PULSE: Excellence in Strategic Partnerships (Part 2)

Excellence in Strategic Partnerships (Part 2) 

Our second part of this series features more stories from IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnership Award winners. 
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Infinityn Unlocks Sales Pipeline for IT Consulting Partner

British IT consulting company AVEVA’s marketing-originated pipeline wasn’t producing the leads it wanted – until it began partnering with Infinityn International. 

Infinityn, an outbound growth partner that extends enterprises' marketing and sales teams, provided its Agile Account-Based Growth (Agile ABG) framework to help generate hundreds of qualified sales leads for AVEVA. 
The partnership has been recognized with IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnership award as well as the B2B Innovation Award. AVEVA not only realized a substantial revenue increase, but it also seamlessly aligned the marketing and sales departments as well as improved the efficiency of its sales processes. Its lead conversion rate is now well above the industry standard. 

The relationship has expanded from two products to more than 50 across nine industries in all of North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. In fiscal year 2021, Infinityn helped generate 578 opportunities, out of which 301 were accepted and progressed through the sales journey.  

“This partnership is really unique in that it takes demand generation to a whole new level,” the company said in its award application. “Instead of focusing only on sales or marketing, we achieved a seamless alignment between sales and marketing together with AVEVA. To achieve this, we utilized the one-of-a-kind program of Agile Account Based Growth. Coupled with refinements based on AVEVA's expertise and the circumstances at hand, the partnership has arguably produced a best-in-class outcome for Infinityn, for AVEVA and for both companies collectively.” 

NIX Leading-Edge Solution Revolutionizes Construction Specification Approach for Conspectus

When Conspectus, the nation’s largest independent construction specification consulting firm, sought a new unified platform for project specification, they found what they were looking for by partnering with NIX.  
NIX, a reliable expert in digital platform and automation engineering, created Conspectus Cloud, a solution that embodies the transparent automated and collaborative creation of building documentation for owners, architects, designers, and construction managers. 

The advanced, fully-equipped product consists of customized, ambitious modules for construction businesses and exceptional access levels for firms interested in this driven functionality. The platform embraces collaborative editing, revision management, an advanced user access level system, and additional specific modules inside one system.

While the solution enables all the stakeholders within project specification to collaborate better it also represents the power of partnership between NIX and Conspectus and has been recognized by IAOP with the Excellence in Strategic Partnerships award.  

“Such recognition is an achievement for our company, and we are proud that leading companies in different industries trust us and consider us a strategic partner. Moreover, building strategic partnerships with clients is the foundation of any company's long-term growth and prosperity,” said Anna Vorobiova, Head of Business Development at NIX United.

“To move from a service provider to a strategic technology partner, you need to be heavily involved in clients' business processes and objectives, take them above and beyond with innovative solutions and provide them with security in dynamically changing business environments, mitigating prospective risks,” she said. 

The advanced user-access level system was a winning feature. The expert support NIX provided to projects helped create an additional security access level that allows a copy of the functionality to be copied for similar firms within this system. Each firm inside the product knows everything about the information relevant to them, but nothing about others inside the client’s system.

“This tool allows the documents to be always current with the design progress, and the team does not need to duplicate efforts often and revisit decisions already made. Our joint efforts resulted in impacting the whole industry ecosystem, evidenced by awards won by the client for an innovative approach to building specifications, including the Innovation in Construction Award (by CSI),” NIX said in its award application. 


Raya Revamps Customer Experience for U.S. Auto Maker and Wins Award  

High average response time on digital platforms was negatively impacting an American automobile flagship brand – until a partnership with RAYA CX helped to turn it around by creating a customized omnichannel Customer Experience Management (CXM) system.

The omnichannel platform has helped the client create a 360-degree view of each customer and build long-term relationships. 

In addition to the specifically designed solution tailored to the client’s needs, RCX also developed an intensive training program to upgrade customer service agents’ soft skills and enrich their product knowledge, allowing them to improve the Average Response Time and the Average Handling Time. 

Ahmed Reky, CEO at RAYA CX said, “Having strategic partnerships is what gives you a competitive edge today. Working towards a common goal with full transparency and improving one another is what creates strong ties and unstoppable companies. That’s why we are particularly proud of our partnership with the Fortune 20 automaker and this recognition as it demonstrates our excellence in collaboration, innovation, and results.”
The partnership completely transformed the auto company’s entire customer experience cycle, leading to recognition by IAOP with the Excellence in Strategic Partnership award and also the Global Automotive Awards. 

Customer engagement rates rose by an exceptional 90 percent from 25 percent. Customer Satisfaction rates increased to 85 percent from 40 percent across all channels. The Average Response Time for a customer’s query dropped from an average of 24 hours to a half hour and the turnaround time declined from 48 hours per case to an hour. 

“The innovative platform and services transformed customer service from a reactive stance to a proactive one. Not only did it solve the client’s challenges but also uplifted the brand’s perception. Now that the client could view its customer service from a 360-degree perspective, they had a better understanding of their customers’ voice, enabling them to map RCX generated analytics reports against their sales and marketing plans to do the necessary tweaks accordingly,” the company said in its application. 

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