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Transforming Outsourcing Governance

Transforming Outsourcing Governance




IAOP Chapter: Voice of the Customer

Next Meeting to be held Wednesday,July 11, 2018, at 10:00 AM CDT / 11:00 AM EDT

The IAOP Voice of the Customer chapter, co-chaired by Humana, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, MUFG Union Bank NA, Abbott,  Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Transamerica, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sprint Corporation held a meeting on July 11, 2018.

Topic: Achieving Your Value Proposition with Effective SLAs

The Voice of the Customer Chapter held a lively and engaging webinar where attendees learned the latest thinking on SLAs from 4 perspectives:  Customer, Supplier, Advisor, and Legal.  The panel discussion addressed:

  1. Watermelon SLAs
  2. Trends in developing new SLAs
  3. Effective alternatives to SLAs
  4. At-Risk philosophy and implementation
Panel members are:

  • Lawrence Kane - Boeing 
  • David Althoff - Cognizant
  • Alan Hanson - ISG
  • Neil Hirshman - Kirkland Ellis

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Cara Koppenhoefer, COP
Strategic Consultant,

Donald Mones, COP, Co-Chair
MUFG Union Bank, NA

Mahesh R. Patel, Co-Chair
Manager Global Engineering Sourcing
Pratt and Whitney

Mark Latham, Co-Chair
Senior Manager, Director
Sourcing Governance Office
Georgia Technology Authority

Lawrence Kane, COP-GOV, Co-Chair
Senior Leader, ITI Strategy

Michael Nacarato, COP, Co-Chair
Senior Vice President, Transamerica

Mary D. Lewis, Co-Chair
Manager, Sourcing, Supply Chain Management
Sprint Corporation

Umapathy Viswanathan, Co-Chair
Global Technology Procurement Leader

Justice Assamany, Co-Chair
Manager- Service Provider Preformance and Process Management
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Vincent Turula, Co-Chair
Director, Eternal Supply



Be the voice for outsourcing customers to the global outsourcing industry.

Provide thought leadership and help address key issues (from the customer’s perspective) that face the industry on an ongoing basis.

Provide a collegial environment for outsourcing customers to share experiences, best practices, requirements and/or common issues and concerns.

Provide a forum to focus the interests and capabilities of outsourcing providers and advisors to address the unique needs of the outsourcing customer community around the globe.






All IAOP Chapters adhere to the non-solicitation policy. Click here to view the policy.


Webinar held on June 28, 2017
The IAOP Voice Of The Customer Chapter, co-chaired by Humana, Georgia Technology Authority, Microsoft, Pratt 7 Whitney, Boeing, MUFG Union Bank, NA, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Freedom Mortgage and Sprint Corporation held a webinar on June 28, 2017 on the topic of: Do's and Don'ts on RPA and Automation.

 Manish Chawla, Director, Real Time Solutions with  NICE, LTD. shared with us the best approach to implementation and provided us with their perspective and what they have heard from their clients.
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Webinar Held December 15, 2016 

The IAOP Voice of the Customer Chapter, co-chaired by Express Scripts, Georgia Technology Authority, Microsoft, Pratt & Whitney, Rio Tinto, CBREBoeing, MUFG Union Bank NA, Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Zurich InsuranceFreedom Mortgage and Sprint Corporation, held a webinar on December 15, 2016 at 11am EST.

Topic: “If You Show it, Will They Come? Strategies for Turning Tradeshow Events Into a Win-Win Experience For Exhibitors And Customers.”

In this unique collaborative event, members of IAOP’s Voice of the Customer (VOTC) chapter and representatives of IAOP’s Provider base shared their perspectives on which tradeshow techniques work, and which ones have prospects running in the opposite direction. Participants learned surprising results from a recent survey of corporate buyers who routinely attend tradeshows that had exhibitors re-thinking their approach.  Providers discovered insight and tips for making their brand work before, during, and after an event, and Customers learned strategies for getting the most out of the exhibition portion of a conference.  This session was highly interactive, containing moderated presentation and participation exchange segments.
Take Aways:
 -  Described the three biggest turnoffs that account for over 80% of customer complaints about exhibitors

 - Listed the top reasons customers attend a tradeshow and how they prefer to engage exhibitors

 - Articulated five ways to define and measure success whether you are a customer or an exhibitor

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Webinar held on July 22, 2015 

The IAOP Voice of the Customer Chapter, co-chaired by Express Scripts, Georgia Technology Authority, Microsoft, Pratt & Whitney, Rio Tinto, CBREWalgreens, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Boeing, Union Bank, Symantec, Greater Toronto Airport Authority and Zurich Insurance held a webinar on July 22, 2015 beginning at 4:00pm EDT.

