Refugee Initiatives
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PULSE: Solving the Talent Crisis While Making an Impact Public Article

The global workforce of tomorrow will look far different than today and where the next wave of talent will come from may be surprising. Your company’s next recruit may be a refugee, a young professional from an underserved community, a neurodivergent individual, a second-chance worker with a criminal background, or an entire virtual crowdsourced team. All of these segments have the potential to open up pipelines of millions of employees.

Buyers and Suppliers Unite to Create Jobs for Refugees Professional Membership Required

Latin America faces an unprecedented refugee crisis. Since 2018, 6 million Venezuelans have fled instability and turmoil in their country, with approximately 1.8 million of them resettling in Colombia alone. IAOP, BPro (the Colombian BPO Association), and the Tent Partnership for Refugees (a global coalition of 200+ major companies committed to integrating refugees worldwide) launched an impact sourcing initiative in 2021 to advance the economic integration of Venezuelan refugees into the Colombian outsourcing sector. Hear how multinational buyers are creating job opportunities for refugees and other vulnerable populations through their partnerships with local outsourcing providers.

New Impact Sourcing Initiative Will Help Integrate Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia’s Workforce Public Article

Tent Partnership for Refugees, IAOP, the global business process outsourcing (BPO) association, and BPrO, the Colombian BPO association, have joined forces to launch the first impact sourcing initiative to advance the integration of Venezuelan refugees and support their Colombian host communities. 

IAOP Joins with Tent to Advance Hiring of Refugees and Impact Sourcing Public Article

With approximately 30 million refugees worldwide, this underemployed segment of the population could be the next big source of organizational talent in the BPO industry. IAOP’s new alliance with Tent Partnership for Refugees aims to encourage just that.

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