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People, Process, Performance

People, Process, Performance

Partner for a New Era

Partner for a New Era


Welcome to IAOP 

A lot has changed since IAOP launched in 2005. As the global economy continues to slowly recover and restructure, organizations have become increasingly technology driven and interdependent through an array of ever-changing collaborative business models.  Most generally referred to as ‘outsourcing’, these approaches include multi-sourcing, global business services, offshoring, nearshoring, robotic process automation (RPA), cloud-sourcing and many other variants. 

Both opportunities and challenges have emerged from these changes: new technologies like social, mobile, analytics and the cloud have moved front and center; partners have become sources of not just efficiency, but innovation; security and privacy have taken on new urgency; and even the most basic management principles have begun to give way to new approaches led by a new generation of business leaders. 

IAOP’s unique characteristic – core competency, if you will – is its ability to bring together this diverse, highly collaborative and passionate group.

Our 120,000 members and affiliates worldwide are digging deep at IAOP conferences, learning at IAOP chapter meetings, getting trained and certified at IAOP courses and workshops, connecting  through IAOP social media all with one goal: to improve outsourcing outcomes.  

Improving Business Service Models and Outcomes by Connecting You to the Resources You Need

Whether you are a customer, provider or advisor, new to outsourcing or an experienced professional, IAOP connects you and your organization to our growing global community and to the resources you need to improve business service models and outcomes.


"IAOP’s unique characteristic
is its ability to bring
together this
diverse, highly collaborative and passionate group of professionals." 

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