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 Public Article PULSE Magazine | IAOP's e-zine takes you deep into outsourcing with the latest ideas, advice, knowledge, and best practices, and turns the conventional upside down with stories designed to engage, inspire and challenge you. With editorial content from the leading thinkers and doers in the outsourcing industry, you’ll have the know-how, tools and resources to succeed as a new professional in today’s global economy. More »


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 Associate Membership Required Does your enterprise have the right IoT DNA | Paradign Shifts in Enterprise IoT Adoption. Enterprise are being impacted along 4 dimensions: namely people, technology, ecosystem and transformative business models as a consequence of IoT adoption. More »

 Associate Membership Required Rethinking your global engineering strategy | What is Global Engineering 2.0? The strategic and systematic approach that enables the rebalancing of an organization's R&D footprint to support the business objectives while enabling the organization to invest in new areas. More »

 Associate Membership Required Global Engineering 2.0 | What do the likes of GE, 3M, Pepisco, IBM, Boeing, and P&G have in common? These companies are among the coveted 50 that have been featured in all editions of Fortune 500 (1955-till date). We examined the patterns that are consistent across these companies, and one key factor that emerged clearly was their razor-sharp focus on continuous innovation. It’s no surprise then that innovation is a key corporate agenda and many global companies are spending as much as 15% of their revenues on innovation. Despite innovation being a significant organization priority, a key challenge remains: ensuring that R&D organizations are not flying blind and are structured in line with the company’s business goals, given the complex business environment they operate in. More »

 Associate Membership Required Is Your Shared Services Strategy Future Ready? 5 Differentiating Talent Capabilities | As the accelerating pace of technology disruption impacts every area of the business, it’s vital for in-house delivery centers to get their talent strategies right. Some delivery centers are ahead of the curve, adapting with these changes and even assisting their parent organizations to adjust to the changing talent model. This content will help senior enterprise executives to understand how different elements of their talent strategy can enhance their delivery centers’ future readiness. More »

 Associate Membership Required Is It Time to Outsource Direct Spend Categories | Procurement, once considered a back-office function, has seen a lot of changes in the last couple of years, with enterprises centralizing and streamlining entire processes, adopting strategic and collaborative approaches with suppliers, and outsourcing to leverage third-party expertise. However, most of these changes are focused on indirect procurement. The direct spend space has seen fewer changes due to enterprise reluctance to outsource a core function, and, therefore, remains riddled with inefficiencies, resulting in huge areas of untapped opportunity. This is where third-party technology and process expertise can help, by mitigating these concerns and guiding enterprises on a transformation journey to innovate direct spend management. This paper explores the intrinsic differences between direct and indirect procurement and discusses challenges in direct spend management. It highlights the benefits of tapping into external expertise, as well as current adoption drivers. Finally, it discusses the key issues for CPOs to consider when planning to outsource direct spend. More »

 Associate Membership Required Assuring Trust in a Converging LS Ecosystem | The life sciences industry is facing an inflection point. While patients and consumers have a fundamental trust deficit for a variety of reasons (adverse events, pricing, drug recalls, slow drug development efforts, and GxP compliance), healthcare and life sciences entities are converging (payers and providers coming together, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) being disintermediated, and pharmaceutical firms collaborating with payers and providers). The healthcare and life sciences ecosystem is evolving and simplifying around patients as the core constituent. This change has a number of implications for stakeholders, particularly life sciences firms, which now need to interact closely and work collaboratively with different parts of the ecosystem to drive enhanced value through care outcomes and cost efficiency. More »

 Professional Membership Required Sales & Marketing Chapter Webinar 2019 | The IAOP Sales & Marketing Chapter held a meeting January 23, 2019, on the topic of "Growing Importance of AI in B2B Sales & Marketing". In this powerful 60-minute session we heard from experts on developing powerful pre-sales strategies to leverage the potential opportunities offered by modern B2B marketing methods. Learn how AI is shaping sales and marketing strategies today and what could be on the horizon in the next 12-18 months. Moderated by Kyle Andrews, Partner, Pretium Partners with a presentation by Shimona Chadha, AVP Marketing, HCL, and a panel discussion with David Yang, Founder and Chairman of the Board, ABBYY, Robert Barclay, Co-Founder, providing fractional CMO Services, Helan CX and Martin Guillaume, Vice President, Global Leader, IBM More »

