“In the past 4 years, I’ve had a chance to view the COP certification from many angles – as a training program participant, as a certified employee of an advisory firm and as a program instructor – and the value has been immeasurable.  The core curriculum provides for a common lexicon for our industry and enables more effective execution across the outsourcing value chain – from clients to advisors to service providers."  ~Eugene Kublanov, COP

IAOP is pleased to present a one-day intensive Outsourcing Governance Workshop. Content is based on the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK) and the Outsourcing Professional Standards developed by IAOP and the Outsourcing Standards Board.

Whether your goal is to gain comprehensive cutting-edge knowledge on all aspects of creating and sustaining successful relationships with your outsourcing partners or to earn 15 points toward the Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) designation  — this workshop is for you!

Studies have found that more than half of all organizations spend two percent or less of an outsourcing contract’s cost on governance. However, more than 60 percent report losing 10 percent or more of the contract’s value because of poor governance between the customer and the provider. Given this, professionals involved in outsourcing clearly have an important role to play in helping their organizations plan, invest in, and execute a cohesive set of business practices for designing and implementing a strong governance program. 

In addition to formal Governance training and Certification, members may participate in any of IAOP's Governance Chapter meetings. Non-members may attend one meeting as a guest.

Note: All classes and trainings are taught in English. Attendance is limited to 20 students per class.

"The standardization and structure that IAOP has created and presented this week is just what this industry needs. Get on board or you're going to get left behind."
~Ramiza Sipilovic, Manager, Customer Service International Service Network Partners, American Express


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