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WGroup - Sourcing Advisory Firm

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IAOP Chapter: NorCal

In partnership with IAOP's Digital Enterprise Chapter, the IAOP Norcal chapter will held a meeting on November 9, 2017 on the topic of:

How digital platforms and services are changing the way businesses and governments work

From the heart of Silicon Valley, the NorCal and Digital Enterprise chapters of IAOP teamed up to bring you two stories of how the possible is becoming the new digital normal. 

The adoption of digital services in the private sector has raised expectations for municipalities to provide similar citizen services. Gaurav Garg, CIO, City of Santa Clara, discussed how Santa Clara is using new technologies to improve service delivery and drive its economy. He was joined by Avasant’s Henry Guapo, Partner and Public Sector Global Lead.

Accelerance CEO and founder Steve Mezak shared his year-long personal journey to develop a two-sided online business platform, using an outsourced software design and development team. Steve shared how he used the 7 Keys of Successful Outsourcing to handle the inevitable course corrections along the way: fixing a bad user interface, facing major security flaws and adopting a DevOps approach. Attendees learned how to select and manage an outsourced development team, what to look for and avoid, and how the new platform (now in beta release) makes the process easier.


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Pete Burns, Lead Co-chair
Cooley LLP

Neil S. Hirshman, COP, Co-chair
Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Eric W. Budgin, Co-chair
VP-Business Initiatives
Wells Fargo

Asvin Ramesh, Co-Chair
Senior Director
Cognizant Technology Services

Cristin Balog, Co-Chair
Chief Marketing Officer

Executive Advisory Committee

Kevin DeLury, COP
Vice President, ClearTurn Consulting, Inc.

Delegate Members

Nicolas Kelpe, COP
Cherrystone Consulting



The Northern California Chapter is designed to bring together the professionals across all of the outsourcing communities (i.e. customers, providers, advisors, academics, government agencies and associations) in the Northern California region that  are involved or interested in outsourcing and who share a common goal of enhancing the outsourcing profession.


Bi-Annually - Typically Early Spring & Fall of each year


Face-to-face (office, meeting room); social (restaurant); teleconference


All IAOP Chapters adhere to the non-solicitation policy. Click here to view the policy.

Past Meetings


Meeting held November 3, 2016

A meeting of the IAOP NorCal Chapter, co-chaired by CapgeminiCooley LLPKirkland & Ellis LLPWells Fargo, Jones Lang LaSallePactera, and Cognizant was held on November 3, 2016 from 3:45pm to 7:00pm PT at the Cooley LLP offices, 3175 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

Topic: “RPA – Robotic Process Automation, vision to reality and the impacts it will have on the Enterprise.”
During this two hour session, leading firms, customers, and consultants in the Robotic Automation space shared their experience in implementing RPA Initiatives. While it continues to promise significant added value there is a great deal to learn for managers charged with the responsibility to realize RPA's benefits and lessons learned. The session included presentations, practical demonstrations, and an interactive panel who explored questions from the audience.  The meeting closed with a reception for more networking and conversation.

Speakers/Presenters include:
Ian Barkin
Co-founder & Head of Strategy Symphony Ventures
Ian Barkin is Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at Symphony Ventures, the leading RPA-specific services firm – offering consulting, implementation and managed services. He is a serial entrepreneur and experienced innovator who has built several Innovation Labs and has been at the forefront of trends including Internet of Things, supply chain BPO, Design Thinking, and Robotic Process Automation.  Ian’s focus at Symphony is to enable positive disruption for clients, by identifying and maximizing the impact of ‘Future of Work’ platforms including Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.
Preston Moore
Director, Strategic Accounts Robotics and Intelligence division | Pegasystems Inc.
Preston Moore has been in the software Industry since 1996.  He has an MBA from DePaul University and is a Certified Business Architect.   He assisted in the creation of the DePaul Sales Leadership program and was one of the founding members of the Chicago School of Business Architecture.   He has worked with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 in helping transform companies by understanding the challenges that organizations face and making recommendations to drive change.  Through these recommendations, companies have been able to enact change in processes, people and the use of the robotics which has resulted in significant cost reduction and improvements in internal and external customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores.  

Agenda Snapshot:

3:45p to 4:00p - Registration 

4:00p to 5:00p - Presentations from Symphony Ventures and Pegasystems Inc.

