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Global Impact Sourcing Award

IAOP is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation to launch a global award recognizing industry professionals who are leaders in Impact Sourcing. This award was presented at the OWS18. 

Winners of the Inaugural Global Impact Sourcing Award presented at OWS18 in Orlando.

What is Impact Sourcing:

Impact Sourcing happens when organizations intentionally hire and provide career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for sustainable employment. Impact Sourcing can provide the start of a meaningful career path leading to a lifetime of full employment and can happen in any geography.

Examples of Impact Sourcing in Practice:
  • Creating jobs in underserved communities or emerging markets where high unemployment exists
  • Intentionally hiring workers who have fewer prospects for sustainable jobs and providing them training
  • Hiring people with disabilities
  • Hiring women where there is a disproportionately high unemployment rate for women
  • Creating a positive impact on local communities by creating employment opportunities
  • Earn-while-you-learn training programs
  • Creating job opportunities for refugees or rescued victims 
Eligibility Requirements:

The Impact Sourcing award will evaluate how buyers or providers are creating jobs in underserved areas. These could be anywhere in the world and criteria would be based on how they impact local communities with these jobs and the efforts undertaken to ensure success in these communities, i.e. outreach and training programs.

Leadership teams from customer or provider companies of any size are eligible for recognition.

  • Teams will self-nominate through an online application
  • Companies do not have to be IAOP members
  • Winners will be advised by year-end and recognized annually at the Outsourcing World Summit
  • Winning teams must agree to collaborate on the writing of a case study about their Impact Sourcing activities, which will be made publicly available through the IAOP website and other sources 
For more information, please email info@iaop.org or Jon Browning, IAOP CSR Committee Chair

Applications for the 2019 Global Impact Sourcing Award will be accepted beginning in late summer.  Watch for the announcment!

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