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The world has changed in 2020, and many organizations have realized that their digital transformation strategy needs a boost. But where to start? Which tools are really needed? This video concentrates on use case-based examples. It shows how to efficiently combine RPA, conversion technology, AI (ML/NLP, etc.) with legacy systems and how to identify the potential for automation with process intelligence tools.

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 Public Article Harnessing the Power of Generative AI in Transforming Software Engineering Productivity | Generative AI implementation in engineering is currently yielding a remarkable 38% reduction in task completion time, with Senior Engineers benefiting 48% more, according to an ongoing study by Zinnov and Ness Digital Engineering. It signifies a transformative potential, streamlining global product offerings and organizational structures. Surveying 100+ engineers across diverse projects, Generative AI notably accelerates tasks, especially in repeatable activities, reducing development cycles by up to 70%. Senior engineers leverage it efficiently, optimizing workflow and code quality. While it may streamline junior roles, human expertise remains vital in complex scenarios. Moreover, Generative AI fosters engineer engagement, driving collaboration and reducing attrition by 70%. Strategically integrating Generative AI can revolutionize productivity, shaping the future of engineering. More »

 Public Article Redefining Efficiency with Autonomous Workflows | The evolution from manual labor to digital agility via Intelligent Automation has transformed enterprises. Initially, automation eased manual tasks; now, Autonomous Workflows redefine efficiency. These workflows, devoid of human intervention, employ advanced technologies like Generative AI and ML for seamless operation and self-learning. They enhance decision-making, optimize resources, and swiftly resolve issues. However, human oversight remains crucial for governance. Intelligent Automation 2.0, including RPA and ICG, facilitates this transition, exemplified by efficiency gains. While technology drives autonomy, humans retain pivotal roles in governance and innovation, ensuring organizations navigate complexities adeptly, fostering stronger connections, and engaging in strategic endeavors. More »

 Public Article How can Enterprises unlock value from Indian AI Start-Up Ecosystem? | Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption by enterprises is imperative, with India's significant talent pool. Leveraging innovative solutions from Indian AI start-ups can bridge skill gaps. The Indian start-up ecosystem, particularly in DeepTech, has grown significantly, securing substantial funding. Sectors like EnterpriseTech and HealthTech have seen notable AI-driven innovations. Despite being at a nascent stage, government initiatives and investor interest are driving the growth of AI start-ups in India. Enterprises can collaborate with start-ups through co-creation, partnerships, or acquisitions to drive mutual growth. This strategic partnership promises to reshape industries and lead global technological advancements. More »

Public Article The generative AI gold rush: Tailored Strategies of Leading Hyperscalers | In the midst of the Generative AI revolution, hyperscalers like Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Meta are strategically shaping their approaches to capture a burgeoning market. As AI integration becomes pivotal for businesses globally, hyperscalers vie for dominance. Microsoft leads as a first mover with ChatGPT, targeting both consumers and enterprises. Google's Bard focuses on IP security, bridging consumer and enterprise markets. AWS pioneers a developer ecosystem, empowering users to build personalized AI solutions. Meta takes an unconventional path, partnering with competitors and offering Llama 2 as an open-source solution. While the race intensifies, the untapped SMB segment poses a lucrative opportunity, demanding a delicate balance in strategy. As the Generative AI market burgeons towards a projected $1.3 trillion by 2032, hyperscalers navigate diverse paths to capitalize on this transformative wave. More »

Professional Membership Required Revolutionizing Service Delivery: The AI Advantage for Service Providers | In this insightful webinar we delve into the cutting-edge realm of artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on service providers. Discover how AI is reshaping the landscape of service delivery, empowering providers to enhance efficiency, personalize offerings, and exceed customer expectations. From streamlined processes to predictive analytics, this webinar will explore the myriad ways AI is revolutionizing the service industry. More »

 Public Article Telecommunications in the age of Generative AI | Generative AI, driven by advances in Natural Language Processing, is revolutionizing various industries. In creative fields, tools like DALL-E 2 create realistic images from text, while AI copywriters produce human-like content. In drug discovery, Generative AI accelerates screening and develops pharmaceutical compounds. Telecom, with a $320 Bn annual investment, is poised for transformation. Pilots show promise, and over 70% of executives believe in Generative AI's role in digital transformation, with a projected market value of $20 Bn by 2030. Hyperscalers like Microsoft and Google contribute, tailoring AI tools for Telecom needs. Five pillars—Connectivity Optimization, Computation Enhancement, Controlled Workloads, Co-Worker Empowerment, and Customer Experience—address Telecom challenges, promising improved automation and personalized services. The report outlines the role of Generative AI in Telecom's future, emphasizing its potential and areas for further growth. More »


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