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A Message from IAOP’s CEO  Public Article

GOV20 Speakers Demonstrate How to Transform Governance in the COVID Era Free Associate Membership Required

IAOP Joins with Tent to Advance Hiring of Refugees and Impact Sourcing Public Article

With approximately 30 million refugees worldwide, this underemployed segment of the population could be the next big source of organizational talent in the BPO industry. IAOP’s new alliance with Tent Partnership for Refugees aims to encourage just that.

IAOP Holds First Virtual Forum Focused on Impact Sourcing Public Article

With the pandemic increasing the need to engage in sustainable and responsible hiring practices, impact sourcing has the potential to deliver even greater value and rewards to employees and organizations during these times. Against this backdrop, IAOP will bring the SRO community together for its first virtual forum, IS20: Advancing Impact Sourcing and Socially Responsible Outsourcing.

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience by Investing in Digital Transformation Public Article

Privacy Shield Is Gone. Now, What About Your Data Transfers? Free Associate Membership Required

COVID Times Prove Critical Importance of Partnerships Public Article

Strategic partnerships between customers and trusted providers have always been key to outsourcing success. COVID-19 has put these relationships to the test as customers are relying more and more on suppliers to perform critical work and deliver innovation during a time when both parties are faced with new challenges never seen before. Many alliances between buyers/advisors and providers are withstanding the extraordinary pressures and proving to be more essential than ever during this global pandemic.

Find Your Next Partner Using The Global Outsourcing 100 Public Article

IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 logo has been proudly displayed on the websites of thousands of provider and advisory firms of all sizes across the world over the past 14 years as an independent endorsement of performance excellence.  Over the years, the criteria being evaluated have expanded to take into account the latest trends and areas of importance to the industry. This year, IAOP introduced the Excellence in Strategic Partnerships Recognition lists (see related story) and combined its annual listing of the top outsourcing advisors and consultants, The World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors, into the Global Outsourcing 100.

Inaugural Impact Sourcing Champions Index Celebrates 64 Trailblazing Companies Public Article

The 64 companies on IAOP’s inaugural Impact Sourcing Champions Index are both. They are the best of the best buy-side, provider and advisory firms that each day advance the lives of people who otherwise would have limited prospects for sustainable employment through their award-winning hiring practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility Grows in Importance Free Associate Membership Required

Over the past 14 years of releasing the Global Outsourcing 100 lists, IAOP has found that corporate social responsibility has grown as a factor that plays an increasingly central role in customers’ buying decisions.  Providers and advisors have become true partners in the CSR journey with award-winning programs focused on a wide range of important issues, as demonstrated in their strong GO100 applications. This year, nearly three-quarters of the companies on the main list, or 80 organizations, were recognized for their excellence in this critical area.    

Impact Sourcing Continues During Coronavirus Public Article

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped impact sourcing by IAOP members with at least one company hiring during this time. Employee safety has moved to the forefront as a result of the global health crisis. In our ongoing look at how the coronavirus is affecting our members and their organizations, IAOP talked with members of the CSR committee about the future of the business practice that has been gaining traction in recent years.

A Message from IAOP’s CEO  Public Article

A Message from IAOP’s CEO During COVID-19 No one can do it alone. Whether you are a company, professional, or an association like ours, it is impossible to survive and thrive during these times without having trusted partners. Customers and suppliers are realizing the crucial importance of powerful alliances in this new environment.

A Message from IAOP's CEO Public Article

Leadership Hall of Fame Profile: Middle America Sourcing Star Monty Hamilton Public Article

Monty Hamilton vividly remembers sitting in the audience in a packed conference hall at his first OWS event a decade ago as a newcomer to the industry with a bold idea that he was afraid to even speak out loud.

