Women Empowerment, Leadership & Diversity Chapter



Date: November 7, 2019  Time: 11:00 AM Eastern


As a part of their diversity and inclusion initiatives, many companies have, or are working on establishing employee resource groups in support of under-represented and marginalized communities within their organizations. Some of the objectives and benefits of creating an ERG is to attract and retain a diverse talent pool, support mentorship and succession planning initiatives, leadership training and development, to tackle bias, assure pay equity, and, at a macro level, position a company as an employer of choice in their respective industry. Many ERGs have been successful while others have fallen short on delivering the desired impact and ROI. During this panel discussion, attendees will hear from experts on how to establish a successful and sustainable ERG, how to build short term and long term budgets with an associated ROI, how to gain executive-level buy-in and sponsorship and how to design an over-arching global organization while addressing regional differences. Attendees will walk away inspired with a list of actionable items that can be immediately deployed to design, support and expand internal ERG initiatives.    



Neelam Chohan, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Leader, Honeywell

Caskie-Lewis Clapper, Chief HR Officer, Magellan Health

Bronwyn Justice, MBA, Sr. Financial Analyst, CBRE |CBRE African American Network Group Conference Chair











  • Debi Hamill, CEO, IAOP
  • Chitra Rajeshwari, COP,  Executive Director, Avasant Foundation 
  • Maura Hudson, COP, Senior Managing Director, Marketing & Business Development, Newmark Knight Frank
  • Wendy Shlensky, Vice President, Analyst & Advisor Relations, HGS
  • Heidi Solomon-Orlick, Vice President Global Sales, VXI
  • Joe Hogan, COP,  Vice President, HCL Technologies
  • Casey Alexis,  Director, Customer Experience, Neo Group
  • Shimona Chadha, Sr. Director of Marketing, HCL
  • Cristin Balog, CMO, Nexient
  • Jagdish Dalal, President, JDalal Associates, LLC






The Women Empowerment Chapter is chartered with promoting discussion among IAOP members on how outsourcing can be used as a powerful tool for women empowerment on a global basis. The chapter examines policies and practices for outsourcing that support women empowerment and creates opportunities for members to work together in addition to showcasing best practice examples for our members to adopt within their companies. The Women Empowerment Chapter will include members from the buyer, provider, advisor and academic communities.

Meeting Frequency:  The chapter shall meet as frequently as necessary to fulfill its duties and responsibilities.  Meeting Type:  Virtual




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