Cloudification of the Digital Core: a Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Intelligent Enterprise
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By: Everest Group

Enterprises with a legacy core face multiple challenges such as high operating and support costs, lack of differentiating capabilities, and high downtime. To mitigate these challenges and drive transformational business value, enterprises should invest in building a future-proof digital core, powered by a cloud-based ERP. While enterprises are increasingly investing in cloud-based ERP initiatives, many fail to adopt them successfully and, consequently, realize lower-than-expected benefits. For successful adoption, enterprises need to have a well-planned solutioning, adoption, and sourcing roadmap.

Enterprises burdened with a legacy core are at a crucial inflection point – to transform now or never. The COVID-19-induced next normal will continue to evolve customer preferences and enterprise business landscapes, and enterprises that have a future-proof digital core will outperform others and succeed.

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