5:00p to 6:00p - Panel Discussion with representatives from:
Wells FargoOpen SpanBlue Prism and Autodesk

6:00p to 7:00p
 - Networking Reception hosted by Cooley LLP

Download the presentation

Meeting held May 12, 2016

A meeting of the IAOP NorCal Chapter, co-chaired by CGICapgeminiCooley LLPKirkland & Ellis LLPWells Fargo, Jones Lang LaSallePactera, and Cognizant was held on May 12, 2016 from 2:45pm to 6pm PT at the Wells Fargo offices, 333 Market Street, Learning Center - Annex Building - 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94104.

Topic: "The future of Centers of Excellence" 
Companies rely more and more on Centers of Excellence (CoEs) to manage complex processes and bring business value across the organization. To continue meeting these challenges, COEs need to embrace innovation to transform their talent, processes, data and technology in a cross-functional environment. Developing new competencies will help COEs stay relevant in a fast changing business world.
The following key points were captured from the meeting by the leadership team:
*Today, CoEs operate as cost centers within organizations. Forward-thinking organizations will convert their CoEs into profit centers.
*Future CoEs will be project-based and operate under a dynamic model. Their virtual structure will assemble and disband to meet global project needs.
*Matured shared services locations are converting into CoEs as their talent develops specialized technical skills. 
*Challenges remain with convincing business units and current task owners to let go of the work in favor of CoEs. Hence the importance of C-suite sponsorship when launching new CoE initiatives.
3:00 pm  Introductions - Eric Budgin, Wells Fargo
3:10 pm  CoEs as a Community of Practice - Eric Budgin, Wells Fargo
--Overview  and definitions
3:25 pm  Using CoEs in your performance strategy- Dr. Andrew Guitarte, Wells Fargo
--How CoEs contribute to company performance
--Where are CoEs best adopted?
--Case studies

Using CoEs in your Performance Strategy
4:00 pm  The Future of CoEs - Atul Sharma and Anita Kacholia, Ernst & Young
--Evolution and trends
--Case studies

The Future of CoEs

4:30 pm  Managing project risks in a CoE environment - Nicolas Kelpe, Cherrystone Consulting
--How to identify and mitigate risks in implementation and service delivery
--Case studies

Managing Project Risk in a CoE Environment
5:00 pm  Social hour

Meeting held October 15, 2015

A meeting of the IAOP NorCal Chapter, co-chaired by CGICapgeminiCooley LLPKirkland & Ellis LLPWells Fargo, Jones Lang LaSallePactera and Ernst & Young was held on October 15, 2015 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm PDT at the Kirkland & Ellis LLP offices, 3330 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA.

Topic: "What's Trending in Data Security?" 

Experts shared their insights on this key topic including recent trends, insurance, forensics, and technical issues.
2:45 PM – 3:00 PM: Registration
3:00 PM –3:10 PM: Welcome and Introductions -- Neil Hirshman, Kirkland & Ellis LLP (co-chair)
3:10 PM – 3:25 PM:  Vendor Liability in the Wake of Privacy and Security Incidents -- Chuck Schwab, Cooley LLP
Discussed third party contractors involved in data security incidents, including contingent workers stealing personal data and contractors losing laptops with sensitive personal data as well as lawsuits brought against vendors providing app dev/patch management services, and others.  Highlight various scenarios, customer obligations in managing contractors, and the ways in which customers can protect themselves (e.g., contractual warranties, security/audit requirements, obligations in connection with an incident, liability caps/carve outs, screening and monitoring of vendors).

Vendor Liability Presentation
3:25 PM - 3:40 PM:  Forensics -- Jane Allen, Partner, PwC
When outsourcing, it is vital to understand your risk on the basis of the threat posed by other members in the global chain of providers.  Successfully negotiating with vendors to not only monitor their specific threat environment, but to assess their own risk through forensic analysis of monitoring results, and reporting to you how they are managing these risks, is an important strategy reducing risk.  Such an approach is not unprecedented, and can be based on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 2011 Cyber Risk Guidance framework.  Creating vendor awareness and offensive mitigation will reduce your risk profile and vulnerability.  Requiring vendors to acquire cyber insurance will also help reduce your risk in several critical ways.

Forensics Presentation
3:40 PM - 3:55 PM: Managed Security Services - Mark Spreitzer, Director, Consulting, CGI Cyber Security Practice
Cyber Security is protecting connected organizations against vulnerabilities. Cyber security is serious business. You may ask, “Why would I want to outsource such a critical function when I can do it myself?” After all, cyber security incidents can have business implications and impacts that extend far beyond IT. This discussion answers what to look for while considering contracting, reusing existing investments, implementation, exposure, communications, and cost.

