Certification FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I qualified to get certified?
To receive the aCOP designation you must take the COP Master Class and pass the COP exam, so if you are new to the industry, this is the certification for you!  To receive the COP designation you must be able to outline several outsourcing projects you’ve worked on, so some outsourcing experience is required. 

Where do I start?
To begin the COP/aCOP certification process you must open your application here

Is the COP Master Class required?
The COP Master Class is not required to become a COP (though highly recommended). However, it is a requirement for the aCOP designation. Taking the COP Master Class not only helps are you and your team with the skills necessary to improve outcomes but greatly prepares you for the required COP Exam. 

Why should I get certified?
You’ll be instantly recognized for your high standards and qualifications. Certification is a mark of excellence. It demonstrates that the certified individual has the knowledge and skill-set to improve outcomes. Certification is an investment in your career and provides increased earning potential. By becoming certified, you are saying to your employer that you have met standards that have been established and verified by a third party organization and are dedicated to maintaining excellence in your work. You’ll have portable certification for ease when relocating or changing jobs.

Do I have to be an IAOP member to get certified?
You do not need to be a paid member of IAOP to get certified, but you will need to open an associate (free) membership. 

How long does it take to become certified?
This depends solely on the level of experience and availability of the applicant. However, once the application is submitted it takes about 30 days for the review process to be complete.

How much does it cost?
The COP/aCOP application fee includes both the application and COP exam and is one application for both aCOP and COP certifications. The cost is $600.00.

Where do I get the OPBOK?
An electronic version of the OPBOK is available within your COP application. This is also available prior to opening an application if you are a Professional or Corporate member. A hard copy of the OPBOK is received if you take the live COP Master Class and can be purchased on Amazon. 

What if I fail the COP Exam?
If you fail the COP Exam you can take it up to two more times within one year.     

How do I choose an Executive Sponsor?
When selecting an Executive Sponsor you want to ensure that not only this person can attest to the work you’ve outlined in your COP application but that they are going to be accessible via e-mail. 

Who reviews my application?
The COP applications are reviewed by two members of our Training & Certification review committee. These individuals are all previously certified COPs who have all signed NDAs for your security. 

What if I have confidentially issues surrounding my listed outsourcing projects?
When completing your COP application there is no request for any proprietary information so be sure to leave that out. In addition, if you need to utilize a non-company-based e-mail address for any Executive Sponsors that is no problem, as long as we are able to reach them. 

I want to take the COP Master Class to earn points, how do I register?
If there is a COP Master Class on the schedule, it will be listen under the 'IAOP Calendar' tab above. To register for the live or online Master Class. If you are interested in bringing the training in-house or licensing this training please email us!



How do I re-certify?
Certification is valid for five years. In order to re-certify open a re-certification application and complete 100 Continuing Education Hours (CEH). These hours can be earned through numerous IAOP-related events, affiliated training and post-graduate degrees. You can review these potential points on IAOP's Outsourcing Professional Course Catalog (OPCC).

Where do I enter my recertification points? 

Login to your IAOP account using your current email and password. In the My IAOP under MY ACTIVITIES, you will see the link to your COP Application. Once you click the link scroll down below your original application and you will see your COP Recertification application for the current two-year period.

What do I do if my recertification has lapsed?

Designation holders with an expired certification will appear as inactive in IAOP's COP Directory. To activate your status, you must submit your most current recertification application. Recertification applications will be accepted from the expiration date and are subject to a late fee.  COP's who do not renew their certification within 90 days of the expiration date may lose their right to carry the COP designation and may be removed from the COP directory. 

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