ESG Adoption: Assessment of select IT & Business Service Providers 

Hemant Puthli, MD & Partner, Neo Group
Márcia Balisciano, Global Head ESG and Corporate Responsibility, RELX 
Sandeep Suresh, Head of Ops & Tech, Supply Wisdom 

The last few years have witnessed renewed vigor in organizations’ commitment to addressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges, across a broad swathe of industry sectors and geographies.

This webinar, presented by Neo Group, addresseD the findings of their recent  ESG Adoption Survey, including:

  • What is the scope and scale of major global ITBSPs’ ESG programs? Is it broad and deep or merely cosmetic?
  • How seriously are they taking it? Are they genuinely committed, or do they see it as a necessary evil for the sake of good PR?
  • What competencies have they built around ESG? Have they created offerings that could support our own ESG initiatives?
  • They say what they do, but do they do what they say? Or is it all just some kind of “green-washing”?
  • Has ESG changed their approach to doing business? Is it a fundamental transformation or are they just managing optics?


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