty), SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 5 (Gender Equality), SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG 10 (Reduced Inequality), and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals). By addressing these key goals, we are not only transforming individual lives but also actively contributing to the broader global agenda of sustainable development and social progress. Through our strategic focus on education, employment, and entrepreneurship, we are creating a positive cycle of impact that empowers youth and women to break the cycle of poverty, fosters gender equality, promotes economic growth, and reduces inequality. The Avasant Foundation is committed to sustaining and expanding these efforts, driving positive change on a global scale.

The Borderless Workforce Public Article

ESG Adoption: Assessment of select IT & Business Service Providers Public Article

The last few years have witnessed renewed vigor in organizations’ commitment to addressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges, across a broad swathe of industry sectors and geographies. This webinar, presented by Neo Group, addresseD the findings of their recent  ESG Adoption Survey, including: What is the scope and scale of major global ITBSPs’ ESG programs? Is it broad and deep or merely cosmetic? How seriously are they taking it? Are they genuinely committed, or do they see it as a necessary evil for the sake of good PR? What competencies have they built around ESG? Have they created offerings that could support our own ESG initiatives? They say what they do, but do they do what they say? Or is it all just some kind of “green-washing”? Has ESG changed their approach to doing business? Is it a fundamental transformation or are they just managing optics?

Global Impact Sourcing Award Winners Make a Difference Free Associate Membership Required

Now in its fifth year, the annual presentation of the Global Impact Sourcing Awards (GISA) in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational and moving presentations that demonstrates the huge difference this movement makes.

The Growing Need for Inclusive Talent Models: Learning from Impact Sourcing Specialists Public Article

In this report, we define impact sourcing and answer why companies should adopt it, how they can put it into practice, where they can do it, which are the leading impact sourcing specialists, and much more. We provide a comprehensive view of the impact sourcing market and its enabling ecosystem. The report will encourage and enable enterprises and traditional service providers to take the next big leap in their talent strategies through impact sourcing.

Impact Sourcing: Driving Your Business Growth With Purpose Professional Membership Required

This session covers the purpose of impact sourcing,  why social impact is important for private sector companies,  the business case for making it part of your corporate strategy and how it can help your company achieve its business and social impact goals.

Scaling An Impact Sourcing Model Globally Professional Membership Required

As a global outsourcer operating in over 50 countries, Webhelp is uniquely placed to implement scalable Impact Sourcing practices. Thanks to advocates such as IAOP, the model of Impact Sourcing is now a well-understood practice amongst the BPO community. However, creating an adaptable, impactful, and globally scalable model across multiple delivery locations is less common.  Webhelp has developed models to achieve a 15% Impact Hiring target across our +200 delivery locations and 97,000 employees by 2025. Underpinning these ambitions is a global ecosystem of world-leading impact partners and NGOs with whom we work to drive our global Impact Sourcing strategy.

Doing Well by Doing Good; The Future of Impact Sourcing Professional Membership Required

Impact Sourcing not only presents an enormous opportunity for professional advancement of marginalized communities through training and steady, fair-wage employment but it is also a business practice that, when done right, maximizes business outcomes. This session features panelists from the organizations blazing the trail in this space as well as personal stories from struggle and adversity to success through ingenuity, drive, and dedication. Join us to hear how impact sourcing is transforming business for the better and learn where to start at your organization.

Inaugural Impact Sourcing Champions Index Celebrates 64 Trailblazing Companies Public Article

The 64 companies on IAOP’s inaugural Impact Sourcing Champions Index are both. They are the best of the best buy-side, provider and advisory firms that each day advance the lives of people who otherwise would have limited prospects for sustainable employment through their award-winning hiring practices.

Impact Sourcing: One Solution To The Talent Shortage Professional Membership Required

With the talent shortage a new reality, many organizations are desperately looking for ways to address the issue. Impact Sourcing, or hiring skilled and motivated talent from disadvantaged groups around the world is proving to be a solution – helping forward-thinking organizations tap into new talent pools, fill roles, and realize substantial business benefits. This session will provide attendees with real-world lessons on creating an inclusive workforce with a focus on marginalized communities and the business case to persuade the skeptics.

What is Impact Sourcing? Professional Membership Required

Impact Sourcing is a business practice where a company prioritizes suppliers that intentionally hire and provide career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for formal development.

IAOP Joins with Tent to Advance Hiring of Refugees and Impact Sourcing Public Article

With approximately 30 million refugees worldwide, this underemployed segment of the population could be the next big source of organizational talent in the BPO industry. IAOP’s new alliance with Tent Partnership for Refugees aims to encourage just that.

Impact Sourcing Toolkits Public Article

IAOP is proud to share the following Impacts Sourcing Toolkits created GISC, of which IAOP was a founding member. Working Paper—Impact Sourcing Social Impact Measurement Framework Buyers’ Impact Sourcing Guide Autism Empowerment Toolkit - Impact Sourcing in Action A Guide to Recruiting and Hiring the Long-Term Unemployed - A Handbook for Employers Reducing Poverty through Employment Toolkit

IAOP and The Rockefeller Foundation Announce Winners of 2021 Global Impact Sourcing Award Public Article

Impact Cultivating Professional Membership Required

Impact sourcing is the new business lingo.  Companies are touting their approach to impact sourcing and showcasing their civic mindedness. In many cases, they truly believe in the concept and have a solid strategy and implementation plans for achieving real benefits that impact society. The goal, however, should be to achieve long lasting change for individuals and communities. As important as impact sourcing is in creating a better world, we need to think about impact “cultivating.”  If you wish to reforest a barren landscape, you must start with seeds and nurture the saplings until you have fully developed strong, resilient trees. It requires time, effort, and investment.  Cultivating requires providing ongoing skills and knowledge that will allow participants to adapt to changing situations, so they will not be left behind again. We already see the effect of technology eliminating low skilled positions. Many supporting fields, such as medicine, are under prepared and under staffed. In this article, let’s look at impact cultivation and the foundation it creates for impact sourcing.

IndiVillage – Empowering Rural India Public Article

Careerbox – Transforming Lives of African Youth and Their Families Public Article

Eclaro – Changing Lives through Education Public Article

Techno Brain – Making a Difference in African Communities Public Article

Impact Sourcing Continues During Coronavirus Public Article

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped impact sourcing by IAOP members with at least one company hiring during this time. Employee safety has moved to the forefront as a result of the global health crisis. In our ongoing look at how the coronavirus is affecting our members and their organizations, IAOP talked with members of the CSR committee about the future of the business practice that has been gaining traction in recent years.

The Evolution of Socially Responsible Outsourcing: Relevant Now More Than Ever Public Article

The IAOP SRO Chapter held a webinar on August 20, 2019, on The Evolution of Socially Responsible Outsourcing and why it is relevant now more than ever. Socially Responsible Outsourcing (SRO) can trace its origins back 75 years, but integrating SRO concepts and policies today can still be a challenge for BPO buyers and service providers. IAOP’s SRO Chapter presented a panel event to discuss how to implement SRO, why it matters, and examples of how it’s being implemented in today’s largest organizations. Attendees joined representatives from Microsoft, Sprint, Alorica, and others to learn how and why to begin their SRO journey.

Hot Spots: The Caribbean--An Attractive Nearshore Destination with CSR Professional Membership Required

PULSE spoke with two industry experts who focus on the Caribbean region: Chitra Rajeshwari, Executive Director at the Avasant Foundation, and Anupam Govil, President and Partner at Avasant LLC.

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