Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) Family of Certifications 
Associate Certified Outsourcing ProfessionalTM(aCOP) Certification

IAOP has released its second edition of the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge™ (OPBOK). Current COP and aCOP applicants can download the electronic version within their application.

Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional™ (aCOP)    
The Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional (aCOP) designation distinguishes individuals as leaders in the field of outsourcing. It powerfully demonstrates that they possess the knowledge required to design, implement, and manage outsourcing initiatives that have a high probability of achieving an organization’s intended outcomes.
This professional designation, which focuses on the management process of outsourcing itself, is equally valuable to individuals working as customers, providers, or advisors. It promotes an environment where all of the parties to an outsourcing business relationship have a common and shared professional knowledge, approach and commitment to mutual success. 
     Guide to Becoming an Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional (aCOP) 
To become an aCOP an individual must demonstrate having the knowledge it takes to successfully lead outsourcing initiatives that have a high-probability of achieving an organizations intended outcomes.  Candidates do this by:
1. Documenting  knowledge in the online aCOP application  through successful completion of the live or online COP Master Class
2. Passing the COP Examination which is part of the online application.
If you have 5 or more years of project experience in outsourcing, you may want to see if you meet the requirements for the Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) designation.



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An aCOP candidate must take and complete the COP Master Class training either live or online as part of the aCOP training requirement. 

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"Recognition as a global outsourcing professional through the COP program is an honor as this certification emphasizes on experience and capabilities within the industry. IAOP has initiated, perhaps in a manner unique to any industry, a process that enables corporations worldwide work with competent professionals with the sole aim to provide leadership and advice for successfully managing complex global businesses." -Bobby Varanasi, Matryzel Consulting

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Associate Certified Outsourcing Professionals must recertify every five years by documenting a total of 100 CEH's. 

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common language between providers, advisors and customers based on the adherence to a professional set of standards 

The ability to identify and make informed decisions about qualified providers (customers) 
Competitive advantage -- building professional capabilities and becoming the service provider of choice (providers) 

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