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RETURNING TO WORK WILL MEAN MORE SPACE, FEWER PEOPLE AND MANY POSSIBILITIES  When employees return to work in the short- and longer-term, the office environment won’t be the same as the one they left behind before the pandemic – and that can be positive for companies and their workforces.  


Expect a big reboot and not much to look or feel the same in the workplace. IAOP member experts working for the world’s largest commercial real estate firms predict that there will be fewer people, more space and plenty of opportunities for companies to reinvent themselves for the future. 





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Giving Thanks
A Message from IAOP’s CEO


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 Public Article Recalibrating for Resiliency 2021 Key Issues in Global Sourcing - Enterprise Perspective | Our unique Key Issues in Global Sourcing reports are based on annual surveys that capture the pulse of the market on major aspects of the global sourcing industry. This report presents the results of a study we conducted in October and November 2020 with senior stakeholders from global enterprises across multiple departments such as procurement, IT, and Global Business Services (GBS) to understand their thoughts as they undertook planning for 2021. While 2020 has been challenging on multiple fronts, many organizations have seen the positive side, taking on the challenge to recalibrate for resiliency, to thrive through the continuing pandemic and emerge better prepared for future crises. This report provides perspectives on how leading global enterprises are putting 2020 behind them and planning to develop resiliency in 2021 and beyond. The report highlights enterprises’ growth sentiments, key priorities, challenges, and initiatives from a global sourcing perspective. More »

 Public Article HR service transformation the challenges | Are your HR systems attuned to the needs of the people you serve? Robert Dutcher (HR Transformation Manager, Capgemini’s  Business Services) highlights key HR service transformation challenges and pens the secret to enhancing your employee experience with next-gen digital HR operations that will help your organization move towards realizing – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise. More »

 Public Article Pitching to Players in The Big Leagues | The famous movie quote “If you build it, they will come,” made for a great story line, but as a strategy for expanding your business, it’s a far cry from reality. If your growth strategy includes selling to large corporate customers, you need to understand how these big league Fortune 500 players operate and—more importantly—what you can to do to improve the chances of turning your sales pitch into a home run. Understanding the Four P’s The larger a company gets, the more it typically relies on structure—or, in this case, the Four P’s (Policy, People, Process, Practices)—for managing its sourcing and purchasing activities. Thorough research in advance of the initial sales call is a must, but if what you need to know is not online, make sure you ask probing questions when you do meet with your potential customer. More »

 Public Article How Can My Business Win Bigger Customers? | The anonymous sage who advised “It’s not what you know, but who you know” got it only half right. Rather, it’s who knows you that makes the difference between getting your foot in the door and having it unceremoniously shut. Large companies represent a lot of opportunities for small firms, but the challenges of getting through the door—and to the right person—can be daunting. More »

 Public Article Are Enterprise Business Continuity Plans REDI for the Next Disruption | With millions of people infected and billions confined to their homes, the COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a global crisis of historic proportions. No business had anticipated or planned for the scope, breadth, and pace of disruption associated with such a crisis. It pushed organizational BCP programs to their limits and highlighted inefficiencies in the traditional risk mitigation approach. In this viewpoint, we explore how organizations can leverage technology to reassess and redefine their existing BCP strategies using a methodological approach to better mitigate future BPS continuity risks associated with global disruptions such as COVID-19. The viewpoint also introduces the Risk Evaluation and Digital Intervention (REDI) framework that can be leveraged to assess BPS functions’/segments’ vulnerability to disruptions and the impact that digital levers can have on enhancing BCP program resilience. More »

 Public Article Managing Services Categories for Maximum Value | Services spend is significant for most companies, but few have developed strong category management capacities for services categories. And when they have developed it – let’s just say, all Category Management is not equal. We see significant differences in the capabilities that companies develop across services categories, even among the best-of-the-best companies. In this session, we share new data that’s focused on best practice implementation across the services categories. You’ll learn which services categories have the most opportunity for capability development and where to focus your efforts for the most impact. We answer the following questions: What are the differentiating capabilities of services category management? What technologies and tools are critical to managing services categories? Where can all companies do better? More »


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