Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) Family of Certifications Advanced Governance


*The Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) certification must be earned prior to earning the COP-GOV designation.

Certified Outsourcing Professional®– Governance (COP-GOV)  

COP-GOV Application is accessed from the COP Application of your My IAOP

An outsourcing professional who has earned the Certified Outsourcing Professional in Outsourcing Governance (COP-GOV) is an individual who, in addition to fulfilling all of the requirements of a Certified Outsourcing Professional, has specialized knowledge of and experience in helping their organizations plan, invest in, and execute a cohesive set of business practices for designing and implementing a strong governance program. Download "COP-GOV Standards and Certification Requirements."

Certification Requirements:

1. Become certified as a COP. This is a prerequisite for the advanced speciality certification.  The online COP-GOV application is accessed by logging into the COP application, and applying from the application home page.  There is a non-refundable one time $250 USD application fee. 

2. Document completion of the Outsourcing Governance Workshop.  Applicants must complete either the one day live Outsourcing Governance Workshop or the online Outsourcing Governance Workshop, and then document the class date and instructor in the online certification application.

3. Take and pass, with a 70% or better score, the 50 multiple choice question certification exam.  Upon completion of the exam, you will immediately receive your score and IAOP will update your application.  

4.  Submit your application when complete.  After your application is submitted, it will undergo a brief review and you'll receive notification of your certification.  A certificate from IAOP will be mailed to  you separately.  Recertification for the specialization is not required, but you must keep your main COP certification in force.


All COP-GOV applicants must complete the Outsourcing Governance Workshop


Advanced Certifications stay active as long as your COP certification is renewed every two years. See how to manage your COP certification here.


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