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Chicago Chapter Chair

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ISG (formerly TPI)


The IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame

The IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious awards available to individuals working in the public and private sectors. The IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame is unique in that it recognizes individuals not only for their contributions to innovative  management practices and collaborative business models, but just as importantly for their contributions to society at-large through measurable outcomes.Inductees must demonstrate that unique quality of leadership that allows them to synthesize a new model of business with everyone’s obligation to contribute to community-based economic development, support socially-directed investments, and provide development opportunities to all those impacted by their work.
Inductees are generally senior executives at the C suite level, working in the field as customers, providers, or advisors who have made significant contributions to both business and society through collaborative business relationships  over a period of years.

Download the “ Hall of Fame Nomination Process” PDF.


2018 Hall of Fame Inductees
Andy Walter, 
Tiger Tyagarajan  and  Atul Vahsistha at the award luncheon, OWS18, in Orlando

2018 Award Recipients

IAOP® is pleased to announce that Andy Walter, COP, Vice President, formerly Proceter & Gamble; Atul Vashistha, COP, Chairman, Neo Group and Tiger Tyagarajan, COP, President & CEO, Genpact  are the 2018 inductees into The IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame. The selection was made by IAOP’s Advocacy & Outreach Committee, led by Debi Hamill and Jon Erik Aase, COP, ISG. Mr. Walter, Mr. Vashistha and Mr. Tyagarajan were formally inducted into the 2018 Leadership Hall of Fame at the 2018 Outsourcing World Summit Awards Luncheon, February 20, 2018, Renaissance Orlando, Orlando, Florida

  Andy Walter, COP
Vice President
formerly Procter & Gamble
Atul Vashistha, COP
Neo Group
Tiger Tyagarajan, COP
President &CEO

Click below to view the complete list of Leadership Hall of Fame inductees.


.  For more information on The Leadership Hall of Fame, email info@iaop.org.

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