Managed Security Services Presentation

3:55 PM - 4:10 PM: Cyber Insurance – What is it and Why Has it Become so Popular? -- Alex Moen, Assistant Vice President, Aon Risk Solutions
As significant breaches continue to increase in frequency and severity, the interest in purchasing Cyber Insurance has grown dramatically.  What is driving the interest in Cyber Insurance?  What is Cyber Insurance and what does it cover?  Should I purchase Cyber Insurance?  What insurance should I require of my outsourced service providers to protect my company in the event of a cyber breach?  And how do I know the right limit to purchase or require?

Cyber Insurance Presentation

4:10 PM - 5:10 PM: Panel Discussion -- moderator Neil Hirshman, Kirkland & Ellis LLP (co-chair)
• Chuck Schwab
• Jane Allen
• Alex Moen
• Mark Spreitzer
5:10 PM – 5:15 PM: Meeting Wrap Up -- Neil Hirshman, Kirkland & Ellis LLP (co-chair)
5:15 PM - 6:00 PM: Networking Reception -- sponsored by PwC and Kirkland & Ellis LLP 

Joint Meeting held September 18, 2014

The IAOP NorCal Chapter, co-chaired by CGICapgeminiCooley LLPKirkland & Ellis LLPDeloitte Consulting and Wells Fargo in conjunction with the IAOP Outsourcing Tools & Technology Chapter, co-chaired by The University of St. Thomas, Genpact, Baker & McKenzie, KPMG, SirionLabs, Avasant, Enlighta, Microsoft, Virtual Operations and Walgreens , held a half-day symposium on September 18, 2014 from 1:00pm to 6:30pm PDT at the offices of Cooley LLP, 3175 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94304.
The full agenda follows:

1:30 pm – 1:35 pm   Welcome & IAOP Chapter Introductions: Hosts: Cooley, LLP, Pete Burns – Partner & Attorney & University of St. Thomas, Dr. Beena George – Dean, Cameron School of Business

1:35 pm – 2:05pm  “Global Sourcing Insights and How Advanced Tools & Technologies are Impacting the Global Financial Services IndustrySean Eddy, Senior Vice President Enterprise Global Services – Wells Fargo

Download the presentation - Session One

2:10 pm – 2:40pm “Brace for Impact: Why Robotic Process Automation Will Forever Change Outsourcing”: Dan McCue, Senior Vice President, F&A Practice, Sutherland Global Services and Dan Hudson, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Virtual Operations

Download the presentation - Session Two

2:45 pm – 3:15 pm “A Case Study – Transforming Strategic Partnership Governance using Tools and Automation at UCB - a Leading Global Bio-Pharma Enterprise”: Constanze Nuesperling, PHD, VP Partnership & Performance Management and Nipun Sehgal, CEO of  Enlighta, Inc.

Download the presentation - Session Three

3:25 pm – 3:55 pm “How Delphi, a leading automotive manufacturer is using advanced technologies to unlock new value from their Systems of Record utilizing Systems of Engagement solutions”: Gary Lynam, VP Genpact Akritiv Operations 

Download the presentation - Session Four

4:00 pm – 4:30 pm “ Financial Services Regulatory Compliance and Supplier Performance Management – USAA’s Journey to Transform Enterprise-Wide Supplier Management”: Glenn Ellis, Director Enterprise Supplier Management, USAA and Nipun Sehgal, CEO of Enlighta, Inc.

Download the presentation - Session Five

4:35 pm – 5:05 pm “A Case Study - Governing Multi-Sourcing Environments Using Advanced Tools &Technologies”: Claude Marais, President & Co-Founder of Sirion Labs

5:10 pm – 5:40 pm “Reshaping the Extended Enterprise through Social Media Technologies”: Bob Zukis, Former Chief Executive Officer of Bloomfire , Author of Social Inc

5:40 pm – 5:45 pm Closing Comments & Future IAOP Chapter Meeting InformationHosts: Cooley, LLP, Pete Burns – Partner & Attorney and University of St. Thomas, Dr. Beena George – Dean, Cameron School of Business

Download the presentation - Session Five
Download the presentation - Session Six

5:45 pm – 6:30 pm  Networking Reception Sponsored by Cooley, LLP

Meeting held April 24, 2014

The latest meeting of the IAOP NorCal Chapter, chaired by Blue Shield of California, CGI, Capgemini, Cooley LLPHotwireKirkland & Ellis LLPDeloitte Consulting and Wells Fargowas held on April 24, 2014, from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm PST, at the offices of Kirkland & Ellis LLP, 555 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94014 - Room MP-27, 27th Floor.

