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GEO - IAOP’s Global Excellence in Outsourcing Award

Annually, IAOP recognizes outsourcing professional teams at customer organizations that are leading the effort to better serve their organization’s customers and make their companies more successful through outsourcing. The award recognizes these outsourcing leadership teams and through their stories helps to advance outsourcing best practices globally.

Awards are given in two categories:

The GEO Award for Best Practices recognizes the company’s outsourcing team for its leadership in defining, implementing- and managing outsourcing relationships that significantly contribute the company’s overall success. The work of the teams is judged based on both process and results, irrespective of the nature of the functions outsourced or the regional or global scope of their efforts.

The GEO Award for Innovation is given to a team that has recently implemented either a new outsourcing relationship or new outsourcing approach that is ground-breaking and worth special attention by other organizations. The goal is to recognize a practical innovation that has produced measurable results.

Winners are recognized at The Outsourcing World Summit® each February and have the unique opportunity to share their leading-edge outsourcing approaches through multiple thought leadership activities led by IAOP.

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Who is Eligible?

Outsourcing leadership teams of any size are eligible for recognition. The only requirement is that it be a customer organization and that the team members and their collective accomplishments be documented and substantiated through the application process.

Award Process

Teams self-nominate through an online application posted on IAOP’s website. Submissions are then reviewed by a panel of judges. Award winners are advised of the judges’ selection. Feedback is shared with all applicants to aid them in improving future applications.

Nominations open in July and close in September. Winners are advised by year-end and recognized at the subsequent IAOP Outsourcing World Summit in February. 


Why would I want to participate in the GEO Award program?

The process of documenting your team’s efforts and accomplishments enhances awareness — both inside and outside your company - for its accomplishments. It also builds team morale. Recognition of this type can help you attract and retain the best talent and establishes greater credibility and influence with other organizations, including current and potential providers.

Is there a fee for applying?


Is my submission confidential?

Yes. All submissions are kept confidential and only viewed by the judging panel, who sign nondisclosure agreements. Each winner will have a case study written about their team and its accomplishments. Winners have the opportunity to review this case study to ensure than no confidential or company sensitive information is shared.

My team is located in China, are we eligible?

Yes. The only requirement is that their team be at a customer company and is directly responsible for the work being recognized. 
Can providers nominate their customers?

No. Customer teams can only nominate themselves, although provider organizations that work with teams that they believe should be recognized are encouraged to make them aware of the award and to support their effort as appropriate. Regardless, all recognitions are for the customer team only.

Can my team be recognized without identifying the company we work for?

No. Although it is the team that is being recognized — not the company overall — the team members and their company need to be identified.

How long is the application?

The application requests basic background information about the team, the company, and the work. The remainder of the application is made up of approximately a half-dozen open-ended questions centered on the key elements important to long-term outsourcing success — financials, capabilities, quality, risk & compliance, and governance.

Can we apply separately for the Best Practices and Innovation awards?

Yes. Companies are asked to identify which award they are applying for, although the judges reserve the right to change the category selected. Although possible, it is unlikely that the same team will be recognized for both awards in a single year, so it is recommended that teams submit only one application per year. 

Can we be recognized more than once?

Yes, teams may be recognized more than once over a period of years, but not for the same practices or innovation.

Anything else I should know?

Only teams able to participate in person at the Summit’s award ceremony and be featured in other publicity programs around the awards should apply.

Questions? Please contact memberservices@iaop.org.

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