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#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider






GEO - IAOP’s Global Excellence in Outsourcing Award for Customer Teams
IAOP recognizes outsourcing professional teams at customer organizations that are leading the effort to better serve their organization’s customers and make their companies more successful through outsourcing. The award recognizes these outsourcing leadership teams and through their stories helps to advance outsourcing best practices globally.

Awards are given in two categories:

The GEO Award for Best Practices recognizes a customer company's outsourcing team for its leadership in defining, implementing and managing an outsourcing relationship that clearly exemplifies accepted industry best practices while significantly contributing to the company's overall success. The best practice can be around a specific aspect of the outsourcing practice or the entire process. Such practices are expected to align with the proven Outsourcing Professional Standards (OPS). Applicants are expected to reference their best practices to the OPS to establish alignment. The goal is to recognize best practices worthy of special attention by other organizations and that have produced clear, measurable top- and bottom-line results.

The GEO Award for Innovation recognizes a customer company’s outsourcing team that has either (1) used creative and unique approaches in the design and implementation of an outsourcing initiative, or (2) has used outsourcing as a critical element in creating an innovative outcome (an outcome that creates a new need or addresses an unfulfilled need in the marketplace).  The innovation must be responsible for measurable business outcomes (measurable top- and/or bottom-line results). Applicants will be asked to explain the specific innovations involved and to clearly distinguish them from best practices.

The 2018 esteemed panel of judges include:

Academic Judges

• Andrew Schwarz, PhD, Professor, Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems, LSU
• Beena George, Ph. D., Dean, Cameron School of Business, University of St. Thomas
• Dr. Olayele A. Adelakun, Associate Professor of IS, DePaul University
• Jeanne Kling, Research Associate/Certified Deal Architect, University of Tennessee

Membership Committee Judges
• Bill Hall, Partner, Pretium Partners and Chair of the Judges Panel
• Mauricio Velasquez, COP-BD, Partner, Outsourcing Advisor
• Bobby Varanasi, COP-GOV, CEO, Matryzel Consulting Inc
• Debbie Enna, COP, Project Manager, Duke Energy
• Darshan P. Kaur, COP, Senior Director - Global Sourcing, Equifax
• Audrey Cushing, Director, Cigna
• Girish S. Havildar, Analyst, Merck & Co

Winners are recognized at The Outsourcing World Summit® each February and have the unique opportunity to share their leading-edge outsourcing approaches through multiple thought leadership activities led by IAOP.

2018 Award Winner - Best Practices

Download the Case Study

Team Name:

IT Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management

Team Members:
  • Lawrence Kane, COP-GOV, Senior Leader, Strategic Sourcing Functional Excellence
  • Kelly Kujawa, IT Sourcing Strategy Lead
  • Nancy Sivitilli, IT Vendor Management Lead, IT Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management
  • Beau Williams, Manager, IT Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management
  • Greg Hinkle, Storage & Backup Service Owner



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