In the last IAOP VOTC webinar, author and educator Kate Vitasek shared the award winning research from the University of Tennessee on Vested Outsourcing.   For the upcoming program, Vitasek will open with a brief review of information shared in March 2015 and then take a deeper dive and share her insights on how to make the ‘Vested’ mindset and methodology a reality by creating a commercial agreement based on Vested’s Five Rules.  
Attendees will:
- Learn how to create a contract that is a flexible framework that allows for an outsourcing relationship to prosper in a dynamic business environment
- Learn how the Vested Five Rules can be translated into an actual contract through 10 essential “elements”
- Be given an example of how real companies are applying the elements into their own commercial agreements 
- Obtain a free link where they can do a self-assessment to see how an existing contracts stacks up against each of the elements.

Webinar available to customer members only, by request.  memberservices@iaop.org 

Webinar held on March 24, 2015 

The IAOP Voice of the Customer Chapter, chaired by Express Scripts, Georgia Technology Authority, Microsoft, Pratt & Whitney, Rio Tinto, CBREWalgreens, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Boeing, Union Bank, Symantec, Greater Toronto Airport Authority and Zurich Insurance held a webinar on March 24, 2015 beginning at 4:00pm EDT.

Webinar Topic:  Creating a “Win-Win” Value Proposition when designing, building and implementing a contemporary Outsourcing Relationship

Many outsourcing deals are often structured with fundamental flaws in the business model that prevents a true “Win-Win” value proposition.    For over a decade, at The University of Tennessee they’ve been researching the art, science and practice of highly collaborative win-win “Vested” sourcing relationships.    Author and educator Kate Vitasek shared five game changing rules for building true “win-win” outsourcing deals from her research and book Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules that Will Transform Outsourcing. 

Attendees of this webinar left with insights which included:
·How the underlying business model of outsourcing can cause a structural flaw in achieving a win-win relationship
· What are the Five Rules of Vested Outsourcing and transform how companies outsource,
· Leaders from customer/buyer outsourcing organizations will participate in a panel discussion where they will share their experiences in building “win-win” outsourcing relationships applying the Five Rules for outsourcing.

This insightful presentation was followed by a panel discussion.

Speaker & Moderator:  
Kate Vitasek, Faculty member at University of Tennessee College of Business Administration
Sonja McKeddie, Rio Tinto
Donald Mones, Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Mike Curtis, Georgia Technology Authority

Webinar available to customer members only, by request.  memberservices@iaop.org 

Webinars held on January 21 & 23, 2014 

The IAOP Voice of the Customer Chapter, chaired by Express Scripts, MetLife, Microsoft, Pratt and Whitney, Rio Tinto, SprintWalgreens and Georgia Technology Authority, held a webinar on January 21, 2014 beginning at 5:00pm EST and January 23, 2014 beginning at 10am EST.

Webinar Topic:  The 2014 Outsourcing World Summit Customer Delegate Prep Sessions & Mentor Program

Following details were shared during the webinar programs: 

Objective:  Assist new Customer Delegates (i.e. 1st time attendees) to The 2014 Outsourcing World Summit in making the Summit a productive, educational and valuable experience.   

Approach: IAOP and its VOTC Chapter hosted a 1 hour webinar on January 21, 2014 at 5:00 PM EST and January 23, 2014 at 10:00 AM EST.  The webinars were identical and offered twice to accommodate time zones of customers attending The 2014 Outsourcing World Summit.  During the webinars, IAOP and the IAOP VOTC Chapter reviewed the detailed agenda of the Summit and focused on the topics and programs of interest to customer delegates.  Summit Educational Track Chairs highlighted those sessions most attractive to customer delegates. During the webinar, IAOP introduced Summit Mentors who will be available to all customer delegates that are new to the Summit or others who require assistance in building a personal agenda for the event.

Webinar available to customer members only, by request.  memberservices@iaop.org 

Webinar held on November 6, 2013 

The IAOP Voice of the Customer Chapter, chaired by Express Scripts, MetLife, Microsoft, Pratt and Whitney, Rio Tinto, SprintWalgreens and Georgia Technology Authority, held a webinar on November 6, 2013, beginning at 5:00pm EST.

