Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
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ESG Adoption: Assessment of select IT & Business Service Providers  Public Article

The last few years have witnessed renewed vigor in organizations’ commitment to addressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges, across a broad swathe of industry sectors and geographies. This webinar, presented by Neo Group, addresseD the findings of their recent  ESG Adoption Survey, including: What is the scope and scale of major global ITBSPs’ ESG programs? Is it broad and deep or merely cosmetic? How seriously are they taking it? Are they genuinely committed, or do they see it as a necessary evil for the sake of good PR? What competencies have they built around ESG? Have they created offerings that could support our own ESG initiatives? They say what they do, but do they do what they say? Or is it all just some kind of “green-washing”? Has ESG changed their approach to doing business? Is it a fundamental transformation or are they just managing optics?

Bringing CX Up with Technology & Human Empathy Leveraging Impact Workforce Public Article

Digital transformation is the force driving companies to revamp their business models and adapt to the new reality. What’s more interesting is that the companies are not the ones driving these changes; customers are. Today, customers expect more than ever from brands they engage with, whether in terms of a streamlined back-office, relevant content, speedy customer service, or quick resolution to their queries. It’s their journey that dictates a business’s strategy. And this is what defines the standards for customer experience. In order to keep up with this new reality, you must embrace three critical elements - human empathy, technology, and impact sourcing.

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