Left to right: Bill Hall, Nanaz Lobe, Robert Cherry, Parul Dubey,
Michael Serghiou, Kurt Wolf and Debi Hamill. 
Merck - Externalization CoE Team Members:
Michael Serghiou, COP, Externalization Director CoE Lead 
Parul Dubey, COP, Director Externalization CoE
Robert Cherry, COP, Manager Externalization CoE
Nanaz Lobe, Associate Director Externalization CoE
Kurt Wolf, Director Externalization CoE
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Left to Right: Bill Hall, Vikram Bhonagiri, Bets Lillo, Wayne Klintworth and Debi Hamill.
AbbVie - Global Service Delivery 'Foundation' Team Members:
Jay Desai, COP, Sr Director Head- Enterprise Outsourcing    
Bets Lillo, VP Business Support Functions 
Wayne Klintworth, Senior Director, Finance
Vikram Bhonagiri, VP Enterprise Applications

Download the complete case study.


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