The Global Impact Sourcing Award

Thank you for applying for the IAOP Global Impact Sourcing Award (GISA). Please address the following questions to help us understand how your company has implemented impact sourcing.
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At a summary level, describe your company's impact sourcing efforts and results: 
Describe how you have partnered with other entities to build and implement an impact sourcing strategy: 
Describe the effect to the communities where you have initiated impact sourcing: 
Describe how your impact sourcing work has contributed to your company's business goals: 
Describe how your company has encouraged business partners to contribute to impact sourcing: 
Describe the obstacles or setbacks that your company has encountered during the process of implementing impact sourcing: 
Describe how the IAOP community can leverage what you have learned in the impact sourcing process and what components of your model can be implemented by other companies: 

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