Certified Outsourcing Specialist™ – Finance & Accounting (COS-F&A)   

While IAOP’s Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) program is targeted for business leaders and operational management involved in the outsourcing industry, the Certified Outsourcing SpecialistTM family of designations is geared toward individuals involved in the delivery of outsourced services.  Although the primary intention is to serve the need of the provider community, certifications in this family may be created to meet customer and advisor need as well.

It is recommended, but not required that the candidate should have had prior education (Associate Degree, Foundation Degree, Bachelors Degree to ensure a minimum aptitude and education level.  It is also recommended that the candidate have some prior exposure to the fundamentals of finance and accounting as a function in order to do well on the test. 

The test may be purchased individually and taken as a “self-assessment”, or the test may also be taken at a corporate & professional development alliance partner company who can administer and certify the results. 

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A full list of standards and requirements can be found here

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COS-F&A Certification Helps the Various Constituents of the Outsourcing Ecosystem

  • Individual Employee: COS-F&A Certification helps workers demonstrate their skills via a reliable standardized test
  • Outsourcing Service Providers: Most service providers use some form of proprietary knowledge  test when hiring entry-level workers. By standardizing this testing across the industry, COS-F&A testing and certification saves hiring organizations money while improving their hiring decision process
  • Outsourcing Customers: Customers are justifiably concerned about the quality of workers who execute their outsourced business processes. With IAOP’s COS-F&A certification,  outsourcing customers can simply request the certificate.
  • National Associations: To attract outsourcing customers and promote the growth of the local outsourcing industry, organizations need a reliable way to demonstrate the size and quality of their labor pool. IAOP periodically will publish reports of the number of COS-F&A certified workers in each of the top outsourcing destinations. These reports will help national associations reliably demonstrate the quality of their labor pool



The COS-F&A certification expires three years from the issue date and the COS-F&A test must be retaken every three years to demonstrate continued or improved skill levels and keep the certification in force. 


IAOP’s Outsourcing Professional Certification FrameworkTM (OPCF) is designed to address the needs of individuals who work across the global outsourcing industry from entry level positions focused on the delivery of outsourced services through to senior executives leading global outsourcing programs at customer, provider, and advisor organizations.  At each stage in an individual’s career there is an opportunity for both professional development and professional recognition.

A full list of IAOP certifications can be found here


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