 Professional Membership Required Governance Chapter Webinar | The IAOP Governance Chapter held a meeting December 17, 2018, on the topic of "New Year Resolutions for Vendor Governance". In this insightful 60-minute session we heard from Joe Wroblewski, Director, Third Party Governance, Warner Media, Alan Arenson, Director, Workforce Management, Waner Media and Atul Vashistha, Chairman, Neo Group as they shared their views on year-end checklists and resolutions for the New Year detailing what do you need to do differently, what do you need to do immediately (first 30-60 days) and how you stay on track. More »

 Associate Membership Required Working with an Outdated Pricing Model? Discover the Latest in Outsourcing Pricing | This webinar deck addresses key issues in outsourcing pricing, including the following questions: Enterprises are moving away from input-based pricing in both BPO and ITO contracts … but how, what, why, when, and where to? One of the key drivers of positive business outcomes is who initiated the move to outcomes- and outputs-based pricing, but which initiators drive the most improvement (by a 2:1 margin)? The reasons for the pricing model transition are not surprising (cost savings and customer satisfaction), but the variation in results for high-impact and low-impact may surprise you – what are they? More »

 Professional Membership Required Building the Digital Bank of the Future | Banks and financial services firms are seeing the emergence of a new consumption model in which financial services providers are expected to manage customer interactions, aggregate services/products from ecosystem players, and offer differentiated experiences across preferred channels. While banking will remain relevant, banks as we know them today may not. The omnipresence of technology, new business models, and a globally-connected ecosystem require banks to evolve from the current banking-as-a-product mindset to a banking-as-a-lifestyle approach. As banks start to offer experiences, they need to collaborate and combine offerings from financial services and allied industries that are assured for customers under their brand. This change will expand the role of Quality Assurance (QA) in banking and financial services from a traditional inside-out monolithic view to that of an ecosystem quality orchestrator in the future. More »

 Associate Membership Required Blockchain and IoT Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management | Supply chain management can be defined simply as a baseball game… You must be wondering how isn’t it? All the participants in the supply chain management are baseball players – each having a role such as a shortstop, catcher, and pitcher. They are assigned specific duties such as hitting, throwing, and fielding – for the sole purpose of their team being successful. More »

 Professional Membership Required Voice of the Customer Chapter July 2018 Webinar | The Voice of the Customer Chapter presented a webinar on July 11, 2018, on the topic of "Achieving Your Value Proposition with Effective SLAs".  Attendees learned the latest thinking on SLAs from four perspectives: Customer, Supplier, Advisor and Legal.  The panel discussion addressed watermelon SLAs, trends in developing new SLAs, effective alternatives and at-risk philosophies and implementation.  Panel Members were: Lawrence Kane, Boeing, David Althoff, Cognizant, Alan Hanson, ISG and Neil Hirshman, Kirkland & Ellis, LLP. More »

 Professional Membership Required Real Estate & Facilities Management Chapter Webinar- November 2018 | The Real Estate & Facilities Management Chapter held a webinar November 5, 2018, on the topic of "The Future Of Work - Human+ Machine Collaboration Trends". They shared perspectives focused on "digital talent" and the emergence of the "liquid workforce" regarding next-generation workforce strategies. We explored how emerging technologies such as AI and RPA will shape the future of work. Moderated by Maura Hudson, Newmark Knight Frank with speaker Peter Miscovich, JLL. More »

 Professional Membership Required Atlanta Chapter Webinar November 2018 | The IAOP Atlanta Chapter held a meeting November 15, 2018, on the topic of "Top 5 RPA Myths Dispelled - Insights from Everest Group Pinnacle Model Assessment.  An insightful 60-minute session in which we uncovered the truth behind these myths and revealed how the best performing organizations are realizing a 50% improvement in operational metrics through RPA implementation, and 30% cost savings on RPA investments. Moderated by Alan Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Everest Group with associates Sakshi Garg, Practice Director and Michel Janssen, Chief Research Guru. More »

 Professional Membership Required Women Empowerment, Leadership & Diversity November webinar | The IAOP Women Empowerment, Leadership & Diversity Chapter presented a webinar November 15, 2018, on the topic of "Building The Base- How Diverse Executives in Typically Male-Dominated Industries Command Better Outcomes by Empowering Others". The discussion started, or in many cases, continued a dialog around questions many are asking in boardrooms and among community leaders today- Why should organizations empower diverse leaders? What do they get out of it? How do they measure this success? Is it a straightforward financial measure? Productive? A hiring value? How are diverse leaders cultivated? How are they empowered to build up future leadership? And, of course, what are the pitfalls to avoid and key criteria for success? More »


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