Testimonials from Certified Outsourcing Professionals® (COP) 
Maura Hudson, COP, JLL

Being able to learn and leverage other best practices from other industry sectors had helped me speak more authoritatively and more informed and be able to think about new ideas of being able to deliver services as well.



Paul Quaglia, COP, Scientific Games
By having a COP employed in your organization, you cut the overhead of having a lot of advisory firms and law firms give you advice. You have knowledge within your own organization that knows how to structure deals, knows the RFP process, knows the transition process and can make the transition much more seamless and have better outcomes.

Cynthia Kearney, COP, CJ Kearney Inc. 

"Professional certifications often provide opportunities for individuals to distinguish themselves as industry leaders and assist corporations in attracting qualified, experienced candidates. The newly created COP certification offers a set of principles and standards that, when applied consistently, fosters enhanced confidence and high level expertise to create innovative business partnerships and value added outcomes. The COP leverages the knowledge of sourcing professionals from different industries and cultures... creating a universal language and the professional standards necessary for today's global environment. To remain competitive in any business today requires robust and agile tools and processes. The COP certification is your guidebook for agility and remaining competitive." 
Chas Mullins, COP, Avanade Inc.

COPs are not reading a book and coming and saying "this is what I know." It's more about what they've experienced and they can prove that by having the COP certification. Clients understand no matter who they talk to with a COP designation after their name will get the same results that you pay for and can expect from a COP that understands outsourcing as a business practice.

Sami Kannan, COP, CSC

”The Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) designation gives me formal recognition that I can lead and manage of large outsourcing engagements. My process expertise along with Outsourcing will be an added advantage to execute outsourcing engagements effectively.”
Chris Disher, COP, Chris Disher and Associates

“Outsourcing is getting more complex and having greater organization impact as outsourcing programs move beyond the back office and continue to embrace a broad array of near and offshore locations.  The outsourcing industry needs a comprehensive body of knowledge and standards for designing, implementing and managing successful outsourcing strategies. Through the COP process, IAOP is building a global network of professionals that can share practices, reduce risks, and increase the certainly of outsourcing success. I am honored to be part of this network.” 

  Michelle Stephens, COP, Canon

"As a business process outsourcing professional in both customer and vendor roles for the last seven years, I have found the IAOP training and certification process invaluable to my career, the projects I have managed and the leadership teams I have supported. IAOP does an outstanding job providing the necessary resource materials to apply ethical, practical and results-oriented knowledge of outsourcing business standards within any 3rd party business relationship. Without previously having had working or classroom knowledge of BPO, I found the governance class, OPBOK (IAOP's Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge handbook) and certification process (COP) provided me with the fundamentals of BPO. "
Paul Fisher, COP, Diebold Inc.

”The Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) designation identifies leaders in the field of outsourcing. At the heart of the certification process is the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK), which has helped me to utilize industry best practices in the design, implementation and ongoing governance of outsourcing engagements worldwide. This certification provides credibility, both for myself and my organization, to prospective customers interested in successful outsourcing initiatives.” 

Wayne Heiler, COP, Zale Corp

“Being a COP is a distinct honor and a mark of credibility in the profession.  This certification means that you are an ethical professional who is committed and experienced with a proven track record in the global marketplace. Being a COP also means that you are someone who will be continuously in touch with emerging industry best practices and someone who can successfully apply these emerging best practices to your organization.” 
Jorge Muxica, COP, Highpoint Solutions

"I am sure it will provide added credibility to my current role within the organization. In turn, it will also yield added buy-in and support for any upcoming outsourcing programs. If we have a common principles and standard terminology, I believe we will be able to grow and manage outsourcing engagements much more efficiently, both from the service provider and client sides."

Jon Gudelis, COP, Hewlett Packard

“I am proud to be part of this elite group and welcome the challenge of working together with my fellow professionals in this specialist field of outsourcing, building industry recognition for our experience, professional standards and shared best practice. It is paramount that the entrance and renewal standards are kept high and our designation gains widespread market recognition.” 

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