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Do What Counts

Do What Counts

Passion for Building Stronger Businesses

Passion for Building Stronger Businesses

End-to-end advisory solutions

End-to-end advisory solutions

WNS - Extending Your Enterprise

WNS - Extending Your Enterprise


Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) Master Class

  COP Program Elements Pricing Chart

Whether your goal is to arm yourself with the skills and tools necessary to begin improving your outsourcing outcomes immediately or become an  Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional (aCOP) or Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP),  IAOP offers the de facto training to get you to your goal - the COP Master Class. 

The COP Master Class is an integral part of the Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) family program. It provides outsourcing professionals — whether they work as customers, providers or advisors — with an intensive learning experience on the state-of-the-art, end-to-end process for outsourcing success. Individuals who complete the course will not only earn 75 points toward their COP designation, but also will immediately be able to improve outsourcing outcomes at the organizations with which they work.  The COP Master Class, either live or online, is required training for the new aCOP certification.

The class is organized with four teaching components — core content, group discussions and activities, expert insight, and applying content, and is designed to engage course participants and connect with three primary learning preferences: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. The COP Master Class curriculum is composed of the 10 standard categories, 54 specific standards, and 106 elements of the standards.

The COP Master Class Offers

  1. A comprehensive learning experience that prepares an individual to successfully lead most outsourcing initiatives
  2. The opportunity to work with seasoned veterans to develop a customized outsourcing project plan for an actual project
  3. State-of-the-art insights into the latest industry and deal trends
  4. Extensive networking opportunities with professionals from a wide range of industries and professional disciplines
  5. 75 points toward achieving COP status and fulfills the aCOP training requirement
  6. The opportunity to synthesize the latest management thinking on outsourcing into actionable project steps
  7. Insights gained from hundreds of actual engagements at companies from all around the world
  8. Comprehensive coverage of the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK
  9. Step-by-step coverage of the Outsourcing Professional Standards
  10. Expert guidance from faculty who are themselves COPs, as well as invited expert practitioners currently working in the field


Questions? For more information on the COP Master Class and additional professional training courses, email copprogramservices@iaop.org.

Note: All classes and trainings are taught in English. Attendance is limited to 20 students per class.

“In the past 4 years, I’ve had a chance to view the COP certification from many angles – as a training program participant, as a certified employee of an advisory firm and as a program instructor – and the value has been immeasurable.  The core curriculum provides for a common lexicon for our industry and enables more effective execution across the outsourcing value chain – from clients to advisors to service providers. 
Eugene Kublanov, COP


Check our 2016 Training Calendar to find a COP Master Class and other IAOP trainings near you!

For a full description of the topics discussed during this training click here 



“I want to ascertain to you that the COP Master class was very fun, dynamic and rewarding! I enjoyed every part of it, both your teaching and experience sharing from our high calibre participants made it so successful. I’ve already been sharing the experience with many within my firm since this morning.”
    —Andy Lau, Founder & CEO, I-Consulting Group ICG, about January 2010 Hong Kong COP Master Class & Sidney Yuen, COP Authorized Trainer

"The standardization and structure that IAOP has created and presented this week is just what this industry needs. Get on board or you're going to get left behind."
—Ramiza Sipilovic, Manager, Customer Service International Service Network Partners, American Express

"The presentation on transition was the best I've ever seen."
—Mauricio Velasquez, Managed Services Principal, Hewlett Packard Colombia

"This class has been incredible. My only suggestion would be to make it longer so we can further tap the knowledge and expertise of the instructors, guest speakers and fellow classmates!"
—Lissy Martinez, Senior Regional Manager, American Express


  • Darren M. Dasburg, COP, P.E., MBA, Managing Partner, Cinteger LLC
  • Jagdish  Dalal, COP and IAOP’s Managing Director of Thought Leadership
  • Eus Pontenagel, COP and Principal Consultant, International Business Development at Quint Wellington Redwood 
  • Bobby Varanasi, COP, Chairman & CEO, Matryzel Consulting
  • Giovanni Vaia, PhD, COP, Researcher, University of Salerno
  • Jeff Perdue, COP, Founder ITSqc LLC
  • Rick Ostrander, COP, Consultant, JDalal Associates
  • Hans Jorgen Dekker, COP,Consultant, Quint Wellington Redwood
  • Maarten Poot, COP, Consultant
  • Bill Hefley, PhD, COP, Founder ITSqc LLC , COP, PhD
  • Jane Siegel, PhD, COP, Founder ITSqc LLC, COP (R.I.P)
  • Mauricio Velasquez, COP, Consultant, COP
  • Wang  Haipeng, COP, Senior Project Manager of US RDS PDS
  • Rollanda Jin, COP, Senior Presales Manager
  • Lixin Liang, COP, Senior Director, Training Solutions & Services Business Unit
  • Kaiser Wu, COP, Senior Vice President, Asia Software Sales & Services business in US Business Unit
  • Ron Babin, P.hD, COP, Associate Professor, Ryerson University

Guest lecturers from some of the world’s most successful customer and advisory firms, such as American Express, Booz & Co., CBRE, Fasken Martineau, Kirkland & Ellis and Procter & Gamble present their real world experiences.


common language between providers, advisors and customers based on the adherence to a professional set of standards 

The ability to identify and make informed decisions about qualified providers (customers) 
Competitive advantage -- building professional capabilities and becoming the service provider of choice (providers) 


Online or Classroom! Outsourcing Governance Workshop:  A One-Day Intensive

Do you want to gain comprehensive cutting-edge knowledge on all aspects of creating and sustaining successful relationships with your team and outsourcing partners? If so, this workshop is for you!

Online! Service Provider Business Development Workshop: A One-Day Intensive   

Need to set yourself apart from the competition and gain business?

This course provides service providers with the knowledge and skills to deal with complex and rapidly changing market realities and challenges that they must address to win and survive.


Courses and programs listed in the Outsourcing Professional Course Catalog, whether they are provided by Bridge Participants or IAOP, are pre-approved to count toward earning the COP designation and/or COP Continuing Education Credits.The COP Course Catalog is the only source for earning points toward the COP designation. Eligibility for earning COP Continuing Education Hours from sources outside of the Course Catalog is determined on a case-by-case basis

Click here to view the Course Catalog.  





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