2012 Award Winners  
The GEO Award for Best Practices - Procter & Gamble

Bill Hall, IAOP Membership Committee Chair and Bill Metz of Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble
Global Business Services - Strategic Alliances

Team Members:

  • Bill Metz, Strategic Alliances Program Manager
  • Richard Heep, Global Business Development Outsourcing COE Manager
  • Paola Loaiza, Purchases Group Manager
  • Ralph Vanengelen, Section Manager, IT Development & Operations Commercial Governance
  • Charles Sy, Supplier Relationship Manager
  • Terry Hickman, Specialist, Global Internal Audit Information Decision Solutions
  • Larry Bridge, Facilities & Real Estate Governance Manager
  • Julie deSylva, External Relations Manager

The following overview was presented by Bill Metz, GBS Strategic Alliances Program Manager, Procter & Gamble, in discussion with  Dr. Beena George, Ph.D., an associate professor at The University of St. Thomas. 

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) markets a wide range of branded consumer goods products, including beauty care and household products. The company’s products are sold in more than 180 countries, with net sales exceeding USD 82B. With on-the-ground operations spread across 80 countries, meeting the business service needs of the organization was challenging. P&G’s Global Business Services (GBS) organization has met this challenge successfully; they have implemented best-in-class processes to provide business capabilities that create value for the business units while reducing the costs and efforts necessary to support these operations.

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The GEO Award for Innovation - Cisco

Left to right: Bill Hall, IAOP Membership Committee Chair and Rob Fulnecky and Mike Ward of Cisco.

Entity Support Model, Global Finance Operations

Team Members:
  • Mike Ward, Senior Director, Finance Operations 
  • Amy Kwan, Vice President, Finance Operations
  • Rob Fulnecky, Director, Finance Operations

The following overview was presented by Mike Ward, Senior Director of Finance Operations, Cisco, in discussion with Jeanne Kling, a research associate at the University of Tennessee.


Global companies are challenged to provide statutory and tax support for local entities and new markets. Traditionally, deploying such support from companies core ERP systems is time-consuming and expensive. In addition to implementing Accounting Support Services in multiple geographies with multiple local partners, each with their own methods and procedures does not meet the need for low cost, rapid and scalable business solutions. 

Cisco reinvented its approach by shifting from a local country-based entity service model to a global process oriented, largely centralized, entity support model that realigned functions to drive consistency of processes and roles across the organization. Cisco’s innovative outsourcing approach developed and implemented standard ways to support a wide diversity of local business, legal and tax requirements.

Download the complete case study.

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