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Date: November 5, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM EST time zone converter

What are the Human + Machine Collaboration trends that we can predict over the next ten years?

What will be the critical and important human work activities by the year 2030?

Why is the demand for Digital Talent growing and why are emergent workplace trends such as Flex Space and Coworking growing simultaneously?


The Future of Work: Human + Machine Collaboration Trends session will focus upon the trends, challenges, and opportunities related to Human + Machine collaboration and the impact of digital transformation on the global enterprise. We will share perspectives focused upon “digital talent” and the emergence of the “liquid workforce” in terms of next-generation workforce strategies. We will explore how emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will shape the future of work. We will also illustrate how emerging digital technology convergence will drive new levels of human performance within the workplace of the future.


Outcome 1 –

Participants will be able to understand the challenges and opportunities for the Workforce of the Future and the impact that emerging technology will have upon future “digital” talent strategy and future real estate portfolio strategies.


Outcome 2 –

Participants will be able to understand critical success factors for digital talent workforce strategy and how to develop integrated effective real estate and workplace strategies.


Outcome 3 –

Participants will be able to understand how “AI + Machine Learning and Cognitive Technologies” will change future enterprise work processes and workforce strategy, impact real estate strategy and create entirely new workplace innovation opportunities.


Peter Miscovich

About the Speaker

Peter Miscovich

Managing Director, Strategy + Innovation, JLL


Peter J. Miscovich is an executive management consultant who develops corporate strategy and integrated enterprise solutions for global Fortune 100 organizations. Peter’s management consulting expertise includes enterprise workforce strategies and operational improvement solutions combined with expertise in developing integrated "digital" workplace transformation solutions. He serves on the Accenture Technology Vision Board and the CERES Presidents Advisory Board - leading organizations focused upon “technology innovation and complex systems transformation.” As a former partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Global Advisory practice and Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy and Operations practice, Peter has focused upon Corporate Strategy and Workplace Transformation for more than 20 years. Peter holds degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona and MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology focused upon Executive Leadership Development, Enterprise Transformation and Human Performance Improvement.





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  • Maura Hudson, Senior Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank
  • Mike Feeman, Managing Director, North America, ISS
  • Larry Bridge, Facilities and Real Estate Governance Manager, P&G
  • Michelle Needles, Executive Managing Director, Solutions Development, Colliers
  • Bryan Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Head of Global Operational Outsourcing
    Global Occupier Services, Cushman Wakefield







The Real Estate and Facilities Management (RE&FMM) Chapter drives knowledge sharing and advances thought leadership across the RE&FM community.  Technology has a significant impact on how services are acquired, delivered and transforming RE&FM organizations.  Collaboration is the key for IAOP member customers, service providers and advisors to absorb the change and advance the profession and talent in the field.  This chapter enables this collaboration and develops a RE&FM agenda within the IAOP and beyond. Additionally, the chapter serves as a discussion platform for new workplace strategies that are impacting how work is delivered and performed at organizations in the ITO, BPO and others communities represented in IAOP.  

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