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Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP)

Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) Family of Certifications 
Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) Certification

My company like many US based firms has followed the trend setters in outsourcing. Being a COP has allowed me the expanded scope of knowledge learned, experienced, and gathered from my peers to help guide my company in outsourcing maturity. This certification goes beyond the validity a certification brings. COPs help align customers, vendors, and consultants in outsourcing in order to achieve company success in the global economy.
-JoAnn Martin, COP-

IAOP has released its second edition of the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge™ (OPBOK). Current COP and aCOP applicants can download the electronic version within their application. 

Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP)  
The Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) designation distinguishes individuals as leaders in the field of outsourcing. It powerfully demonstrates that they possess the experience and knowledge required to design, implement, and manage outsourcing initiatives that have a high probability of achieving an organization’s intended outcomes.

This professional designation, which focuses on the management process of outsourcing itself, is equally valuable to individuals working as customers, providers, or advisors. It promotes an environment where all of the parties to an outsourcing business relationship have a common and shared professional knowledge, approach and commitment to mutual success.
 Guide to Becoming a Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) and FAQs

To become a Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP), an individual must be able to demonstrate both the experience and knowledge needed to design, implement and manage outsourcing initiatives with a high probability of achieving the organization’s intended outcomes. The experience and knowledge areas addressed by the certification cover the non-domain specific activities common to outsourcing as a management practice, irrespective of the individual’s role as a customer, provider, or advisor. In addition to passing the COP Exam, individuals must complete, and have reviewed by a certification committee of peers, an online application that demonstrates mastery of all phases of the outsourcing process. Recertification, based on continuing education credits, is required every two years.


COP applicants must demonstrate their professional capabilities through a combination of:

1. Comprehensive Work Experience in the field of outsourcing as demonstrated by their actual accomplishments on one or more projects for one or more organizations.
2. Knowledge and Education through successful completion of the COP Master Class, and/or by holding a relevant post-graduate degree and by passing the COP Examination.  Additional coursework that gains points towards COP Certification eligibility can be found in the Outsourcing Professional Course Catalog (OPCC).

If you do not meet the experience requirement for this certification, you may want to look into either the Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional (aCOP) designation or the Certified Outsourcing Specialist- Foundation Principles (COS-FP)




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Take this 10 QUESTION QUIZ and see if you have the knowledge it takes to become a "Certified Outsourcing Professional" today!
Learn more here.

Download the COP Application Guide to see if you meet the point requirements needed to earn the COP designation.

Still need more experience before earning the COP designation? you may want to look into the Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional (aCOP) designation


See our growing family IAOP designation holders



common language between providers, advisors and customers based on the adherence to a professional set of standards 
The ability to identify and make informed decisions about qualified providers (customers) 
Competitive advantage -- building professional capabilities and becoming the service provider of choice (providers) 


“Being a COP to me I think helps others to have more confidence in what I do and bring to the relationship. It says I care enough to study and keep up on my industry as its changing so I can bring the most current knowledge and best practices to my clients.” - Jean Hansen, COP, Firstsource Solutions   

Read additional testimonials here


Start your journey towards certification today. Register here to begin your COP Application.


Maintain Your Certification: Certified Outsourcing Professionals (COPs) must recertify every two years, and 20 hours of either continuing education or industry contributions are required each year. Recertification ensures that you will continue to be updated on the latest industry trends and allows you to sharpen your skills. 

Continue your journey by earning an advanced COP designation



Courses and programs listed in the Outsourcing Professional Course Catalog, whether they are provided by Bridge Participants or IAOP, are pre-approved to count toward earning the COP designation and/or COP Continuing Education Credits.The COP Course Catalog is the only source for earning points toward the COP designation. Eligibility for earning COP Continuing Education Hours from sources outside of the Course Catalog is determined on a case-by-case basis

Click here to view the Course Catalog.  


Questions about the COP Family of Certifications?  Email copprogramservices@iaop.orgInterested in bringing IAOP certification programs division- or company-wide? Contact your account executive or email sales@iaop.org.  

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