IAOP's Global Community

IAOP has members in nearly 50 countries. Each member has direct, online access to other members and to IAOP’s entire portfolio of services. To properly serve this diverse global community of outsourcing professionals, IAOP has developed a network of city- and country-level chapters, regional-level advisory boards and affiliate and partner organizations. The industry leaders who serve on these chapters and boards work with IAOP to help define the association’s overall programs and services, and to tailor and shape these programs to meet the unique local needs of members in their regions of the world.

IAOP is indeed a global community of outsourcing professionals for outsourcing professionals.

Chapter Network

IAOP's chapter network includes 50 geographical and topical chapters and spans five continents.  Through its active and expansive chapter network, IAOP members can share their expertise and find knowledge on best practices for specific industry segments, topics and geographic areas within outsourcing.  IAOP chapters provide a framework for members to collectively focus on professional development, networking and the advancement of outsourcing within specific areas of common interest. Chapters are chaired by IAOP corporate members and organized by geography, industry and special topic.

Regional Advisory Boards

IAOP's Regional Advisory Boards (RAB) have been organized to ensure that IAOP is global in its thinking, leadership, decision-making and operations.  Each of its RABs meets regularly to develop programs that leverage their common interests and shared resources to better deploy and tailor the association's services to their regional needs.  In turn, the chair of each RAB serves on IAOP's Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) thereby linking the association's global operations. 

Affiliates and Partners

IAOP Affiliate Associations are professional, industrial and trade associations that operate as part of a global network to promote outsourcing, offshoring, global business services, procurement, shared services and related management practices, industries and professions. 

IAOP has formed unique, multi-dimensional relationships with Academic Alliance Partners, Corporate & Professional Alliance Partners, and Media Alliance Partners around the world in an ongoing effort to expand membership benefits to better enhance the value for its members.

For more information about IAOP's Chapter Network and Regional Advisory Boards, including how your organization can become involved, email

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