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 Release Date: April 8, 2020

[WEBINAR] Diversity and Design Thinking (IAOP NorCal and Women Empowerment, Leadership Development Chapters)

You already know the importance of seeking out diverse perspectives when it comes to innovation. Attendees on this complimentary webinar learned more about how organizations in vastly different industries are stretching traditional boundaries to reimagine future products, services, and experiences. This new version of design thinking is empowering everyone to be ideators... more solutions that can really impact the user experience. and it's not just a process or tool; it’s more about people and defining a problem that needs to be solved and analyzed from multiple perspectives.



[COMPLIMENTARY SPECIAL WEBINAR] Learn Advanced LinkedIn Strategy to Ger Your Next Job

Date: April 16, 2020, at 11:00 AM Eastern / 8:00 AM Pacific

Join Debi Hamill, IAOP's CEO as she kicks off this special series on careers and mentorship by welcoming Jon Browning, CEO of Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI) and LinkedIn Instructor, who will share advanced tips on how job seekers are leveraging LinkedIn to both create a professional brand that gets noticed by recruiters and build a valuable business network. r Details!



Date: April 22, 2020

Presented by Avasant.  Details coming soon!

[COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR]  Lunch & Learn: The Changing Face of Brick & Mortar in the New #remoteworld

Date: To Be Determined

Please join us live for Episode 2 of the co-sponsored IAOP and VXI Global Solutions, LLC #stayingconnected series.  Details coming soon!



April 2020
  • Lunch & Learn: The Power of Connecting in a Remote World - Presented by VXI
March 2020
  • COVID-19's Impact on Tech Spending Industry Index - Presented by Avasant
February 2020
  • Atlanta Chapter: Outsourcing in Today's Context: A Global Conversation Continues
December 2019
  • Digital Chapter: The Future of Cloud and ERP
November 2019
  • Women Empowerment, Leadership & Diversity (WELD) Webinar: The Employee Resource Group Movement
October 2019
  • NorCal & WELD Partnership Webinar: Diversity & Design Thinking
  • Governance Webinar: Enterprise Sourcing and Lifecycle Management
September 2019
  • Atlanta Webinar: The Digital Transformation of Outsourcing
  • SRO Launch Meeting - New York City
August 2019
  • SRO Webinar: The Evolution of Socially Responsible Outsourcing: Relevant Now More Than Ever
July 2019
  • Atlanta Webinar - The Journey to Contract Automation
June 2019
  • Voice of the Customer and Sales & Marketing Chapter Webinar - How To Be A Good Customer 
  • Atlanta Webinar: Spotlight on the Advisor 
April 2019
  • Trends & Opportunities in Engineering Services Outsourcing 