Webinar Topic:  Tools & Technologies in Outsourcing Governance - Best Practices & Best Tools/Technologies for Outsourcing Customers/Buyers

Topic Description: During this VOTC Webinar, Tim Langley-Hawthorne, Western Union's VP of Technology Governance introduced the topic and shared Western Union's experiences recently in the following key areas:

             - People, process and technology - the three building block for outsourcing governance
             - Benefits of using technology to enable outsourcing governance processes
             - Market overview of outsourcing technology governance tools
             - Western Union Case Study - selection process & current deployment plans

Following Tim's formal introduction and insights on the topic, the webinar was opened to other customer members to share their insights, experiences as well as pose questions to Tim and the Voice-Of-The-Customer Chapter Leadership Team. 

Webinar available to customer members only, by request.  memberservices@iaop.org 

Webinar held on August 20, 2013 

The  IAOP Voice of the Customer Chapter, chaired by Microsoft, Rio Tinto, Sprint and Walgreens, held a webinar on August 20, 2013, beginning at 11 am EST.

The program focused on: 
“Stratifying Your Enterprise Portfolio of Outsourcing Service Providers”
As customers/buyers of outsourcing services attempt to optimize the business value of their increasingly diverse and global portfolio of services providers across Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), buyer organizations realize they must continuously rationalize and appropriately stratify their relationships to get the most from their top outsourcing relationships worldwide.  Recently, Microsoft has gone through a strategic reorganization, aligning its Global Procurement and Outsourcing teams, combining traditional procurement with the deeper ongoing vendor management functions of the two organizations. As part of this reorganization, Microsoft has created a separate team which is responsible for compliance and audit, corporate social responsibility and vendor governance. As part of the governance function, Microsoft is identifying its top suppliers across the Enterprise, stratifying them and assigning a higher level of touch to these engagements.

Webinar available to customer members only, by request.  memberservices@iaop.org 

Webinar held on September 21, 2011.

The  IAOP Voice of the Customer Chapter, chaired by Vodafone The Netherlands and Rio Tinto, held a webinar on September 21, 2011.

"What Providers Say About Clients"

This topic was presented by Dr. Mary Lacity, Professor of Information systems at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Dr. Lacity and her co-author, Dr. Leslie Willcocks of the London School of Economics, reviewed 1,356 findings from the past 20 years on ITO and BPO research to determine which provider claims are supported by the facts and which are not. Does a focus on price diminish innovation? Are RFPs too long? Does an unprofitable deal for providers lead to poor results for clients? What are advisors doing wrong? These and other questions were answered.

Webinar available to customer members only, by request.  memberservices@iaop.org 

The Voice of the Customer Chapter launched on August 12, 2010

The inaugural webinar of the IAOP Voice of the Customer Chapter, chaired by StayWellAmerican ExpressVodafone The Netherlands and Rio Tinto, was held on August 12, 2010.

The main topic of our first meeting was “How to Support/Drive Innovation from Providers.” Matt Shocklee facilitated a panel discussion of experts on this topic. The panelists provided real life scenarios with specific details on what they did, how it turned out and what they learned. Panelists included: Scott Singer, Rio Tinto; John Murphy, Blue Shield of CA; and Rob Sharp, Qantas.

Webinar available to customer members only, by request.  memberservices@iaop.org 

If you joined us at The 2010 Outsourcing World Summit, you got a glimpse of what the chapter can offer you as a buyer outsourcing services.

Customer-Only Speed Networking Session

IAOP Chapter Showcase Lunch

Voice of the Customer: IAOP Corporate Member Panel

Straight stories from outsourcing’s front lines shared by a panel of IAOP’s Customer Corporate Members. They shared their experiences: successes, failures and things they’d do differently if they knew then what they know today. Issues discussed included deal structure, governance and implementation in an atmosphere of extreme economic uncertainty. The panel featured moderator Christopher A. Long, COP, General Manager, StayWell and the following confirmed panelists: Oliver T. Bussmann, COP, EVP & CIO, SAP AG; Angela Marina Gracias, Head of Global Sourcing, Visa Inc.; John Fox, Vice President, CTM Strategic Planning, Global Sourcing & Relationship Management,Prudential; Rene Herlaar, COP, Head of Enabling Platforms, Vodafone The Netherlands; and Vera Lucia Marques, Information Services Director, Roche.

Customer-Only Networking Wrap-Up Session

Webinar available to customer members only, by request.  memberservices@iaop.org 



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