GISA 2021 Provider Award Winner

Techno Brain – Making a Difference in African Communities


With Africa continuing to emerge as a burgeoning outsourcing destination, Kenya-based Techno Brain has been making a difference across the continent and around the world through its strong focus on impact sourcing.

Kenya has been growing as a preferred BPO destination in the world due to progress in IT infrastructure, high literacy level, and strategic placement as an upcoming business hub for Africa.

Identified by IAOP and the Rockefeller Foundation as a company to watch three years ago in this important segment, Techno Brian was recognized as one of the top impact sourcing providers with the Global Impact Sourcing Award. For the acceptance speech at OWS21, click here.

It’s an honor the BPO provider of digital solutions takes seriously. 

“This award places a huge responsibility on our shoulders to keep providing opportunities for people who otherwise have limited prospects for sustainable employment,” says Techno Brain BPO Director Vinay Subbaramaiah. “Let’s keep the momentum going.”

With a clear focus on reducing poverty through digital employment, Techno Brain group has been a forerunner in advocating the concept of Impact Sourcing and also influencing its partners to embrace the practice.

Since its inception more than two decades ago, the company’s ethos has been to empower lives and provide exposure in building digital talents and digital literacy. At the heart of that mission is employing people from marginalized and underprivileged backgrounds.

The company provides necessary training and development in digital skills by partnering with Microsoft and other technology global leaders and assists individuals with employment. Not only has this improved the lives of individual who otherwise have limited prospects for sustainable employment, it also has positively impacted the people around them.

Techno Brain works directly with community-based individuals and also partners with community-based organizations and institutions where it has set up training facilities in underprivileged and marginalized localities.

“Techno Brain’s vision since inception has been to empower lives and communities across the globe,” said Group CEO Manoj Shanker. “Impact sourcing is a product of that vision and receiving this award today is a very proud moment for all of us. Providing training and employment in under-served areas will continue being our priority especially during this time when a lot of lives have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We look forward to continue collaborating with IAOP in driving our Impact Sourcing Champions Index.”

IAOP’s Impact Sourcing Champions Index is a list of companies that have distinguished themselves as trailblazers in Impact Sourcing.

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