Topic of discussion was the "Outsourcing Industry - 2014 & Beyond."

Following is the meeting agenda:

3:00 PM           Pre-Networking and On-Site Registration
3:30 PM           Meeting Starts
                        - Chapter Introduction (Neil Hirshman, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP)
                        - IAOP Update (Matt Shocklee)
3:45 PM Outsourcing Industry - 2014 & Beyond (IAOP/Matt Shocklee)

Outsourcing Industry - 2014 & Beyond  
4:30 PM Brief Break
4:35 PM Outsourcing Industry Outlook - Industry Perspectives & Panel Discussion
            - Healthcare - Christopher A. Long, President, ClearTurn Consulting, Inc
            - Banking/Financial Services - Eric W. Budgin, VP Business Initiatives, Wells Fargo
            - Technology – Matt Karlyn, Partner, Cooley LLP
            - Travel & Hospitality– Roman Kaplun, Director, Hotwire
            - State & Local Government - Gaurav Garg, CIO/MIS Head, City of Santa Clara          
5:35 PM Meeting Wrap-Up & Topics for Future Meetings – Open Discussion
5:45 PM Networking & Refreshment Session - Sponsored by Capgemini
6:30 PM Meeting concluded

Meeting held September 8, 2011

A meeting of the San Francisco chapter, chaired by Kirkland & EllisBlue Shield of California and Deloitte, was held in conjuction with the Global Technology Industry chapter, chaired by EnlightaOracle AmericaSymantec and TeleTech, on September 8 at the Delotte offices at 225 W. Santa Clara St., Suite 600 in San Jose.

“Building Partnership vs Vendor Relationships in a Multi-Sourced Environment”


Panel Discussion: Introduction of Participants
Moderated by Kort Syverson, Deloitte
Advisor: Don Piotter, Deloitte

Provider: Anurag Sood, Teletech
Provider: Sohil Goorha, Genpact
Customer: Pradip Khemani, Blue Shield of California
Customer: Cindy Pelger, Google

Meeting held June 2, 2011

A meeting of the San Francisco chapter, chaired by Kirkland & EllisBlue Shield of California and Deloitte, was held in conjuction with the Global Technology Industry chapter, chaired by SymantecOracle America and PwC, on June 2, at the offices of Kirkland & Ellis, 555 California Street, Suite 2700,San Francisco, CA 94104.


Software Development Outsourcing and How it Would Complement BPO
Andres Angelani, EVP, Engineering, GLOBANT

The Overall Maturity of the LatAm Destination to Provide G&A Services
Kurt Neumann, VP, Quimbik 

Meeting held on February 15, 2011

A meeting of the IAOP San Francisco Chapter, co-chaired by Kirkland & Ellis LLPBlue Shield of California and Deloitte, was held in conjunction with the IAOP Global Technology Industry chapter, co-chaired by SymantecOracle America and PwC, on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, at NetApp in Sunnyvale, 495 East Java Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

"Approach to Building a Sourcing Strategy and Business Case"  

Customer Focus
Speakers: James Murphy, PwC; Glen Noga, formerly with Polycom & Julie Iskow, Wageworks

Sourcing is a critical business strategy employed by many organizations with varying degrees of success. Many organizations adopt an ad-hoc "quick fix" approach which leads to constant failure and is ineffective in today's rapidly changing and complex business environment. A well planned and integrated sourcing strategy is necessary and will result in optimal performance, increased agility and profitability, and competitive advantage.

The session will provide for an insight into building a comprehensive sourcing strategy for organizations to meet its long-term goals. You will get an insight into what the sourcing strategy for designated business support functions should be and how that strategy aligns with overall corporate directions.

Provider Focus
Speaker: Jim Madden, TeleTech Holdings, Inc.

Adding Cloud to your CRM Sourcing Strategy and its Business Case – Businesses today are realizing that their customers are everywhere. By 2012, an estimated 40% of businesses will adopt a blend of cloud and premises based approaches to meet their unified communications needs, compared with about 3% to 5% of businesses in 2009. Contacting your customers located all over the world and through existing and new media types (voice, email/chat, and social media) is critical to enhancing customer loyalty and generating revenue. Cloud-based Contact Center outsourcing solutions provide an attractive set of options: global service delivery centers connected in the cloud, better productivity, and integrating social media into customer relationship management offerings. Such hosted technology platforms also help organizations enhance their operations with significant lower costs, reduced risk, and higher customer satisfaction. Learn how moving your contact center operations to the cloud help you keep pace with growing customer demands and build a solid business case.

