The GEO Award for Best Practices - Microsoft
Left to right: Bill Hall, John Hindle, Mark Wootton, Deana Collins,
Kim Kyllo-Corson, Jon Browning and Debi Hamill

Microsoft - Global Procurement Team Members:
Mark Wootton, GM Contact Center Outsourcing
David Rickard, Director Consumer Support Outsourcing
Kim Kyllo-Corson, Director Enterprise Support Outsourcing
Mary Chen Snelling, Director Regional Support Outsourcing
Deana Collins, Project Manager
Honorable Mention: Jon Browning, former Director Sourcing Strategy & Maren Bocinsky, former Director Devices & Entertainment Support Outsourcing
The following overview was presented by Mark Wootton, GM Contact Center Outsourcing and Jon Browning, former Director Sourcing Strategy in discussion with Dr. Olayele Adelakun, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Information Systems at DePaul University.
Microsoft Customer Service & Support (CSS) is responsible for supporting customers in 191 countries and through this organization 11 billion customer interactions took place in 2014.  In most cases, customers were able to receive the support they needed through self-help and community forums enabled by Microsoft.  However, assisted customer care accounted for 58 million customer interactions in the form of phone, and chat.  Contact Center support is provided in 46 languages by over 15,000 customer care agents. 
In 2012, Customer Service & Support was provided by 33 different outsourcing suppliers at 118 sites. Microsoft’s BPO management team led by Mark Wootton, GM for Contact Center Outsourcing realized they were not leveraging their size and resources efficiently so they launched a project to consolidate the number of BPO contact center suppliers. This consolidation effort was code-named project Alloy and it was a strategic move to radically change their contact center outsourcing strategy, implement a major consolidation and manage the business with fewer suppliers in an effort to simplify the outsourcing strategy and drive new cost efficiencies. 
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The GEO Award for Innovation - Boston Scientific
Left to Right: Debi Hamill, Kelli Skaff, Jack Sanderson, John Hindle and Bill Hall.
Boston Scientific - Global Business Services Team Members:
Jeff Goldstein, SVP GBS   
Kelli Skaff, Global Director Process Transformation Office
Jack Sanderson, COP, Strategic Sourcing Manager
Kim Jackson, Program Manager Service Infrastructure
The following overview was presented by Kelli Skaff, Global Director Process Transformation Office and Jack Sanderson, COP, Strategic Sourcing Manager, in discussion with Dr. Beena George, Ph.D., Dean, from The University of St Thomas
Boston Scientific (BSC) is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices that are used in a broad range of interventional medical specialties. The company operates in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific with a diverse product portfolio that helps it to cater to a large customer base. The company has grown by expanding its global capabilities, and this focus on global growth remains a strategic imperative. Expanding along global divisions has given BSC the ability to better coordinate global product launches, balance its product portfolios and commercial resources, and align investments in R&D with high-return opportunities, thus leading to overall higher performance. 
To support this continuing global development, BSC quickly expanded its existing regional shared services capabilities with the deployment of a global shared services model and a new organization, Global Business Services (GBS).  GBS provides a suite of business services to the global BSC enterprise. Within the service offerings of GBS is the capability through an Outsourcing Center of Excellence (OCOE) to assist business units with exploration of lower cost sourcing options, including offshoring and outsourcing.  The OCOE uncovers and drives the inherent value of offshoring and outsourcing, while remaining vendor-neutral, focusing on the best interest of the company and not disrupting business.  The OCOE does this with an established discipline, an awareness of market capabilities, an insight into internal needs, and a flexible process to achieve superior outcomes. 
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