  •  A Front Row Seat to Impact Sourcing

  • HR Challenges
  • Special Topic Webinar - Impact Sourcing
March 2019
  • Chicago Chapter Meeting - Navigating The Future of Work
February 2019
  • Governance Webinar -  A Case Study on Governance with Georgia Technology Authority
  • Special Topic Webinar - How Can VMOs Ensure Vendor-Supplied Software is Trustworthy.  Present by CISQ
January 2019
  • Sales & Marketing Chapter Webinar - Growing Importance of AI in B2B Sales and Marketing
December 2018
  • Governance Chapter Webinar - New Year's Resolutions for Vendor Governance
  • Engineering Chapter Webinar - Trends and Opportunities in Engineering Services Outsourcing
November 2018
  • Real Estate & Facilities Management Chapter Webinar - The Future of Work: Human + Machine Collaborations
  • Atlanta Chapter Webinar - Top 5 RPA Myths Dispelled
  • Women Empowerment, Leadership & Diversity Chapter Webinar - Diverse Executives in Male-Dominated Industries Command Better Industry Outcomes
October 2018
  • Atlanta Chapter Meeting - Robotic & Cognitive Automation: The Art of Possible
September 2018
  • Chicago Chapter Meeting - Strategies and Tactics for Executing on Effective Governance of Outsourcing Relationships
August 2018
  • Atlanta Chapter Meeting - Meeting Today's Cybersecurity Challenges
  • Real Estate & Facilities Management Chapter Webinar 
July 2018
  • Voice Of The Customer Chapter Webinar
June 2018
  • Women Empowerment Chapter Webinar 
May 2018
  • Philadelphia Chapter Meeting
  • Atlanta Chapter Webinar
  • Chicago Chapter Meeting 
 April 2018
  •  Atlanta Chapter Webinar - Outsourcing and the New U.S. Tax Law
  •  New York Chapter Meeting - Blockchain - Blockchain: Business Challenges, Solutions, Difficulties in Selling It Internally, and More!
  •  Real Estate & Facilities Management Webinar - Navigating the Perceived Perils of Coworking Outside - and Inside - Managed Space
 March 2018
  •  Atlanta Chapter Webinar "Trends in Talent Acquisition Services"
 February 2018
  •  Chicago Chapter Meeting "Practical Blockchain" Held at City Winery in Chicago, IL
 January 2018
  • Philadelphia Chapter Meeting "Digital Disruption For The Enterprise" Held at McCormick & Schmick's
  • New York Chapter Meeting "Changing Global Trends in Outsourcing and Offshoring" Held at the offices of Cushman & Wakefield
  • Women Empowerment Webinar - "Diversity and Respect Equals Better Outcomes and Better Business Results"
 November 2017
  • Chicago Chapter Meeting "Guided Walk About of Emerging Technologies" Held at Accenture Digital Hub
  • NorCal/Digital Enterprise Joint Chapter Meeting on "The New Digital Normal"
  • Nordic Chapter Meeting on "Smart Buildings and Workplace Technologies"
  • Charlotte Chapter Webinar on "Strategic Sourcing in The New Economy"
 October 2017
  • Voice of the Customer Webinar on "Real-Time and Continuous Risk Monitoring - Modernizing Supply Risk"
 September 2017
  • New York Chapter on "CrowdSourcing; Two Mega Trends Changing Everything"
  • Real Estate & Facilities Mgmt. Webinar on "Automation in The CRE World"      
 August 2017   
  • Nordic Chapter Meeting on "Robotics and Automation: What's Real and What's Hype"
  • Sales & Marketing Chapter Webinar on "Win / Win Marketing"
  • Global Human Capital Chapter Webinar on "HR Challenges"
 July 2017
  • Texas Chapter Meeting on "Vested" and the Women's Empowerment Chapter Launch                                                
 June 2017
  • Atlanta Chapter Meeting on "Outsourcing in 2017: Navigating the Political Cross-Currents | a Global Conversation"                         
  • Chicago Chapter Meeting on "Outsourcing for Innovation" 
  •  Voice of the Customer Chapter Webinar on "Do's and Don'ts of RPA and Automation"              
 May 2017
  • Charlotte Chapter Meeting on "Outsourcing Trends"
  • NorCal Chapter Meeting on "Scaling Your Small Business Through Outsourcing & The Politics of Outsourcing"
  • Philadelphia Chapter Meeting on "Regulatory Changes Impacting Sourcing & Automation"   
 April 2017
  • Real Estate & Facilities Mgmt Chapter Webinar on "Creating Value Beyond Savings"           
  • Global Human Capital Chapter Webinar on "HR Embraces RPA Solutions"                      
  • New York Chapter Meeting on "The Politics of Outsourcing"                                                                       
 March 2017
  • Nordic Chapter Meeting on "The Vestas Story"                                           
  • Atlanta Chapter Meeting on "Effective Contracting for Cloud Services"                                       
  • Governance Chapter Meeting Webinar on "Third Party Governance & Risk Management"             
  • Brussels Chapter Meeting on "Where Telco & IT Meet"
 February 2017
  • Charlotte Chapter Meeting on "Information Governance and Outsourcing"
 January 2017
  • Minnesota Chapter Meeting on  "Future of Workspaces"
  • Philadelphia Chapter Meeting on "Digital Transformation and the Effect on Sourcing"
  • Chicago Chapter Meeting on "Service Delivery Automation"

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