Advisor Focus
Speakers: Robin Rasmussen, KPMG & Sameer Desai, Perkins Cole

An end-to-end strategic sourcing business case provides organizational leadership opportunities to leverage sourcing as a strategy for top-line growth, bottom line efficiencies or develop additional capacities for future organization expansion. The objective of this session is to provide executives with an understanding of leveraging how public ally available financial information to identify sourcing opportunities, prioritize them and develop a level five sourcing business case.

The 2010 Outsourcing Tools & Technology Symposium

Monday, October 25, 2010; 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Symantec Corporate Campus at 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA

The IAOP Global Technology Industry, San Francisco and Outsourcing Tools & Technology Innovation chapters held a one-day symposium where leading users and providers will share their experiences and best practices in the use of tools and technologies to improve the value from outsourcing and/or shared services. Speakers shared how they’ve used advanced tools and technologies to positively impact the financial performance, service quality, capabilities delivered, risk/compliance and overall governance of their existing contracts/relationships. For the first time, the leading tools providers in the industry also came together to present how their advanced technologies can be put to work quickly and affordably to enhance outsourcing value to your organization.

Meeting held on July 22, 2010

This meeting of the IAOP San Francisco Chapter, co-chaired by Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Blue Shield of California, was held Thursday, July 22 from 3:00-6:00 pm at the Kirkland & Ellis LLP offices, 555 California Street, Suite 2700, San Francisco, California.

“Healthcare Industry Perspective and BPO Trends”

This session included a perspective on the Healthcare Industry including impact of the confluence of reform and state of the economy on it; emerging BPO drivers and trends, and process outsourcing practices and maturity.


This session covered the advisory and supplier perspective on the healthcare industry and their BPO trends.
Presenters will include:
Dr. Jeff Bauer, Vice President, Forecasting and Strategy, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
Richard Judy, Principal, Health Industries Advisory,PricewaterhouseCoopers
Krishnan Ethirajan, Insurance and Healthcare lead, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Dr. Bauer, an internationally recognized health futurist and medical economist, is Vice President, Forecasting and Strategy, for Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), a Xerox Company. As a thought leader for the Healthcare/Finance/Insurance Solutions division of ACS, he forecasts the evolution of health care and develops practical, creative approaches to improving the medical sector of the American economy. Dr. Bauer has published more than 200 articles, books, Web pages, and videos on health care delivery. He speaks frequently to national audiences about key trends in health care, medical science, technology, payment, information systems, public policy, and creative problem-solving. With 20 years of consulting experience, he assists providers, purchasers, and payers with strategic planning and leadership education. Dr. Bauer also spent 17 years as a professor at two medical schools and served as Health Policy Adviser to the governor of Colorado. He was a Ford Foundation Independent Scholar, a Fulbright Scholar (Switzerland), and a Kellogg Foundation National Fellow.  

Rick Judy is a Principal in PwC's Health Industries Advisory practice based in San Francisco. Rick has been supporting primarily payer and provider clients for PwC since 1995 with assessment, strategy, design and implementation support in a variety of areas, including, M&A, Operations Improvement, Information Technology, Finance and Compliance. Recently, a portion of Rick's time has been helping organizations design and implement sustainable programs and processes that involve a complex set of evolving healthcare requirements and regulations, while balancing the needs of a continuously changing set of stakeholders, third parties, regulators, and outsourcers.

Krishnan Ethirajan leads the Outsourcing and Shared Services Advisory Practice for the west coast markets and for the Insurance and Healthcare sectors. Krishnan has managed large scale transformational outsourcing and shared-services programs both as a corporate leader and a management consultant. Prior to PwC, Krishnan was Head of Global Sourcing at Allstate Insurance, and was instrumental in managing the global shared service and outsourcing program (ITO and BPO). Prior to Allstate, Krishnan was Vice President at Gartner in the Global Sourcing Practice and previously was Regional Vice President, and part of Gartner’s Global Consulting leadership team managing the Central US and the Asia practice.

Meeting held April 22, 2010

A meeting of the IAOP San Francisco Chapter, co-chaired by Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Blue Shield of California, wase held Thursday, April 22, 2010 at the offices of Kirkland & Ellis, 555 California Street, Suite 2700, San Francisco CA 94104.


“Getting the Most Out of Your BPO Workforce”

This session will cover where in the BPO process that performance management starts and outline a roadmap to successful interaction between client and vendor.

Frank Matijevich, Sales Manager, Vengroff Williams & Associates, Inc.

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