Women Leadership Champion Marsha Clark Public Article

Being an avid learner who was always willing to try something new, listen, solve problems and build strong relationships has served Marsha Clark well in both her careers as a woman in corporate leadership roles at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and now as an executive coach and facilitator in her own company Marsha Clark & Associates.  Today, she’s taking her leadership and people skills and helping empower and inspire women to achieve to their full potentials as a consultant and trainer delivering leadership and executive development programs. For her contributions to the industry and society, Clark was inducted into IAOP’s Leadership Hall of Fame at OWS21 by Atul Vashistha, COP, Founder, Neo Group and Supply Wisdom, Leadership Hall of Fame member and Vice-Chair of IAOP’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Mars Mentor Angela Mangiapane Public Article

When talking to Angela Mangiapane, a few things are immediately clear. She loves the Mars brands, values and people. And while she’s a mentor to many rising women, she is equally as inspired by today’s generation of young leaders. As the president of Mars Global Services, Mangiapane is focused on building a better tomorrow by creating value for Mars through unique skills, scale and technology while also giving back.   For her many contributions to the industry and society, Mangiapane was inducted into the prestigious IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame at OWS21.

Message from the CEO: Feeling Optimistic and Achieving Excellence  Public Article

Service Delivery Evolves to a ‘New Normal’ Public Article

Looking back over the past eight months, companies have come a long way in shifting to remote workforces. What does the future hold for service delivery models? IAOP tapped the brainpower of Claro Enterprise Solutions to share its expertise with members during its September Webinar on Zoom Isn’t Enough, Five Keys to Service Delivery in the Workplace of the Future.

Techno Brain – Making a Difference in African Communities  Public Article

Salute and Recruit - Veteran-Focused Programs Make a Difference in Today’s Economy Public Article

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a demand for flexible, self-motivated employees who can operate under stress and hit the ground running. Veterans are filling this need for many companies, driving rapid growth in the impact sourcing model across the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) landscape.

Work From Home – What's Happened, Emerging and Coming Next Professional Membership Required

When COVID-19 struck, most companies sent their employees home, essentially creating remote workplaces overnight. Five months later, we ask: Is going to the office a thing of the past? Will water cooler talk with coworkers of long ago ever return? How are we maintaining our sanity in the Zoom world? PULSE talked with Kate North, Vice President of Workplace Advisory for Colliers U.S., about the firm's latest research on the work-from-home (WFH) movement. North also serves as Global Chair of Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) and has been recognized for her leadership with HCL's Red Ladder Women in Outsourcing 2020 award.   There's plenty of good in the findings and lots of reason for optimism. The bottom line: We can work remotely and it is changing the future. Companies who can do it right have a unique opportunity now to seize the best talent, gain competitive advantages and create new positive experiences. 

IndiVillage – Empowering Rural India  Public Article

Pent-Optimism Will Lead to a Bust-Loose Second Half of ’21 Public Article

Eclaro – Changing Lives through Education  Public Article

Careerbox – Transforming Lives of African Youth and Their Families Public Article

You’ve Got a Friend – IAOP Centers of Excellence Are Here for You  Public Article

The Rise of the Imagination Age  Public Article

Providers and Advisors Tackle Big Questions to Open OWS21  Public Article

Rolling with the Punches   Public Article

Putting the Impact Sourcing Pieces Together Public Article

A vendor strategy and execution partner at Google envisions a future where impact sourcing and impact hiring is common practice at all companies. Expanding from the successes in the BPO industry, Alex Rochlitz sees a world coming where companies in all industries use a different lens to hire employees and providers for social good and, as a result, benefit from the tremendous value proposition impact sourcing provides. A passionate impact sourcing advocate, Rochlitz talks with excitement about the concepts of “impact providers” and “impact hiring” in his work as a member of IAOP’s Impact Sourcing Knowledge Collective and the Vice Chair of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition Steering Committee.

How Businesses Can Thrive in the Boundaryless Work Experience Public Article

The interest in a boundaryless work experience continues to grow, as many companies have yet to finalize plans to return to the office. And while the pandemic has freed talented workers to relocate and choose to live in new places offering different quality of life, it also has had larger implications on businesses.

IS20 Speakers Spotlight the Workforce and Communities of the Future Public Article

With COVID-19 as a catalyst, work can now be done from everywhere in the world, creating tremendous new opportunities for jobs and career paths for disadvantaged youth who have been limited by geography or socioeconomics.

Returning to Work Will Mean More Space, Fewer People and Many Possibilities Free Associate Membership Required

When employees return to work in the short- and longer-term, the office environment won’t be the same as the one they left behind before the pandemic – and that can be positive for companies and their workforces.

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