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IAOP Privacy and Non-Solicitation Policy

Privacy Policy

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) collects no personally identifying information about individuals unless such individuals specifically and knowingly provide the information and thereby grant IAOP permission to use it.

When a user voluntarily requests information from IAOP or otherwise discloses personal identification information, IAOP may use the information for association purposes, including marketing and promotional purposes, and share the information with other organizations and individuals that are members of the association.

While use of that information by its members is monitored for adherence to the association’s non-solicitation policy (see below) IAOP bears no responsibility for any actions or policies of any third parties.

IAOP website contains links to other sites; and is not responsible for the privacy policies of these other sites.  IAOP reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice.

IAOP Non-Solicitation Policy 


Having a healthy networking environment and ability for members to explore potential business relationships is an essential ingredient of IAOP’s business model. In order to ensure a free-flowing exchange of information among all of its members while protecting against unwanted sales pressure, IAOP maintains a strict non-solicitation policy. 
This policy makes clear specific practices that are permitted or prohibited, as well as the spirit and intent of the environment IAOP wants to maintain.  In some cases there may be subjectivity, so an effort has been made to make the fine line between professional business development and solicitation clear and more easily recognized. In all cases, there is no substitute for common sense and good behavior.

This policy applies at all times when attending any IAOP event such as chapter meetings, conferences, public training courses or workshops, interacting with IAOP members anytime throughout the year, and/or using all IAOP resources such as our website or the Summit Hub.
General Points

  • Solicitation is the practice of engaging another person, with urgency or being overly persistent in the request, with the purpose of obtaining business from a potential customer.
  • Networking and business development should be friendly in nature and only with mutual agreement, always respecting other people’s comfort with the situation.
  • Respect should always be exercised by both providers and prospective customers. Providers must be respectful of another person’s interest in dialogues or meetings. Customers must be respectful of a provider who is doing their job, within the guidelines of this policy, to meet new people and introduce their products or services.
  • Sponsors are companies that have contracted with IAOP for sponsorship opportunities at events. Sponsors have greater business development and networking privileges but they also must comply with the Non-Solicitation Policy.
  • Under no circumstances is it acceptable to mine contacts from the Summit Hub, IAOP.org or other sources for any purpose including contacting people before, during or after chapter meetings, The Outsourcing World Summit or regional summits, or public training courses or workshops.
  • Printed materials (business cards, literature, branded gifts, etc.) may only be distributed according to the rules of an event (summits, chapter meetings, training courses, etc.). At summits, such items may not be placed in open areas, hotel sleeping rooms or distributed indiscriminately.
  • No organized event (meal, reception, networking activity, etc.) may be held on location of any summit at any time unless pre-approved by IAOP.
Examples of Appropriate and Inappropriate Activities

  1. Prior to an event, you may make a personalized contact with someone with a request for an introduction at the event. It is encouraged to use the Summit Mobile App for this purpose.
  2. You may send a clearly personalized communication (written or verbal) to another member; even if it’s to a person you haven’t met.
  3. Inviting people to a meal during a summit for a small number of people, without presentations or company pitches.
  4. While at a summit, you may introduce yourself to people and after a meaningful conversation, exchange business cards and make other follow-up plans.
  5. Sending an email communication to your contacts announcing your participation at a summit – speaking, exhibiting, sponsored event – and encouraging people to attend the summit and the company event. NOTE: it is not acceptable to mine IAOP lists of any kind for use in company communications.
  6. A personalized follow-up communication with an individual you meet at a summit is acceptable so long as you had a meaningful conversation and they won’t be surprised to receive the communication.
  7. You may call upon members when you have a question or want to learn about certain practices or seek ideas or advice about how other people approach their business.

  1. You may not send non-personalized, bulk communications (email or telephone) related to an IAOP event to members for any purpose other than announcing your company’s participation (speaking, sponsoring, etc) at an event (i.e. summits, chapter meetings, or p,ublic training courses or workshops etc). You may not request an RSVP, confirmation or reservation of any kind.
NOTE: it is not acceptable to mine IAOP lists of any kind for use in company communications.
  1. Engaging in communications of any kind when the other person indicates they are not interested in the discussion, or otherwise making the person uncomfortable. This is subjective and will be interpreted by the other person. Everyone has different comfort levels, be attentive.
  2. If a person declines a personal invitation for any purpose (meeting, meal, etc.), it is inappropriate to contact them again for that purpose.
How can I use the membership directory on IAOP.org?
You may use it to find contact information for someone who you met at an event. You may use it to contact a member to seek help or advice. You may not use it to market your business or solicit business.
How can I use the Mobile App, The Outsourcing World Summit’s discussion forum?
The Summit HUB is a powerful tool for getting to know other delegates, setting up meetings and maintaining your summit calendar. Users of this discussion service must adhere to the Non-Solicitation Policy.
If you are planning business development activities that involve IAOP membership or events, please contact IAOP so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you are operating within the policy.
Complaints, Resolution and Consequences
An IAOP member may report any activity they feel is in conflict with this policy by contacting Kim Maneeley, Managing Director of Membership at +1.845.452.0600 ext.104 or kim.maneeley@iaop.org or onsite at any event.
Violations of this policy can result in loss of privileges or cancellation of membership without refund. IAOP has sole discretion in evaluating compliance with this policy.

Each member ultimately decides whether or not an activity by another member represents solicitation.  Members are encouraged to be candid with each other and to respect the others’ point of view.  Members are encouraged to report violations of the association’s non-solicitation policy to its leadership.  IAOP’s policy is to investigate any complaint fully and, when in doubt, to err on the side of ensuring that its non-solicitation policy is fully adhered to by all of its members.


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