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#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider

#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider

Chicago Chapter Chair

Chicago Chapter Chair




IAOP’s CSR Committee


Committee Charter

Led by IAOP CEO Debi Hamill, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee is chartered with identifying and promoting discussion among IAOP members on how outsourcing can be used as a powerful tool for advancing critical social, economic, and environmental issues on a global basis. Additionally, it examines corporate socially responsible policies and practices for outsourcing, including identifying and showcasing policies that our membership have adopted, creating a framework for companies to model new CSR policies, and developing a network of resources for members.
Examples of CSR practices embraced by our members and the outsourcing community may be found in The Outsourcing Professionals’ Guide to Corporate Responsibility

IAOP is proud to announce the publication of The Outsourding Professionals' Guide to Corporate Responsibility, by Van Haren Publishing, The Netherlands.  The management guide focusing on corporate social responsibility is authored by Bill Hefley, PhD, COP and Ron Babin, DBA, COP, with contributions from the
IAOP Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and culminates several years of dedicated committee work.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Outsourcing
CSR in outsourcing focuses on three critical areas — people, community and the environment. The “people” component relates to employee issues such as fair pay, good working conditions and diversity, while the “community” area focuses on economic and charitable efforts, both locally and globally. The “environment” aspect relates to green practices that help reduce energy consumption and waste. Practicing CSR is also good business. 
We identified CSR as one of the major trends to expect today and in the future. IAOP is addressing each of these areas through training programs and standards development such as: 

Download a list of CSR Reports and Presentations by Members, Resources, related Conferences and Articles in the News

IAOP members who wish to become involved in the CSR committee may contact Pam O’Dell at pam.odell@IAOP.org.

Professionals serving on any of IAOP’s committees or subcommittees earn ten Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) per year towards Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) recertification.

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Debi Hamill

Committee  Members

Scott Phillips, Accenture
Special Advisor to Committee

Bob Best, Jones Lange LaSalle; Bill  Hefley, COP, ITSqc;  Mary Lewis, Sprint; Tim Hopper, Microsoft; Gregory Kullman, Digital Divide Data: Jorge Muxica, COP, HighPoint Solutions; Micheline Ntiru, Rockefeller Foundation; Chitra Rajeshwari, Avasant Foundation;  Peter Scarpelli, CBRE; Mauricio Velasquez, COP-BD
Current Initiatives

Download the CSR Special Ad section in the October 2014 Fortune Magazine.

Global Outsourcing Social Responsibility Impact Award (GOSRIA)


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