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The Voice of the Customer and the Sales/Marketing chapters held a webinar on June 19, 2019 and turned the tables by asking if a customer is a good customer rather than if a supplier is a good supplier. This was a high energy panel discussion between suppliers and customers, where we heard expectations of a Customer Sourcing Executive and Supplier VPs as they engaged in dialogue that will ultimately help the supplier meet the customer's goals.

Moderator: Kyle Andrews, Partner, Pretium Partners

Speakers: Vijay Verma, Executive Vice President, HCL America, Inc, Michael Nacarato, IAOP's Buy-Side Ambassador, and David Althoff, Senior Vice President, Cognizant

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  • Sherry Jost, COP, IAOP Authorized Trainer, Consultant
  • Donald Mones, COP, Director, MUFG Union Bank, NA
  • Mahesh R. Patel, Engineering Sourcing, Pratt and Whitney
  • Mark Latham, Senior Manager, Director, Sourcing Governance Office, Georgia Technology Authority
  • Lawrence Kane, COP-GOV, Senior Leader, ITI Strategy, Boeing
  • Michael Nacarato, COP,  Senior Director, Transamerica 
  • Mary D. Lewis, COP,  Manager, Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Sprint Corporation
  • Umapathy Viswanathan, COP, Global Technology Procurement Leader, BCBSA
  • Vincent Turula, Director, Eternal Supply, Pfizer







Be the voice for  Provide thought leadership and help address key issues (from the customer’s perspective) that face the industry on an ongoing basis.  Provide a collegial environment for outsourcing customers to share experiences, best practices, requirements and/or common issues and concerns.  Provide a forum to focus the interests and capabilities of outsourcing providers and advisors to address the unique needs of the outsourcing customer community around the globe.

Meeting Frequency:  Quarterly  Meeting Type:  Virtual



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