2013 Award Winners  
The GEO Award for Best Practices - Sears Holdings Corporation

Left to right: Phil Shelley, Justin Sheppard, Alok Kumar and Ted Rudman of Sears Holdings Corporation

Sears Holdings Corporation
Sears Holdings India Program Management Team

Team Members:

  • Justin Sheppard, IT Director
  • Phil Shelley, Vice President & CTO
  • Vijaya Veeraraghaven, Architect
  • Rest of the Sears Holdings India Team

The following overview was presented by Justin Sheppard, IT Director, Sears Holdings Corporation in discussion with Dr. Olayele Adelakun, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Information Systems at DePaul University.

Sears Holdings established a strong collaborative partnership with an external service provider to create innovative solutions for its customers, allowing them to achieve their financial objectives and enabling them to create new business values for Sears Holdings.  They put in place a series of best practices that allowed them to not only achieve their financial objectives in a short period of time but also enabled them to create new business value for Sears Holdings.  

The result of the successful implementation of Sears Holdings India (SHI) launched a new technology services business that will create growth and new opportunities for the organization. In summary, SHI has become a trusted partner for Sears Holdings and a source of additional business value.

Download the complete case study.

The GEO Award for Innovation - Sprint Nextel

Left to Right: Brian Jordan, Gene Agee and Scott Woodrome of Sprint Nextel.

Sprint Nextel
Sprint Real Estate 

Team Members:
  • Gene Agee, Vice President of Procurement & Real Estate 
  • Brian Jordan, Director of Real Estate
  • Scott Woodrome, Strategy & Partnership Management
  • Rest of the Sprint Real Estate Team 

The following overview was presented by members of the Sprint Real Estate Team, Sprint Nextel, in discussion with Dr. Beena George, Ph.D., an associate professor at The University of St. Thomas.

Sprint showcased the creation of value and innovation in services that can be derived from strategic alliances in outsourcing. The clarity of purpose and focus in execution sets this outsourcing arrangement apart as an example for other organizations.

Innovation in business processes is not a serendipitous ’Eureka!’ moment but the result of implementing best practices and looking for ‘next practices’ to push your organization and its services to the next level and this is what Sprint has achieved with its strategic alliance.

Download the complete case study.


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