Harnessing the Power of Generative AI in Transforming Software Engineering Productivity
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By: Zinnov

Generative AI implementation in engineering is currently yielding a remarkable 38% reduction in task completion time, with Senior Engineers benefiting 48% more, according to an ongoing study by Zinnov and Ness Digital Engineering. It signifies a transformative potential, streamlining global product offerings and organizational structures. Surveying 100+ engineers across diverse projects, Generative AI notably accelerates tasks, especially in repeatable activities, reducing development cycles by up to 70%. Senior engineers leverage it efficiently, optimizing workflow and code quality. While it may streamline junior roles, human expertise remains vital in complex scenarios. Moreover, Generative AI fosters engineer engagement, driving collaboration and reducing attrition by 70%. Strategically integrating Generative AI can revolutionize productivity, shaping the future of engineering.

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