India’s Global Leap: Why Global Organizations set up Global Capability Centers in India?
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By: Zinnov

India's journey to becoming a global hub for Global Capability Centers (GCCs) began in 1985, fueled by a talented workforce and a culture of innovation. Major companies like IBM were drawn to the potential, and over time, GCCs matured from basic support to driving global innovation across diverse sectors. Today, over 1.6 million professionals contribute to this thriving industry, nurtured by a strong foundation of STEM education, quality standards, and visionary leadership. This sets the stage for even greater roles, with 20,000 professionals poised to join maturing GCCs by 2030. India's success is further bolstered by a robust framework, a mature ecosystem with rapid development, and supportive government policies. The growing confidence of MNCs, attracted by the vast talent pool and low risk/cost environment, makes India an irresistible choice for global expansion. From its humble beginnings, India has transformed into a talent and innovation hotspot, offering a compelling proposition for global organizations seeking to expand their footprint.

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