COP Master Class (virtual)

Next up! September 10-13, 2024


IAOP is pleased to announce the COP Master Class – LIVE! The only industry course geared to prepare professionals at every level offers an immersive learning experience on the state-of-the-art, end-to-end process for success in your collaborative partnerships today.

Led by an experienced, certified IAOP Authorized Trainer, the live class uses Zoom technology. You will interact with your class peers and the instructor from the comfort of your home. 

Designed for customers, providers and advisors, their partners and teams, this intensive course provides in-depth coverage of the OPBOK’s 10 standard categories, including hundreds of specific standards and elements of those standards. It teaches students a common language, a common framework and how to build collaboration in their area of specific focus.

Individuals who complete the course will earn 75 points and be an exam away from the aCOP designation.



Will this be the same course as the in-person class?  Yes, the exact same content will be delivered. It will cover the 10 COP Standards, you will follow a case study and you will participate in group work.

Will I be able to interact with fellow students? Yes. We prefer students to have their videos on as you and your class peers will interact with the instructor and each other in ways that engage your attention so you learn more. It’s the ideal way to get the benefits of a physical class.

How long is the live course?  The first live online class is spread across four 6-hour days, including several breaks.

Who is the instructor? The live online class is led by an expert, certified, experienced IAOP Authorized Trainer.

What platform is IAOP using?  The course will be delivered and accessed using Zoom.

What do I need to access the course?  No setup is required, just access to high-speed internet. Instructions on accessing the virtual classroom will be provided before the course.

Is the price the same as attending the in-person class? Not only is it priced much more competitively at $2995 USD, but you also save on travel costs. The course includes the electronic training manual, an electronic copy of the OPBOK, access to the virtual classroom, and instructor support.

What about certification?  The COP Master Class is worth 75 points toward certification. Once you’ve taken the course, to become an aCOP, you need only pass the COP Exam. To become a COP, you will also need to document your experience.

What are the benefits of live online training?
- Learning that engages you with real-time interaction with instructors and peers.
- Save money with affordable class pricing and no travel expenses.
- Save time. The class comes to you!
- Learn more in a place where you’re comfortable.

For more information on IAOP and the Live COP Master Class, contact us.

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