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Frequently Asked Questions


How many points toward certification do I receive from training?
The COP Master Class is worth 75 points and the Governance Workshop is 15 points. Additional trainings will be assigned points as they are developed.

Where can I take the training?
The COP Master Class is offered live in an actual classroom and you can view that calendar here. The online class is on-demand and may register and complete the course at your convenience.  Register here.

What are the costs associated with the training?
Costs vary depending on the course, the delivery and whether they are private or customized. For more information, contact us.

My organization is interested in getting our entire team trained. Is that possible?
Yes, IAOP's training courses can be brought in-house, delivered privately on-site at your facility, customized or you can also purchase and Enterprise License to train groups internally with your own trainers. 

Are there member discounts for training?
Yes, please contact us for member pricing and group discounts.


How do I register?
You can check dates and register here.

What is the time commitment for this course?
The COP Master Class is an in-depth three-day training course. Students can expect to be learning approximately 8 hours a day (group work after hours is also common)

The cost of a seat in the classroom varies depending on membership level and any special promotions that might be offered.  The standard rate for a Corporate Member is $3750.

What is included in my registration for this course?
With your registration you receive:

  • Hard copy of COP Master Class Slides
  • Hard copy of OPBOK V10
  • Breakfast and lunch each day
  • Great networking opportunities!


How long do I have to complete the online class?
You will have four months to complete the online course.

What is the format of the online class?
The online class is presented as slides with audio and is accessible on computer and tablets. 

How do I get the OPBOK for the online class?
You will receive a soft copy of the OPBOK for the online class. Hard copies may be purchased on and other resellers.

Can I take the online class on my schedule?
Yes, you can start and stop the online course at your own pace. 

How long is the online class?
The online class is approximately 40 hours of content.

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