PULSE: Outsourcing’s Role in Filling Talent Gap Featured in Fortune Special Section

Outsourcing’s Role in Filling Talent Gap Featured in Fortune Special Section

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With the continued war for talent, outsourcing is gaining increased visibility as a solution to help companies access skilled resources as the world continues to emerge from the pandemic.

While those working in this industry have long known the benefits of outsourcing partnerships go well beyond costs, its power to help companies address talent issues was put in the national spotlight in a special advertising section in FORTUNE.

IAOP CEO Debi Hamill talked about how organizations are using outsourcing to overcome the new challenges of hybrid work, skills gaps from rapid digitization and automation and the Great Resignation compounding an already dire global talent crisis.

Outsourcing can provide flexible and scalable talent solutions and also help organizations address security, privacy and other major issues, Hamill said in the feature headlined, A Bulwark in the Storm.

“Outsourcing goes beyond merely contracting for services,” Hamill said. “These are collaborative partnerships that are now an integral piece of the success strategy for nearly every organization in the world.”

Beyond supply and demand, the talent shortage will be addressed by accessing flexible resourcing, gig workers, open talent, impact sourcing, automation, and other technologies and skills convergence programs – which are all areas IAOP members bring expertise in.

Hamill also shared how outsourcing is giving companies access to untapped labor pools and underserved communities through impact sourcing, providing positive business and social impact.

She also spoke about how the accelerated adoption of digital technologies has been an area of strength for outsourcing.

“Digitization has created opportunities, globally, for both enterprise clients and their providers and advisor partners,” Hamill said in the feature. “Digital jobs have opened up new talent streams, and the potential innovation is endless.”

Hamill credited industry players – our IAOP members – for stepping up and excelling during the pandemic. “It really came down to the power of partnership and collaboration that outsourcing could provide,” she said.

The Fortune article also promoted the new IAOP Centers of Excellence, made up of teams of experts who focus on specialized areas of industry importance, as resources to identify best practices and impactful trends that lead to industry advancement.

“The outsourcing industry is a wellspring of sources,” said Hamill. “We will continue to keep companies connected to the resources and people they need to succeed.”

The ad section is published in the magazine annually in conjunction with IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 list. The article also featured IAOP members Itel and Vee Technologies. For the full story, click here. 


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