Center of Excellence

IAOP Centers of Excellence are dedicated to industry advancement, collaboration and education by concentrating expertise and resources around key areas that our community members are investing in and are critical to attaining and sustaining world-class performance and value.

Collaborative Supplier Governance

Effective service provider/buyer relationships are a core component of every successful business.  This CoE will focus on enabling collaborative successful service provider/buyer relationships by organizing and providing all parties with access to relevant knowledge resources to continuously deliver maximum potential value for all parties, as well as:

  • Enable collaboration between IAOP Members The CoEs provide an environment in which IAOP - including buyers, providers, advisors and academia - can collaborate and share expertise in specific areas of mutual interest. 
  • Enhance innovation The CoEs enlist industry experts to accelerate progress in critical areas. 
  • Provide new opportunities for education and training The CoEs foster learning by offering webinars, podcasts, conferences, research and more.


Knowledge resources will be categorized and mapped to a visual framework covering the broad lifecycle categories (Strategy, Sourcing, Transition, Service Delivery, Relationship Management) and underlying ontologies of knowledge within each of these domains that collectively will contribute to the delivery of the CoE’s mission.  




  • Bill Metz, COP, IAOP Hall of Fame Member
  • Debi Hamill, CEO, IAOP
  • Michael Nacarato, COP, Senior Director, Transamerica
  • Ves Kjenstad, Vice President, IT Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Donald Mones, COP, Director, Outsourcing Vendor Management, MUFG Union Bank
  • Mark Latham. Sourcing Governance Officer, Georgia Technology Authority
  • Jim Lee, Global leader of the Governance, Risk & Compliance Practice, Avasant
  • John Bree, Chief Evangelist &Chief Risk Officer, Supply Wisdom
  • Mark Voytek, Chief Customer Officer, SirionLabs
  • Vanessa Keith, COP, Senior Vendor Manager, MetLife
  • Surabhi Prasad, SIAM & ServiceNow Practice Leader, Capgemini
  • Audrey Cushing, COP, Director, Business Operations & Quality, Vee Technologies

All IAOP Members may access and participate in the CoEs. Corporate Members may also take a leadership role and contribute content.  For more information and to get involved, click the button above.

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